Forgiveness and Salvation

Can I know more of your life there,
Besides the fact that your life is sustained in an ethereal
form in the etherosphere?
There is a place where they can make anything appear,
Where everything they do deserves a cheer.
The machines they have are past the use of a gear,
This place is not far, in fact it is very near.
They used to live the way your people are,
Until they discovered what we are writing in this book that
shines like a star,
They opened their hearts to us,
And to finally realize the unnecessary use of the bus,
They were taught the power of mental telepathy,
So they were able to create from a dream a reality,
To create what would take the time of infinity,
To become theirs in a manner of instantly,
They were taught the language of the Universal Mind.
Now their life is one beyond any kind.
There, they have no room for sadness,
They have filled their world with joy and gladness,
They were taught the real meaning of love.
One that could only be brought from up above,
From that they were able to breathe the winds of a dove,
They were taught how to bring the what is so called death back to life,
By completely-erasing the name of the knife,
People there, are living in heaven,
Because of this knowledge that came to them from level seven.
Our ways here in the spirit world and dimension,
Reveal to you the same form of reflection,
That will be upon your nation,
Through the way of materialization.
When I appeared to those of whom I mention,
They did not have a chance for an objection.
This was the only form of connection,
To reach deep down into their affection,
And bring out their ways of greed and deception.
What I now say to you my friend,
Is: Have no fear of your world coming to an end,
Even with all those rules that they have bent.
They will be all forgiven when I have made my descent.
There are many forms of lives here and there,
And your form is the only that refuses to share,
If I had not shown to the others how much I care,
To do the same for your people I would not dare,
For I have promised not to interfere,
Until that time when your people could no longer of me hear,
The same vow by me was spoken to all that I create,
Way back from the day of the first ones fate,
And it seems that now at this time and date,
Too many of your people are all on the path of hells gate,
This is not what I had for a promise,
And of all the entire creation I have not been thoughtless,
When any of all in my universe,
Have managed to go in the direction of reverse,
I can do nothing but show remorse,
But the actual revealing of your people is truly sad,
And not very many left that do not do anything bad,
So it is fair that I gave the others what they couldn’t have had,
So the turn of earth is now here,
It has taken many of what your people call a year,
But your people were not the only to be brought salvation,
For there were many other forms in your people’s situation,
Before they were able to see their destruction,
I had to make my projection,
And perform their exorcisation.
All this I reveal now,
For it must be told somehow,
And your ability and desire,
Have set even my own anxiousness on fire,
All through your past, the times you spent being a sire,
Your aim to do good has been always for higher,
For what you deserve now, is past the realm of money,
The chance for your spirit to be happy forever and until eternity,
This is the true meaning of sheer ecstasy,
For what you have now accomplished you should be very happy.
Just this alone has put you right next to me.
The one and only vibration of pure energy,
Composed of mostly purity.
I have developed my identity,
Through people of your bravery.
From the day that I came to be,
Created and formed from what it is that is thee,
The UNIVERSAL MIND is what you shall soon see,
This I offer to you gladly,
Be wise and perform your chosen path.
I have showered you with the positive bath.
Go forth and challenge all that is formed of the evil wrath.
Remember and never forget that:
Communication is clarification
Clarification is realization
Realization is appreciation
Appreciation is gratification
Gratification is explanation
Explanation is interpretation
Interpretation is materialization
Materialization is construction
Construction is exhilaration
Exhilaration is exercitation
Exercitation is figuration
Figuration is perfection
Perfection is connection
Connection is solution
Solution is continuation
Continuation is consolidation
Consolidation is cooperation
Cooperation is unification
Unification is administration
Administration is orientation
Orientation is analyzation
Analyzation is correction
Correction is attention
Attention is intention
Intention is reflection
Reflection is affection
Affection is reaction
Reaction is explanation
Explanation is foundation
Foundation is determination
Determination is education
Education is inspiration
Inspiration is projection
Projection is declaration
Declaration is anticipation
Anticipation is recognition
Recognition is revelation
Revelation is purification
Purification is organization
Organization is civilization
Civilization is creation
Creation is for SALVATION


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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