Cycle of Human Creation

What is this cycle of human creation?
Does this mean that mankind was created by a cycle of rotation?
This is indeed deserving of an explanation.
At this stage of your mental exploration,
I would like to expand your mind’s elevation
By formulating an easy-to-understand description
Of how creation is created by this cycle of the Universal Vibration.
As it is, by now you have reached into a level of realization
That lets your imagination
Become the example of this classification.
As you have already journeyed into the spiritual dimension
By taking the tour of the leveled organization,
That has put you into the limits of the highest mental purification.
I say to you now, “Hang on to your seat,”
And plant into the ground your feet,
So that when you follow me into and around this cycle, complete,
You will not get lost by taking the wrong side of the street.
If you venture without my voice as your guidance beat,
You may end up upon the path of this cycle that is cold,
Where, once there you will stay past the ages of the old.
Now, let’s begin, as I give you the strength to be bold.
What this cycle combines is knowledge that must be told,
You may decide to analyze this on your own, in your own way,
Even so, with my direction, you must stay.
For once upon this cycle, you spin, you must not play,
Its essence of creation is that of the same to whom you pray,
As a cycle, it is with no beginning and no end,
A complete circle without a corner or a bend,
What is from it birthed will eternally follow its rotational pull.
There is so much to explain, you will indeed become full.
As a cycle, its origin is pure mind energy.
What it is formed from is this same power of creativity.
What it creates is created by this same mental purity.
As the cycle of creation, it is the creation of its own formulation.
What flows within its energy is there for an eternal duration.
No matter what side you are on,
No matter how far away from it you may think you have gone,
No matter how many creations of life you are to spawn
As part, the cycle of your creation
Will continue to fill you with a flow of its rotation.
For as it has been birthed by its own creation of pure mind,
It continuously thrives upon the filling of the physical kind.
Now picture this, as we begin from the top,
Before your physical creation has been freed to hop.
Your origin in its essence is a part of the universal whole
Where, while you are there, you await to be formed from
this massive roll.
There you exist as pure mental energy co-mingling with the
origin of birth,
Then suddenly, of your part, you feel a pull, urging to go to earth.
For a more purified result to yourself is the reason for this urge.
Once your part of mind is created into the physical, you instantly emerge,
Where this life makes it your duty to splurge.
So, it is now your time, as you have patiently intermingled with the cycle flow,
To develop by this experience is why you will let go.
And as a vibration of mental energy you go around,
Then suddenly you find your part heading for the physical ground,
Where you will intertwine your part of mental vibration
Into the course of your destined recognition,
Where then you are met by the carrier of your seed,
The already existing mankind is where you will interfeed.
Then upon the natural course of physical unity,
You await to be injected into the female anatomy,
Upon this same course of their creation,
This united couple will emerge as one in a mating copulation,
Which is the manner that physical mind creates self-duplication.
Upon the moment of insemination
You, as the newly implanted vibrational seed, your future, is the offspring denomination.
Before this, you are carried by the physical source of ejaculation,
Which sends your mental part into the womb of your new evolution.
Into the birth that develops your now physical shape
Into the full standard of mankind’s nape.
Though now as physical you may be,
You are still flowing in the cycle’s rotation back to me.
The purist form of mental energy,
Where I constantly and eternally keep the cycle of creation,
Thriving upon this purist part of my vibration,
Continuously intertwining this energy into every minute dust particle,
No matter of shape, substance, or article.
So in your example, follows all creation existing,
So as you now have reached a full-grown physical being, with my resemblance reflecting
That which is, just another phase of the cycle.
As in this body, you are flowing until your physical age faces its recycle.
Upon this moment of stage, where nature is taking-its course,
Known as the feared time of death, a time spent in remorse,
After which, for some, it is a time to rejoice.
But for all, the cycle rotates the whole back to the source.
At the same time, your physical shell is planted into its own mental rotation of earth,
Where this cycle will reformulate this shell by breaking down the material that gave it birth.
To emphasize that not a single dust particle of the mind is wasted,
All creation, sooner or later, will return with the cycle that laced it.
Once the shell separates from the spirit and the mind,
This same rotation will naturally take the spirit’s vibration combined
And will direct the spirit to the next phase of the cycle’s system,
By naturally reuniting the spirit’s vibration with its own level of prism.
Meaning that, what this vibration registered from its physical deeds,
The more purity the vibration records, into the purist levels it speeds.
The less purity registration it seeds,
Into the lowest existence of its own breeds,
Is where it retreats,
Where, upon greed it feeds.
Now, we have travelled all around with the cycle’s flow,
Where you noticed there was no stop and go,
So, no matter of what form, from the cycle is birthed,
No matter at what stage of the cycle, one is earthed,
As you may be unaware of this constant flow of mind formulation,
As you may feel that you are in a stand-still situation,
All around the cycle, you exist for the purpose of reformulating,
This energy cycle that keeps you eternally existing.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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