Here you are in a room of glass,
Here you sit reflecting class.
There are two of you in this room,
But then silence is like the sound of doom.
One glances over at the other quickly,
All it was, was just a look strictly,
Without communication, only a silent imagination.
Your thoughts, they flow,
Communication, where did you go?
We used to communicate when we first met,
But suddenly communication we both forget.
Communication, communication, what is your story?
Communication used to mean, never having to say you’re sorry.
One word is all it would take, not a gloat
But all you hear is the clearing of a throat.
I wish one of us would speak, both thoughts say.
At one time in the beginning we spoke every day
Here it is a year later
And we both feel like a traitor.
What happened? Where did communication go?
Communication fast, communication slow.
God, for communication a thousand miles I would row.
But here we sit, with nothing to say,
Both wishing the other would go away.
I love you, I need you, I want you,
Communication, please come back through.
You are my answer and my clarity,
You are the mind to my personality,
You are the seed that grows the family tree.
Communication, I cannot live without thee,
Please, come back to me.
Communication, communication, you are the answer to my situation.
You are the cure and the medication
To my seemingly sinking relation.
You are the music to a happy song.
You are the right to all that is wrong.
Communication, upon my tongue you used to be,
Communication, please come back to me.
Without you, my love and I would simply fall apart.
Communication, give our body back its heart.
For hours, we would be still Like the whisper of a windmill.
That is all the noise that we hear,
I beg of you, communication, to appear.
You were the sunlight in my darkened way,
Now, communication, to you I pray,
Come back and tell me what to say
Come back and reorganize our house
Please communication, I do not want to lose my spouse.
Even though with all my attempts,
Without you, I create only contempts.
I feel a wall of steel,
And it makes me act like a heel.
There is a lock closing my lips,
And my mate, can talk only with the hips.
OH! Communication, how do I bring you back?
Can I reverse my life into the past backtrack?
Or do I give my face a smack?
To unlock my lips and free you,
Tell me communication, what shall I do?
Suddenly a voice says: You can start by saying I love you,
I need you, and I want you.
For sure, if these words you say,
I shall appear to you every day.
Is this the voice of communication I hear?
For if it is, I welcome you without fear.
I love you, I need you and want you truly,
Communication come and do your duty.
Communication has begun, that is nice,
Now I see a crack in the ice.
Why did you leave us? I have to ask.
I never left, it was you who put me in a flask.
I was there the whole time, screaming to be free
And it took you long enough to notice me.
Now that I am back, we truly must talk.
From now until we become the old folk.
Now, that I am back, you do not need a board and chalk.
And you do not need to watch T.V. and smoke.
For this is the reason that for communication you choke.
You keep looking for me, but you cover me with a cloak
And when you forget where I am, everywhere you poke
So, then you lose your talent to talk,
You can’t even tell a joke.
I am here, communication hollered, in front of your nose.
If you want me, you must let go of that glass of booze.
Otherwise, I shall continue taking a snooze.
Now that this about me you come to realize,
You can begin with your problems to analyze
And when you discover that you can communicate,
Then about me to your neighbors you will educate.
For I am communication and I can save the day,
But to bring me back to life, you must do it the right way.
Just open your mouth and say the word
And communication will be all that is heard.
For this is the key that opens your lips and lets you talk it out.
If you don’t believe me, just try to shout.
After all, I am communication, and communication I create.
And I can bring you together with love, not hate.
I can put you in oneness with your mate
But only if I am the fruit that you have ate.
From what I heard I said OH, how great.
Thank you communication for opening my mental gate
And teaching me how to communicate.
Now, there is in my home no more silence, only serenity.
For now we have communication in our family.
The sun shines upon us everyday and night
For with communication, we were saved from our fight
And eternally we shall communicate together
From this day, until forever.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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