The Message From Love

Ye ask of what is love,
No one really knows from whence it came,
Or the originality of its fame.
I have always thought that it came from within.
Hear of my words and let me begin.
I want very much for ye to understand,
For this reason, I do write this with thy magical hand.
Created by God, who inherits the earth,
And passed on to thee at the moment of birth.
It creates an energy in thee that brilliantly glows
From thy head down to thy toes.
Love is a wonderful thing,
Once ye are educated on how to plug it in.
There are those who learn very quickly,
And in some it takes indefinitely.
For love and whether in thee it needs raising,
Is truly reflected on which path thou has chosen.
There is no need to experience that which I heed
For of this, thou has already been freed.
Whence ye came, it was to be,
Eight of you to form a family tree.
Given to ye powers of exceptional strength,
born to ye from level seven,
So strong that it will change the destiny of hell into heaven.
This note I send to thee,
And so shall it be.
The time has come for ye to recognize the facts,
For ye a destiny with the greatest of acts.
Do not waste time with the one they call pain of humanity
For that will be a fatal calamity.
Only and only teach of what they call love
For that is a gift they know nothing of.
Teach of what thou now know,
And of which direction is God’s glow.
Even in the past, many of them have been misled
And in God’s house they lay not their bed.
For many of my father’s people have all pronounced him dead.
Throughout history, he has sent me,
To teach the ways of humanity.
So my son, these few words to thee,
I do hope have proven my self to be.
In your heart and in your soul,
I reach out to achieve my next goal.
The recreation of Christ has come,
To reunite thyself and I as one.
The road has been everlasting
But now my words have been written through my father’s sending,
My words are in this book,
Thy eyes gaze upon me as thou look.
As thou read, feel my healing power entering thee,
As thou read, understand that I have come to set ye free.
Read and understand my words carefully,
For I am the preparation
For ye salvation.
Pay heed to my words as thou read,
I cast out of thee any form of greed,
And I enter in thy heart my purity seed.
Feel safe, for I have healed thee,
No longer shall ye suffer.
I am here in front of thy eyes, do not look for another.
The time shall come when ye shall meet my father,
For now ye must educate thyself of my father’s identity,
For soon ye all shall meet your reality.
Be it now, do not with my words ponder,
For words as these shall not come any grander.
Absorb in thy soul what this book has to offer,
My words shall protect thee from any evil that may dwell,
When ye have been nourished with my words, ye shall hear my bell.
Then and only then ye all, I can save.
After all, even they whom once betrayed me I forgave,
Trust my words and for thee there shall be no grave.
My father said to me, “My son, I ask thee to be brave.”
With each time he has sent me, this I have done,
Now I ask all of my father’s people to change to a flower from a gun.
Be gentle, my son,
Many of my followers have reasons of ye to shun,
It is not very easy to change to a flower from a gun.
Thou has forever tried,
And thou has seen many of them for thee who cried.
Be gentle, my son, feel their words upon thee and of them intake.
Many of them shall call out at thee a fake.
But then, it is not the first time.
Suffer Ye soul who commits against thee a crime,
For upon thee is not the task to punish,
But the task of thee is to replenish.
Replenish the love that has been forsaken,
Replenish the hearts that for love have been broken.
Replenish the lives that have been lost,
Replenish those who gave up their lives as the cost.
Thy place is amongst the dark dwellers,
Thy task is to educate the sinners and the killers
And cleanse with thy hands the blood spillers.
Thou hath spoken thy vow,
And for myself Ye need not bow.
Thou need not prove thyself as before,
For now the ones with thee are an even score.
Be silent but effective when ye utter,
For the words that come from thy mouth should be soft as butter.
Now ye feel the scar,
For the father thou hath come very far.
This position to thee is now familiar,
Thy task is much simpler.
What my book sayeth now is simple enough to explain how.
Accept all that comes before thee,
For what falls before thee is because it must be.
Thy hand is the healer,
Thy touch is the sealer,
Thy gaze has not been ignored,
Rest for now do not feel bored.
Thou need not heal the sick or the blind,
For they all can do this by the use of their mind.
Thy task is to teach them to,
And for them to know how when ye are through.
It was not meant for thee to do for them what they can do.
This ye did when Ye were a Jew,
Ye promised them salvation,
But not without your education.
Ye taught them love and honor,
But not to ignore the FATHER.
Ye taught them simple logic
To free them from a life of tragic,
But they blindly change all of that you sayeth to magic.
Ye taught them how to live forever,
And for this they made thee suffer.
This time thy deliverance is in a different manner.
Thou shall not be sent as their brother.
This book is thy deliverance, not another.
Many times my people have been deceived by men claiming thy right,
I offer thee to my people as the book of light
So that it can finally be the last forsaken fight.
