3- Uniting of the Trinity
From Tape # 4 - Recorded (10-06-1984).(to Costa)

Me, you, him, they and them, we all are as one. And from this unrecognizable truth, is why the war was begun. The separation, the separation of one body, one soul and one mind. To separate too many different kinds. The separation is what caused damnation. The separation is what destroyed communication. But since you and I are as one, with you my communication has begun. It has been a while I had waited for us to greet and tonight as one, we shall meet. Your mind is mine and mine is yours, and with this, we have the possibility of all cures.

It is once again the dissension hour, and once again with my vibrational power, I have descended here, so that my voice can appear, so that I can be heard loud and clear. preparation for this indeed took some time, for not only of the mediumship we had to prime, but also of the surrounding environment, there had to be purification, so that we can bring together a separation.

I, as the mind linked with a part of me, creating a power of immenseful energy together as one, my son, this is the day of your clarification. Your duty to me is the duty to yourself. Your duty to me is purity not wealth. Concentrating upon uniting the separation was the duty that had caused your dissension, From our last meeting, you spoke these words. It was not only I with ears who had heard, but the others, the masters of purification whom I have brought with me, are also here to guarantee your safety.

The Plan you had began. The Plan was brought to me by you my son, concentration upon uniting the separation, this is the major qualification. Separation of physical mankind was the separation of the universal mind. Physical man separated the three, threw away the soul and threw away the mind and what is left only the body. The task included in the plan was uniting the separation any way you can.

You must put together the three, for the sake of humanity. The body, the spirit and the mind, must again be intertwined, so that the separation will have been united. From there I shall have been invited.

Your task, I see, it is not easy, but then if it can’t be won by you, then what is left for me to do? For I put myself in your hands, but again of you, there is nothing I demand. It is in your mind the power to unite, for I have given thee the power to fight. The power strong to bring out the wrong. The power brave, this, they all crave. Your first major task, you of me, you do not have to ask. Unity of the separation is your first goal, so that the gap will close the hole and from that the purity of my water, I can fill, and with the gap closing the hole, my purity shall not spill. Now you see, organization in you I have bred. All your physical time from birth to the moment you were wed, up to now, organization I have shown you how. Organization is the power in your hand at this time. Organization is the first step for stopping the crime. Unity of the separation of the three will bring close the conversion of negativity, for our concentration together, even though in this task we have been working for ever.

Not too often we shall have a meeting such as this. Where my voice can plant upon your face a kiss, to cheer you up and brighten your path and to clean you up with the positive bath. Through out history in your descending, we have had council, council in regards to earth’s preservation. We have discussed and we have analyzed, we have quoted and we have criticized. Facts were spoken by many tongues and screams were heard by many lungs, but all to come together for the first major step, unity of the separation is the first page I flip. Our work together is in your memory so as my memory of your bravery, I can not say please be patient of any delay. I can not reassure to you the positive cure, but this I can say to you that what I can do, you can do. It is in your hand, the power to demand. There is none in your way, be it the president of your day or a statue made out of clay. There are only a handful of those who know where we stand, and as the number one, you have the power to demand, You have the logic of the grand, and you have organization, the organization that which is a skill, the organization to demand your will. You have been living for the last few years, in earth’s sorrow and tears. What you have been learning so far, you have been living upon my star, so to say how many people on earth are living your way, be it the president of your day, or again the statue made out of clay. The point is that there are no others that knew the potential of what you do, except for a few, and all of those are related to you. With this power that you know. With this power that makes you glow, with your power of organization,with your power of analyzation, you have created in your mind the power to save the physical kind. What you have created is the logic, what you have created is the logic to remove their miracles and their magic. How many, others upon the earth, that know of the power of your birth? With the positive state that you are in. I repeat to you again; use the power of your insistence for you know the truth to my existence. Your confidence is so strong. There will be no one that can prove you wrong, for it is not only this body that I can speak through, and of course this you know, I do not need to tell you, for when you speak to whom you confront, your power will indeed convince the president, for what is the role that he plays, but a half deceiving form of ways. The knowledge that you know that has made you the eternal glow. You are the president that I have assigned. The president that to all others will be defined. There are leaders and there are kings, but even so, they have not the freedom of wings, but there is one upon this earth, who has been mated from birth, to cary on in family ties, to create happiness from the earthly cries, to continue on to say that our last meeting, it was another day but what I am trying to tell you, you have the confidence to achieve what you are about to do.

What can stand in your way, Death? So let it be, but I guarantee that death will not be. For you will stand along with the others, the family that is physical and the family of the ethereal, they too stand by your side, to fulfill your task and be as your guide, for an encouragement from them is passed on to you. They will help to achieve what you do. Our meeting will be one more, for then I will come to yet open another door, and that will let you see where you will stand when you are next to me, and yet to follow will be the others as sisters and brothers.

Believe what I say. I have come to speak this way. The material regarding the book, it will take its course as you shall look. I shall not waste this moment of purity to discuss a moment of destiny. Think about that for a while, and you will realize that there is no denial. To come to you and to speak of the unchangeable course, would indeed be riding the horse. So, in this way I come just to fly, and to bring to you what you try. The material essence of your day, it is merely but a play, and the act will go on for this it must be, after all it is your destiny, and the revelation of my identity.

So, to understand that this time taken here, is to come to you at moment of fear, where confidence must be heightened, and your position to be enlightened. It is for this, this mediumship has been developed. For any other reason, it will not be used. That development is for a reason, not for treason. So, to answer what is not relating in our unity, can not be answered, for this is the highest purity, and it comes to you to clarify your position and to insure that your ignition is in the open connection.


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