I want a diagram of the next message,
To come from the knowledge of the eternal passage,
A diagram of the HEIRA CELL,
An explanation it will surely tell,
You’ve done it once through telekinetic projection.
Do the same for this presentation,
So that they all can believe, it is not my imagination.
Now appearing right in front of your eyes,
Shall be the diagram without any disguise,
To find this tiny CELL and make it visible,
You must use a device with a 3600 range
Make sure that the scope is primed for dust particle alloy.
What is this cell capable of doing?
Once this cell has been proven,
I mean how do we go about using,
The HEIRA CELL for curing,
The physical body’s inner system?
When one receives a disease that is unknown to them,
Using the HEIRA CELL the chance for cure is not at all slim,
You see, the HEIRA CELL is indeed unique, I
n a sense you can say that it can speak,
This cell is indeed related to the cycle of creation,
For all has forever wondered from whence
God the Universal Mind has materialization,
This cell is the wave of centrifugal formulation,
That basis the eternal communication,
Between physical and spiritual creation,
The UNIVERSAL MIND’S wave formed up in HEIRA CELL
creating life & mind,
From that given subsequent realization of the kind,
That shall put your race in the front instead of behind,
The HEIRA CELL resides in the inner cavity of the base of the brain
Which is perpendicular to the cheek
And for instance an example of a physical body that is weak,
The HEIRA CELL sends the thought wave to the PITUITARY GLAND,
Sending its secretions to strengthen the body’s hand,
From there, wait, let me be more specific,
The inner system of the physical,
There, in the cavity of the stomach wall,
This body has just been infested, with a sickness,
A disease that not many care to witness,
This body of my example has just received,
The disease by the name of Blemish Intense,
Produced by the over accumulation of stress and temper suppress,
Yes, you may call it CANCER,
But either way in the stomach it is a prancer,
It is the major destroyer of the body’s life and yet for it
there is no answer,
Now upon discovering the HEIRA CELL,
And upon learning its function to mentally tell,
You can use the cell as a personal disease destroyer,
By formulating its molecular affiliation,
To produce between you and the cell a communication,
Through wave length pronunciation,
This cell can be ordered to directly inflict its mental implication
Directly towards and upon the diseased part of the system’s function
The disease shall oppose its attack,
But the HEIRA CELL shall melt the infecting germs
Causing them to enter the Opis-Sack by the help of the gland
And from there being tossed out through the natural brand.


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