I See

If I were to look into your earthly future, what would I see?
I hope to see life the way it should be...
The people laughing and singing straight from their heart,
Knowing that their world wasn’t torn apart.
I see the people no longer suffering
From all their self invented murdering.
I see the people no longer they are starving
I see people for creativity they are striving
And from all their broken promises they are mending.
I see the people walking hand in hand in the street
The old and feeble not worrying of the sound behind their feet.
For them I see the love and kindness that they shall meet.
I see people actually glad to see each other.
I see the children saying I love you to their mother.
And I see the mother saying I love you to their father.
I see the whole family in love with one another
And not to forget the older brother,
Who has the responsibility to keep the family together.
I see each and every house open their gate.
I see the people no longer treating their neighbor with hate
Because they have finally come together in an equal fate.
Are you following what I say?
I say that the people shall have that special happy day,
When all this hatred and corruption shall all go away.
I see some of you having to suffer for achieving peace
But if this is the only way for your soul to be in eternal ease
To suffer for peace would be a great please.
I see a clear view of what you are to achieve
Can you not see all that surrounds you is meant to deceive?
Why do you believe so blindly
And accept what you cannot see so logically?
I see the people waking up gradually.
And believing in logic as reality.
For logic is the way of the mentality,
And achieving the re-creation of earth and its people finally.
I see this in actuality
Because I see the people’s inner hidden capability.
This they refuse to use because of their confined mentality.
First I see the people being aware of their capabilities
And then they shall recognize their identities.
I see the people finally taking action
To preserve their right of equality in their nation.
And I also see that I am having a premonition
Of how it will be after all of the confusion.
A premonition that shall come true.
This I can promise all of you
Because when you find out that inner hidden secret of a clue
That is in each and every one of you,
You all then shall know what to do.
You will make my premonition come true
And once you do, then you will know
That GOD truly loves all of you.



®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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