Analyze all
Analyze your goal
Analyze your question
Analyze your assumption
Analyze your choice
Analyze your voice
Analyze your words
Analyze what is heard
Analyze what you see
Analyze what must be
Analyze even the key
Analyze your thought
Analyze your note
Analyze your style
Analyze your denial
Analyze your acceptance
Analyze your resistance
Analyze your step
Analyze your slip
Analyze your power
Analyze the correct hour
Analyze the harmony
Analyze the possibility
Analyze the guess
Analyze the yes
Analyze my voice
Analyze my course
Analyze where you are going
Analyze why i am not stopping
Analyze how he writes
Analyze how he ignites
Analyze why you are here
Analyze why i am near
Analyze what is coming next
Analyze what with you is mixed
Analyze what i am going to do now
Analyze all this before you ask how.


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