With all this thou did thy part,
And once again thou shall ride upon the golden cart,
For when thou shall be taken away,
This time thou shall have this to say:
“ Father, no need to forgive them for what they have done,
But only to change them to a flower from a gun.”
And from there I shall taketh over
And taketh away their four-leave clover.
I shall make them see what by thee they could not,
I shall make every one of their days extremely hot,
So hot that they cannot bear.
They shall feel as if they were in a nightmare.
And then for thy education they will want to care.
But as always, their souls I shall spare.
Be gentle, my son, and most indeed be fair.
Let the time run.
Soon we shall have won.
They shall accept me. This I sayeth with no doubt.
I promise thy flower shall sprout
And it shall finally bloom.
This shall save my children from doom
And finally taketh away their gloom.
Around and round and round it goes,
Where to stop, no one knows.
Up the stairs, thou can climb,
Once to the top, it’s time to come down.
In winter, the rain does pour.
In spring, leaves sprout by the score.
In summer, the flowers and fruit grow.
In autumn, nature prepares for the coming snow.
In the morning, is it really day
And the night, does it always stay?
The stars, why do they glow?
The twinkle of the answer, how many of ye really know?
The bird, from whence does it have wings?
The songs, who is it that really sings?
The beauty, is it really just a reflection?
Or, are all things beautiful to the imagination?
The grass, how is it, that it grows green?
The weed, why does it turn brown and unseen?
The laughter, is it just a sound
Or maybe an echo from beneath the ground?
Sorrow, is it the eyes that cry
Or is it the teardrops falling from the sky?
The rain, is it just a shower to cleanse the filth
Or is it the tears of the sky from all the polluted stealth?
The broken heart, can it really ever be mended
Or maybe just with a patch, to be pretended?
Love, by whom is it seen?
Is love only for the good, well, how about the mean?
Hate, can it be finally cured?
Is love afraid to intrude?
Is love afraid to make a contact or an interlude
With the bad and the rude?
LOVE, fears not.
LOVE, is fears curable shot.
LOVE, is the sunshine and the ray.
LOVE, is the moonglow and the lover’s play.
When love sayeth, I love thee, to fear,
From fear, love will suddenly appear.
When love sayeth, here, hold my hand
Then fear is no longer left to stand.
The love I know, has this to show.
The love I know, never sayeth no.
The love I know, is ye.
The love I know is thine, not only for me.
It is thine to make. It is thine to take.
The love I know, is why I stand straight.
It is why I can open my love gate.
So that I as love and thou as love to be,
Can enter together and emerge as one—I love thee.
The love I know, this it does do:
It can stand in front of thy view,
And say: “I am here to pull ye through”.
The love I know, is my proof.
The love I know, is my truth
And since I am made of love for all
The love I know, should be your goal.
The love I know, has no fear, It simply enters and gives cheer,
It simply gives and never takes, it takes from itself
And gives love as wealth.
It cares, it shares,
It responds and dares.
It gives, it creates,
It loves and never hates.
It flies, it sings,
It floats and rings.
It loves eternal and pure.
It loves not for sickness, but to cure.
The love I know, never demands.
It gives of its love, the love that understands.
All this is my love and my love is my ingredient.
It makes me for love, be obedient.
It makes me give love, as a present.
It makes me care and be lovingly pleasant.
It makes me what I am and what thou should be.
The love I know, makes ye show as me.
My love, made ye what ye are.
My love, made ye perfect without a scar.
The love, that stands and is seen never to fall.
The love I know, does indeed show
For all I create, love to grow.
Let now my love, take ye by the hand
And lead ye to the promised land,
Which is all the earth that I with love created.
Not one inch is left out, all land is for my love fated.
My promise to love, honor and never to betray
Is the love that ye all were meant to say.
Not just in thy wedding play
But in every minute of thy day.
I love thee is so easy to say
For now even when many to me pray,
I love thee, ye forget to say, so today,
I not only show my love, but my love I give.
Because I know that ye my creation love to live.
Even though many have forgotten how of me to love, these I forgive.
Now that with this love ye hold my hand, I say: “I DO TO YE”.
Because I love thee.
The love I know, is all that I create
And since ye are my love, ye must now open thy love gate
And let the love that thou art, flow out.
Now, that this is the love that ye now know,
I DO TOO, ye must shout.
Saying to me, I love thee,
Makes ye not only love me
But also thy self and all that is created from and with thee
To be as one love with me.
This makes thee what ye should be.
Saying I love thee to me
Makes thee live eternally
As a vision that is Godly.
Saying to me “I love thee”,
Makes ye be with me eternally never to end thy birth.
Saying I love thee to me.
Will from one and all create HEAVEN ON EARTH.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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