10- “You Reflect Me” !!!
From Tape # 111 Recorded (10-09-88)

“GOOD EVENING. The art of communication from one dimension to another. One reality with the right equipment. One can do wonders to communicate and go beyond space and time. Precisely why do we use the rhyme? It is our vehicle you know. The channel, a glow from a star. You and I, amazing, is it not? Why is it that we have forgot to remember? What purpose could there be in forgetting? When one is to be lost, the determination no matter what the cost to discover oneself and to find a way to be aware why you have me? The mind, is that all or the soul, what is the goal?

The medium, is it not, why do we come this way? Almost every day to be heard and not to be seen, why am I so mean? Just to come and speak with out even a glimpse for you to see. It is through knowledge that I appear. You want to see me, look at you. You want to feel me, touch yourself, for you reflect me. That is what I am.

So GOD is on every level. In every corner of space. Why do I keep coming to you? Why not just any one, is it not enough that I have given you my son so that you love those who do not love you, peace is so easy to do. Where is the turmoil, where is the feeling of being betrayed from some where in each and every one of you, you have yet to know the universal law. If you do not know and you do not search, you won’t know where to go, and how to grow. That is the fertilization of the mind. That is how you have sight. That is how you are physical. If you want to stop knowing, creation will stop. Precisely why we must improve so that the cycle will always continue.

You create one new sight by doing what is right. The act of reaching and going beyond, you are actually duplicating the Universal Mind. You may think that educating yourself is but a minor dust particle of an ingredient. It is because of you my view will continue. So I am the Chariot, and forgive me, you are the horse. For every step you take, you go back two, that is only to teach you how to climb, to show you that you are alive, even when you are discouraged for you tune yourself to yourself. That is how we are tested in this life. Make of yourself an example.

For how long, for how long has mankind inflicted pain upon its creator, emotional, physical, spiritual, mental. The worst crime of all the crimes that have been committed against nature. So which way to go? Go slow, until you know where to go. Learn to make it show. Go up the stream. A fish can, why can’t you? Defeat any obstacle that comes your way. Live your life forever, day by day, that is how you live and learn.

Problems are there so that you can create the answer. If there is no problem, then there is no answer. After all, there is life and there is death. You must know your goal, and your goal must be yourself, your love for the physical health. You are the most important part of creation, with out you there will be no continuation. The first thing that you must do is to begin with this clue. Give yourself credit for credit is due. The point is that you are attempting to touch the unknown and because of that all that is known will begin to disappear. What will be forgotten is what will always be near it just that you are taking yourself away from one reality. You go to sleep and you awaken each day to find yourself in a new way. Where ever you are, there is always an open door. It is up to you to walk in or walk out.


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