4- To All the Enlightened Ones
From Tape # 3 - Recorded (09-22-1984).

The argument was so strong and of course no one was wrong. In history from the last mistake, correction was seen. We needed more power to heal the mean. The ignorant, could they be saved? And if so well, how about the depraved? The plan, it came from so far away, and the creator was responsible of all that it had to say.

We observed and we learned. We corrected and yet all was burned. But every message delivered right, was burnt, without a fight. And every word misunderstood was believed by the bad and the good. And by all, what was not seen was believed and what can be seen was deceived. But the mind has logic in different ways. Yes even in history’s days, what can be seen by the mind was misunderstood and thusly believed. And what can not be seen by the mind is illogical and deceived. But yet they believed what can’t be seen. Ignorance... Ignorance...

So, from history and history’s history, a lesson to learn with each delivery. Not just for the messenger, but the biggest lesson was learned by the sender. The ones with the mind that fights for peace and justice, had learned a bigger lesson than the rest of us, for that was the only mind paying attention and the rest were for the mind’s prevention. If not for that major calculation and the masterful presentation, there could not have been your generation.

Postponement of destruction? How long can we hold? How long can we hold before we let go? And if this knowledge they do not know, what is left, but to let go? From our view of the last time through, the conference between all involved, sooner or later the memory indeed was restored. And just about the same view. Can you not see, see past what is to be? Let your mind gaze ahead, now listen to what I have said. Gaze through the open door and look. Look through, do you see how far you have to go? Have you analyzed the rest of the show? You discuss one or two, but the rest is ahead of you. A problem here, a problem there, but of the rest you must beware, for the ones you discuss are easy too, but the hardship I mention is ahead of you. This, you do not need, for your courage has already been freed. Of this we can truly see. First of all, from all your entities, and in this we have chosen wisely, but the time comes now, where we must, we must tell you what to look forward to. Just in case you want out of the race, even though this you can not do, you will hear what is in-store for you.

Give me time..., What is ahead of you is simple, simple to see, and simple to do. Let me explain to you the hardships you will face. They are not new. You have experienced all that you do. You have heard this before. So, of you, I do not implore. For you have taken it upon thy self to venture, and it becomes your duty and your adventure. What you face is for you, but you will be able to handle it. This I do believe in you. There is no fear. You will need no weapons, you will need no money. What is for you shall come, and you will do what must be done. So, thoughts ahead, of fear? Let it not be said, for if I can pull you through, and if I can deliver you, to what you are about to do, then you can do the same thing too, by pulling me through.

There is no difference between you and I. When you cry, I cry. For when you are happy, I am not sad and you will be happy and for you I am glad. For sorrow is not in your future but sorrow is in the future of my disputer. For too long I have waited and too long they have evaded.
The judgement day, this is mentioned. Judgement day is mentioned, but for whom? This they took for granted. For all? this I did not plant. Why should all suffer, for negative sake? But only suffer the ones that refuse to awake. But there are some who know not they sleep, and for them I weep. But they will follow, for they shall feel empty and sooner or later, they will feel guilty, and to belong they will want, and none will say I shan’t. The ones that refuse, you will face, and you shall deliver my ever awaited grace. Upon those who destroy mankind, you shall deliver to them the Universal Mind, and they shall hear what I have been waiting for, and yet they shall not be hurt, for I will for them, open the door.
So, pain, sorrow, that is for tomorrow, and for you is just some thing to borrow. It hurts for you a little bit. But just think of your ever lasting life, that you will get. In happiness for ever and ever, happiness will surround and you can feel, if you want too, the ground, for it will be your choice. Then, you will have formed from nothing, everything. For you shall have created as I create.
It was in the hands of mankind, either to believe in or to destroy the Universal Mind. And from all that I had created, only a handful that had been rightfully fated.

Working with me until now, and you still have to ask me how? I ware a face of many. I can be cold or I can be sunny. I can be air, I can be glare. For there is a way that God can do all of this in the creation of you. I can be tall or I can be short. I can fall or I can transport from there to here, from far to near.
What I can do, shall be done, when all have changed to a flower from a gun. For then each world as a sole being shall know the Universal Mind true meaning. A meaning, to eternally exist, no matter how often I must persist, who will be used, who will be abused. The law of nature, must be amused. The good, the bad, the happy, the sad, the day and the night, the peace and the fight, the young and the old, the weak and the bold.
Nature, my sons, is a scale. As to the Fish, there is the Whale. What is created, must be mated. This is old. It is not new. This is known by all of you. To believe in what they do, this I can’t get them to. Without touching the soul, we can not achieve our goal.
So, I must reach out and touch all mankind. And to do this, I need a hand for the Universal Mind. As there is a hand, there must also be fingers. As there are speakers, there must also be singers.

I shall not continue, for there is nothing to say. You will know what to do, day by day. Coming to you I like, even by talking in this mic. (microphone).
It is not necessary to prove yourself. This I know, for I opened the door. For if I do not say yes, no one comes. I am united with this soul (Zaher), and this is why you will win, for I am in the hearts of men. Leave us not to forget the women, For their minds now are truly free. They have advanced much more than I can say.

As for women, the best of my creation, I should have had a women nation and peace there will be. But then the scale will be empty. It is so clear to see the logic. There are no miracles. There is no magic. What the people need to see is that they are the miracle that I let them be. But even so, the creation can be explained: Physical being, Spiritual meaning, and the mental seeing, the combination, to unlock the door, to let me in.
All are equal, no one is separate from the other. Each prophet I have sent was a brother. So, do not kill life, for the sake of whom? My children... I have made thee plenty of room.

Build and preserve your existence. And to me no longer offer a resistance. For if indeed be, I shall come and I shall be seen but with a smile not a gleam, and this is the way that it goes. I HAVE AROSE.


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