Life after death is definitely a fact.
And to some, the subject is quite a complicated act.
But its proof is very simple you see,
And after reading this, a lot of it you will agree.
So be relaxed, open minded, and expect all to sound naturally.
Now you ask: let’s hear what it’s all about?
And of something you don’t understand,
please do not hesitate to shout.
For I will be pleased to explain
Of something I would say in vain.
So let’s begin, we shall go from the start to the end.
My knowledge is words backed up by goodness, honesty,
and true love for all mankind.
With no harm do I speak,
Just a chance to explain of something holy and unknown is
what I seek.
With life we are blessed,
To learn and experience knowledge that we have missed.
After we are content with this desire,
The persons lose the taste for life. . . Peace and rest are
all that they acquire.
After a certain time of feeling this way,
The need for it grows stronger every day.
So with the game of life you no longer want to play.
The body, of course, gets quite run down.
So, for it will not just hang around,
It is put into the earth,
For the spirit a confusingly new type of birth.
As time goes on, the earth will feed on the body, good for the
soil as a type of fertilizer. Understanding this will make your
mind much wiser.
The body has certain gases that were part of its creation.
When the body dies, the gases are set loose on this nation.
This gas that was part of your body, precipitates on earth
and is eaten by the meat,
That we would never think to eat.
Some of it flows up in the sky and becomes as part of the cloud,
After that we hear the voice of thunder shouting out loud.
Then the rain comes down and the gas comes with it without a sound.
The water that the rain makes, Is now mixed with the gases that your body’s system intakes,
So from this make what you can,
But all that it is, is a cycle of life’s upper hand.
And what happens to the spirit I shall now induce,
So I hope I am understood with this knowledge that I introduce.
At the moment of change you call death, the spirit comes out.
Where it ends up, is what this is all about.
The spirit yet is not aware,
That the body is no longer there.
As it looks around, at the people there,
You carry on with them thinking that this is ordinaire,
Stop playing games, this is not fair.
But something is wrong, you say to yourself,
What’s the matter with you people, are you deaf?
Why is it hard for you to hear me?
This is not how you used to be.
I am here, the spirit will holler,
But no one moves or looks over their collar.
The spirit keeps on, not accepting this fact.
But everyone else carries on with their normal act.
Then the spirit goes silent and looks all around,
Then suddenly, the spirit calms down.
Follow me, the spirit hears a voice,
There is knowledge for you to learn, without remorse.
So, bewildered and confused, the spirit has to decide,
Whether or not with this voice to abide.
Then the spirit thinks, if something goes wrong, it does not want to feel responsible.
But saying no, will be hard and impossible.
This feeling will draw the spirit to the voice like a magnet.
Do not be afraid, everything will be explained when face to
face we have met,
Then you will know where you are and what you have to expect.
So finally, the meeting takes place,
And the spirit will learn where it is and with what type of race.
The first part of the knowledge the spirit has to learn,
Is to overcome the uneasy feeling that it yearns.
The spirit must be fully aware
That the body is gone and is no longer there.
After some time, this the spirit accepts,
So one last time to see the body and pay its respects.
Now, when the spirit is new to its environmental ways
After it is attracted to the level of its own vibrational rays,
Upon a different level and in a different place,
The spirit will end, depending upon its physical case.
To say that the spirit does not have to begin from bottom up
In the above manner is where and how it will stop
Upon any plane or any level of dimension space,
Then upon that moment of its gaze,
A guide will be assigned, to make it easier on the upcoming days.
The guide will explain what is expected,
And what of the spirit is requested.
The tasks the spirit has to achieve,
Will be anything but to grieve.
After having proved and accomplished what is asked, then level one the spirit can leave.
What must the spirit do on level one?
A task that while in life should have been done.
By now, the spirit has learned that it has a certain power,
And also it does not get paid by the hour.
The spirit existence has been trying for many years,
And always ending up with sorrow and tears.
To penetrate and be heard by people’s mind,
But we are ignored and they take the credit for our inspirational finds.
