Kindly please,
You may answer at your ease,
Is it possible to create such a way,
To have a wish for which all mankind would and do pray,
To have the full extent of the power of mentality,
And to what we call the art of mental telepathy?
The voice I heard,
Came loudly into my head:

Is there such a man who could be so lucky,
To actually receive this gift of heavenly?
There is such a way to have the wish of your day.
Let me speak of what I say,
Let me speak of what I feel you trust of me.
Let me speak for you, to your company,
Then your wish will be, into a reality.

Does this mean you would have to enter me, by completely taking over my body?

No, I will not have to,
For I am already inside of you.
It is that what made it possible to write what you do. . .
The best of me is yet to drop into view.
At that time, everyone will say I knew. . .
The words you will speak will make them stay,
From what they hear they will not run away.
Here is what they will expect you to say:
Now, that I have had my way,
With me you all must obey.
But with these words of betray,
Will never come through the lips of whom they pray.
Then that will be the final day.
To put our effect of what we say about the part of the display.
Then they will all say HOORAY!!!
We always knew he would make his way.
I hear your thoughts of confusion and disbelief,
But the way for you is physical proof and not a miracle from
up the sleeve.
And will definitely be one that with you it will please.
The process begins with the fragrance of the trees,
Brought by the warmth of a gentle summer breeze.
Then the second phase will be brought in,
The sound you will make, will eject the effect of the voice of
fifteen of their men.
Every mind will be penetrated, even the lowest of where I
have never been.
By that time, all will hum and sing.
Every single heart would have already voted you to win.

Wait please, this is effective,
But what of my answer to achieving the gift of perceptive?
For what you are revealing,
Makes me feel like I am dreaming.
How can I be considered for this, with the past of where I’ve been?

Relax my son, let me tell you how and when.
This was long erased on that first day you put the key to open.
It was on that day, that we came in,
Your new path began forming.
Your road was no longer narrow and winding,
From then it was I of you was guiding.
And responsible for this and all your other previous findings.
With all this you still argue and fight,
And disbelieve of all and everything you write?
Compare this to the ones of the first night,
When you first began your venture for your mediumship right,
With no hesitation or the signs of fright,
Which later became the only time in our might,
To have witnessed such a fantastic flight.
We consider it the speed of ignite,
In the ranks of our height.
In your state of development, you are nearing the form of perfect.
Here is a quick view of what next to expect,
The ability to uncover and detect,
The wording of the declarational effect.
You are now nearing the entrance to the stages of your heavenly ascent.
Where the mental telepathy is considered a hundred percent.
The upcoming event, will instigate the argumental fight.
Then they will hear of what you write,
The words will speak of a fantastic illusion.
That will bring back the mind out of seclusion,
Then will be an instant sound of an explosion,
That will open their eyes to the reality of their confusion.
They will begin to see a materialization of the situation.
And revealing to their education,
The final results acquired through your inspiration.

May I ask why do you reveal all of this to me now?
Is it because my curiosity compels me to find out how?

Well, it’s more that your doubt, is what this is about,
It is because of this reason of your doubt,
That you receive such a magnificent shout.
That is the secret of your sanity,
If not for the way you keep doubting my sincerity,
You could have never discovered your curiosity.

Then why do you insist on trying to convince of me, in your letters of spiritology?

Because you are the key to saving the physical entity.
In some of the writings, we needed some of your own thoughtful authenticity,
By bringing up the mention of our actuality,
Brings out in you more of a sense of purity.
Which adds to the style of perfectivity.

Well, I see, let us bring up the subject of my mental telepathy,
Will I actually receive this gift of heavenly
Just from what started out to be my curiosity?

Such a simple task for you to receive,
Compared to what all that you now perceive,
What could be so complicated a task to achieve?
This is actually available to all who are willing to retrieve.
As long as they acquire the art of no deceive,
The way you were taught of how to believe,
By comparing the words of a positive,
Is what the truth will automatically give,
To the uncertain sound of the negative,
Which gives no chance for the truth to live.
The sound of the heart beat,
The shuffle of running feet,
The impression of soiled faces,
The infection from the warped embraces,
The irony of shattered tears,
The agony of facing fears,
The response to answers unheard,
The trance from logic understood,
The vault of the iron door, unlocks,
Letting out the tired tracks
As they run with a flow,
They leave behind, traces of long ago.
The signs say, what does this all mean?
The light appears, though it is unseen.
The sky is lit up with shining sparkle.
The whisper of thoughts in the wind they crackle.
Some oblivious to the fact that they stand.
Some are delirious by the content in their hand.
Some have needs that cannot wait.
Some needs are ignored and go by too late.
The late they say, Oh well, next time around.
Next time around it comes without a sound.
And again it goes by without being found,
Then why find it at all?
Is the next call.
The notice has gone by unseen without a care.
The unseen care, is still there,
Wondering how, this has been unfair.
The unfair disappointment is not even clear.
What had been so near,
Has just been made to disappear.
The disappearance of the truth, it was intentional,
For the intention was without a purpose to the responsible.
Now the responsibility has become the HOW, unanswered.
The empty answer, will it ever be discovered?
Will the discovery by any be bothered?
HOW should you bother to know your truth?
HOW should you truthfully seek the proof?
HOW should the proof be given to you?
HOW should you ask to see what you can do?
HOW should you do, what another has done?
HOW is doing good for another be without a gainful run?
HOW should you not run from facing yourself and hide?
HOW should hiding be any different from the running ride?
If in fact, riding is the easier way,
HOW should this way become your day?
HOW should you help your day by making it bright?
HOW should the brightness clear your sight?
You are not blind, you can see,
That your sight is without beauty.
The beauty that you pretend,
It is not heaven sent.
The heaven that you seek,
Cannot be given in a week.
The week that you have may be your last.
The last week that it may be before the blast,
Before the blast that blows you off your earth.
The earth that keeps alive your birth.
HOW should you awaken and be rebirthed to live?
HOW should you live to forgive?
HOW is forgiving going to save your soul?
HOW can your soul achieve its heavenly goal?
HOW do you as one, light up your darkened sun?
HOW does the darkness turn to light,
Just as the eye lids open for the sight?
HOW can peace be made to be seen,
Just by saying please, when you scream?
HOW can you learn to look in your inside
And see peace in your oven being fried?
HOW can you accept that which you cannot see?
HOW can you accept the unnatural purity?
HOW can you say, Oh God, hear me?
HOW can you wish for what you want?
HOW can luck give you what seeing can’t?
All these you cannot see and mostly me
But yet you believe in all of them to be.
When you can see that I am inside of thee,
HOW,... is when of this you achieve
HOW,... is when of yourself you start to believe.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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