A Word of Gratitude

I would like to take this time for a few words of gratitude. For me to create what has appeared in this book is far beyond my own mentality and imagination.
About the only part that I played was due to my curiosity. So I would like to say that without some kind of GODLY POWER this message for peace and eternal happiness could have never been produced.
In this book, it mentions that I had been in on this, in my spirit vibrational form of life, but of this it was a shock to me and as I do now live in this physical form of life, the potential of this great achievement of spiritual penetration has been proved to me. In reality, I had at one time in my vibrational form accepted this written message that has now been delivered through me by the greatest form of knowledge.
The wordings are truly ones of and from “GOD,” the UNIVERSAL MIND, the highest and purest form of all vibrations.
For myself to be elected, whether from then or from now, I truly give great thanks and gratitude to those caring and loving spirits who have been my protectors and guides through all this fantastic and educational experience. The chance that does not come to all of us. The chance to help save the people from destruction. By being helped through inspiration to learn the facts about our ways of life and what we have so called death and all that comes after, would be something that all would have a wish to accomplish.
For this I truly thank all the great powers of the spirit realms that have the effect and influence upon my mediumship. And last but not least, the great help that I received from friends and family. The friends who have backed me up and given me support and courage, the friends and relatives who took the time to listen to my readings and expressed their respect and cheered me on. To all the members of my beautiful family who were of great help by their ways of giving and creating my confidence in myself and of what came out of me. The family that has truly been a good example of purity, honesty, love, and most of all, spiritual values. I should not forget to mention their high form of mental awareness for life here and hereafter.
Zaher P. Kury 4-10-83


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