The Plan

By using the form of dramatization,
Kindly reveal to me the format of this plan of salvation...

Well, the time has finally arrived,
To show the plan that had been derived,
The plan that would make sure that everyone survived
The plan of creation can now be revived.
Has been in effect for an eternal life span.
What kind of plan and by whom?
What kind of plan could save the earth from doom?
A plan that can bring God to man.
A plan that is now in perfection.
From the time it began,
A simple plan,
To understand it anyone can.
In every detail it is accurate
Once set into motion, it will not suffocate.
From the beginning of life’s precipitation,
The ultimate vibration,
Formed into a physical creation.
After that was formed the opposite preparation
Which is called the female pronunciation.
This was more than a trillion physical duration
And those creations were not the only inclination
For many vibrations were forming into physical incarnation.
From those days when the only law that reigned was happiness,
The day when light upon the earth was endless
And pain of humanity was harmless
The day the need for a plan was worthless,
Until suddenly from the mouth of a man words formed, that were thought to be reckless.
Words that were conceived as treacherous and mindless.
Words that spoke of creation as being touchable
Words that spoke of God as being explainable
From this was created many ideas that were conceivable
Many were heard and many were unbelievable
Unfortunately creation was misplaced by the religious parable.
Many mistaken concepts began forming and written as laws on a scroll
While the reality of it all,
Was going towards its fall.
Not to say that some did not try to keep the truth of life,
But then life to these became hard to stay alive.
With all this, these people thought life not to be saveless,
So on it went until that gift so precious to life became priceless,
It became the day that self honor became selfish and ruthless,
And the minds of man became helpless, careless and lifeless.
All this because of a simple decision between right and wrong,
Between the weak and the strong.
A simple demand from one who stood his ground,
As truth and logic he could not be found,
An answer to mankind was not allowed to make a sound.
The simple truth was misunderstood,
By both the bad and the good.
From that moment on, for civilization there was no control,
For each and every soul began basing and deciding upon the use of a brawl.
From this view I stood by, helplessly watching with a tear,
For I had promised not to interfere.
Watching and hoping that their lifeless ways would stop growing,
But to no avail, Confusion spread like a wind to a sail.
The only hope was left in the hands of those who were left to care,
The only ones left with reason to share,
And a conscience to bare.
So with this, I was left working with these small accumulation,
Through vibrational inspiration,
Trying desperately to teach the right education
But of these children of purity were only a handful,
The harder upon me they would pull,
The harder that ignorance would fill,
The more purity in their mind I would spill,
The easier it became for them to be a kill.
So there they were faced by the disease of negativity,
And the only cure, being considered insanity.
To counter a disease that had been set free,
A disease of greed and self pity,
A disease that in one hour’s time, took over a whole physical city,
And created the first plane of negativity.
There had to be a plan obviously,
Considering a disease such as the plague,
Compared to this disease of greed is indeed quite vague.
So it became to be that these children of purity,
That were immune to this diseased humanity
Began forming more ways to cure negativity,
By countering it with positivity.
They carried on, a team of bravery,
A team of proud physical creation,
That stood for honor and of life’s preservation.
A team that stood for equality and a heavenly reservation,
As they set out with their education,
They were faced by many weakened and diseased souls,
Whose ways had already destroyed their honorable goals.
It became a war between bad and good,
As the positive ones proudly stood,
Only to be struck down,
By the ignorant deceiving frown.
Upon their moments of physical relief,
A heavenly reservation they did all receive
And from that day on for this mission they vowed to achieve.
As they were a team in physical form,
They are now a team in a vibrational storm,
Capable of power combining the entire physical creation
And capable of this plan of purification.
In the beginning of the plan it was just forming,
Success was unknowing.
So the first part was initiating one of them back into a
physical entity.
But this time with a stronger belief in reality,
And much more education for the needy.
The first try had went into an unnoticed remedy,
For the message was lost with the memory.
Once again for the second try,
This time it had to be known that death is not to die.
It was then told,
By a vibration of pure gold,
That they should send a second try and wait until he became old,
For respect came to the old which gave them the urge to be bold.
As the second messenger formed his mass,
Its physical base would be the ingenuitive class.
When his time was revealed to the ignorant mentality,
He had no chance of pulling all the people out of slavery,
For they said: “he suffers from insanity”,
Let this be known from his ideas of reality.
Little did they know that his ideas came from the mark of trinity.
Disappointment was never involved in their dedication
For these masters of purification
Continued flourishing the vow that was made to the earthly civilization.
Once again the masters formed yet another thirdly vibration,
To enter the physical dimension.
This time the extent of his power was to pull the people out of damnation,
By directly curing their mental retardation,
Through the form of a healing preparation
But it was all conceived as trickery by the man of salvation.
So the deliverer of this initiation,
Was put to quick restoration,
By the way of interrogation,
Which caused a suffocation by aggravation,
Without any help from the physical population.
One more, Would indeed make four.
The fourth time is now the attempt,
These honorable vibrations prepared yet another godly agent,
Once this preparation conceived physical identity,
It was in the days of the most confused mentality,
The days when power ruled by depravity,
So for the sake of protection,
This messenger had his own power of persuasion,
Followed by the healing injection,
You would think that with this no way can there be rejection.
But far was the trust in their perception.
This savior truly had a load on his shoulder
With all his power he could not prove to all, only the ones that had seen him move the boulder.
He left other minds dwelling in curiosity,
But not enough to back up his stand for truth to the spiritual existency,
So upon the most effect he had on the people’s mind,
His physical life was destroyed by the selfish kind.
Try it again did they dare,
By now the mistaken ways were becoming quite bare,
More failures could not be produced,
For man and creation were becoming further and further misused,
By now both man and woman were being too blindly confused
And more ignorant ideas were being introduced,
By now it seemed that there was no correction,
But still this did not stop their urge for mental production.
Because of their strong eagerness to correct the wrong,
The fifth attempt was tried through the words of a song.
Words spoken and received by the one that was now a physical incarnation.
This man was to receive inspirational words of dedication,
Delivered in honor of the universal vibration.
It was a simple insemination,
Through the form of vibration resuscitation,
It almost worked except for one minor malfunction.
The receiver’s ability to write could not function.
This put the whole message to destruction
For it was mostly taken down as an assumption
And still to this day it is being used as the Godly direction.
Well, by now, could there be another invention,
That could produce the needed perfection?
By now all the unseen mistakes had been observed,
Putting all the mentalities that had served,
Creating the power that possibly could not be curved.
Producing from that the ultimate plan of purification,
Along with many other earthly preparation
And along with the earthly time difference,
Exact position of the equators circumference,
Magnetic pulsation, frequency modulation
And centrifugal solidation
A more accurate form of medication, will put all your faiths together,
So that you can discover that all faiths are of the same father.


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