Here on level one, the spirit is tested on how strong their effect will have on mankind,
With every human that the spirit can help, will add to the spirit’s aura a different type of magnetic ray,
These rays are used to purify the spirit and prepare their way
To a level where ignorance is not part of the play.
Now the spirit realizes, that it must go through a certain
type of training.
Which is meant to enlighten their souls from those feelings and anything they have that may be paining.
After accomplishing level one and completely understanding why it was brought here,
In level two the spirit will suddenly appear.
Once the spirit accepts its fate, it will no longer have feelings of fear.
The experience on level two is one that is great,
For there is nothing on this level that the spirit could hate.
The spirit will find total serenity,
And learns of a different type of ability.
The spirit gets a chance to feel its way around
This level even has its own ground.
When the spirit is ready and wants to learn,
A chance like this, no spirit can miss their turn.
The spirit is taught of how to make their thought,
that is somewhat humanly,
Appear for them quite suddenly.
With this type of ability,
Everything can be a reality
To some, however, This achievement looks too clever.
So there they stay, until the secret they discover,
By looking for clues that in their heart they can recover.
But even without this type of honor, in actuality,
Everything on level two can seem to be a reality.
But it does depend on the spirit’s belief and reliability.
When the spirit is content,
With this enjoyment, level three is where the spirit will be sent.
On this level, there is a different life to be spent,
Here is what the spirit finds of what by me is meant.
The reason for this purification,
Is to introduce the spirit to a higher vibration.
The vibration of the spirit has still a yearning for earthly descends,
So of this vibration it will be cleansed.
Level three has this purpose, it was written to be the way it has to be,
It takes the spirits time before they can actually see.
This task is complicated and is truly a miracle.
And in life’s beliefs is somewhat unethical.
But the reason for this type of display,
Is because this is the only way,
To get close to what it is that you people have the yearning to pray.
After a great deal of mind training,
Level four is the next one I will be explaining.
When the spirit has reached this far,
A door will be left slightly ajar,
But to open it the spirit cannot use any form of sin.
Because of this bright glow that shines from within,
This is left to the curiosity, if it is ignored, the spirit will always wonder what the glow could have been.
But by the time the spirit has reached level four,
It will find that curiosity is something that it cannot ignore.
And because of this, very few have not opened the door.
Behind which is a mystery that is worth the trouble to explore.
What it is inside, the spirit will find,
A certain type of high energy of some kind.
When the spirit asks, what is that glow of gold?
This power you see, the spirit is told,
Is the power to make the spirit young, from the ones that were old.
After the spirit has reached this wonderful feeling of heat,
No longer do they feel the wants of thirst, pain, or the need to eat.
And most of all, never feel cold in their feet.
Now the spirit has been truly glorified,
And as a holy vibration it will be identified.
This vibration will make the spirit a little bit lighter,
So level five is the next one that will be the inviter.
On this level the spirit will be accepting a certain mission,
Of it I will explain as a confession.
The duty it will perform is far beyond the realm of reality.
The spirit must take on the responsibility of living in infinity.
What is meant by this Is knowledge that no one should miss.
Level five is the last of the purification levels.
This will involve the loss of the spirit’s physical shape
Into a vibration that is beyond the realm of Ape,
That is one concept that mankind has to escape.
The spirit shall be a vibration so high and great,
That is a fact and is from where life first is assigned a fate.
Now the spirit is a power that it once used to be, in reality,
But at the same time never losing its mentality.
After the spirit reaches level six,
The power of the mind is put to full use, it will be taught
all of the tricks.
With lies not permitted to mix.
Having accomplished full use of the mind’s extent,
Then the next level will be up to the spirit to invent.
For there, what is called level seven, Is what created all and everything, including heaven.
Can you imagine what power is there. . . ?
And yet at the same time this power is over there, here, and everywhere.
There is no such place that this power cannot penetrate
And of this power is what we try and educate.
We are waiting for a day
When we are able to put it on display.
Even magnified a thousand times
t will not be clear as this special art of the spirit rhyme,
And with it our goal has no chance to decline.
We are approaching life with their mentality,
Any way we can, to prove our reality.
If this everyone could understand, then life will be, as it truly should.
But there are only a few who believe and a lot less who could.
It really would make the task here much easier to perform.
Because when the spirit arrives, it will not waste time and
confusedly roam.
Because it will already have an idea that this is the spirit’s home.
So we try and prove of our identity.
By using the gift that is now your ability.
When you were in the state of curiosity,
You were using level five’s mentality.
For achieving this knowledge, we give great thanks,
And a spot, already reserved, for you amongst our ranks.
What you have accomplished, you were not forced,
This was the reason that your name was endorsed.
We work with you as you wished to work with us.
So don’t ever be discouraged from teaching the rest,
For you are just like a spirit, amongst the living you have been sent
To prepare the way for this descent.
Speak of us as much as you like,
And not one person shall ever pull a hand on you to strike.
Amongst the living you are truly rare,
For hardly anyone has dared what you dare,
For you and your loved ones we always have a prayer.
So the knowledge you receive will be your educator.
You will only speak of what you know and of what you are taught.
All you have to do is ask the question in your thought.
Your belief is extremely great,
This is the reason you no longer feel hate.
With this, the people around you will be easy to penetrate,
So they can actually feel the love that you now radiate,
For this is all that now is written in your fate.
With what we have placed around your waist,
Is a special gift with exceptional taste.
You will suddenly realize
The use of this science that we disguise.
We wait for you to discover the next fact,
Which will be followed by a wondrous act.
You are considered and thought of with honor,
We truly give thanks to you and especially your father,
For he held the key to open your door,
Once he gave it to you, no time did you waste to explore.
Your people around you on your planet are not the only living,
But the only ones left that need forgiving.
Everywhere else we are accepted,
For the minds of those are on a higher perspective.
You and your family are ones like those,
Truly you all have picked a path that is not easy to choose.
The existence amongst your planet,
Is the last of those who do not want it,
And this is forever in their minds. It must be brought out,
It will need an exceptionally loud shout,
Even though the technology is growing rapidly,
It is being used for the wrong type of intensity.
The weapons they create are useless here and everywhere,
For love and happiness are the only weapons that we all should share.
There are some amongst your kind
Who are using the extent of the mind,
But the purpose they create,
Is not in the earth’s fate.
We are working on a certain idea
That we will put to work on the ones with the media,
We are not blind to the fact
That you alone cannot perform this act.
You will receive help from ones around who are of great influence,
And they will be a great help, for they shall know how with this knowledge to dispense.
One by one they shall appear,
Accept their help and of them do not fear.
They will have already an acceptance in this we speak,
They will be the only ones allowed on this information to peek.
Work with them and explain what you have,
No need to worry for they will not laugh.
The mental awareness that you now perceive,
Will grow stronger with every part of this plan you achieve.
Trust in your father’s intuition,
For we put the key to what he knows in his ignition.
But his type of speech is much advanced,
We are afraid it will leave people in too much of a trance.
We worked with him for a long time,
Many years and way before your prime.
What he knows will not mislead,
But will bring out in you what we need.
It makes it quite easy to enter your mind and pull out the weed.
Of what he has, you both must read,
The knowledge he has must be translated and must be freed.
What you are learning, It took ten years of earning,
What you have created in such a short time,
Would take a highly educated person almost half of his prime.
But most likely what we are working on together,
To come to them would be never.
So when you feel us by your side,
Let your own thoughts flow out with the tide.
Then our thoughts will flow back to you true,
Any time, any place you let us link with you.
But always use caution when you think you can hear us,
For there are some who would like to see this work put to rest.
But have no fear, We have that under control here.
Just take time and reread what you have already written as a note.
And think them only in the vibration of our thought.
What you cannot comprehend Will be explained to you at a different trend.
Same with the drawing that you create,
Each one will be placed in a certain fate;
The mystery they have is enough to attract
The ones we need to fulfill this act.
We have been involved in this project of what seems to be like centuries,
But until now we could not accept any of the entries.
So to us this makes you special and truly valuable,
For only we know your thoughts are truly reliable.

by Ken Costa Kury


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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