Human Relations

Listen to me one and all, I have come to uncover
The reason why, there is no need to hate one another.
There was a time when hate was not existing,
And now for the destruction of hate I am insisting.
There are many forms upon the earth,
The meek, the insane, and the malfunction of birth.
Each one, it seems, has received a trademark,
And along with it, distasteful name calling that people hark.
Would it surprise you if I say these misfortunes of life are just asgood as you?
And are capable of duplicating all that you can do?
If the normal ones were a good example,
There would be goodness for the forsaken to sample.
All that you have to do is to show your concern for those who can’t show theirs.
You have to show care for those who have no cares,
And you have to help support those who cannot pay their own fares,
The ride through life was meant to be free,
Now you have made this impossible to be.
There are those who confront you with harm,
Do not just stand there and believe in your good luck charm,
And do not place those people on your prison farm.
Offer them more than what they demand,
For this shall take the weapon from their hand.
Help them out of their desperation,
Help them by giving their life a destination.
Help them by showing care and appreciation,
Help them by giving them correction
Through the right education.
Do not just leave them blind and lost in a world that needs a mass rehabilitation.
There are many of those incapable of taking charge of their own lives,
What you are doing for them is not enough.
You need to soften those with hearts that are tough,
And you need to call out those ones with their bluff.
You should not fear those who can harm you, “suppress”,
If you care to clean up the mess.
You need to open the minds that refuse to discuss.
You have not taken the time to see your people as they are,
All you do is look at them from afar.
How great is the reflection of the scar,
From your deeds the reflection you cannot mar.
What you have is people of every make.
You have people whose hearts are fake
And you have people whose minds are those of the snake.
But you have many more people with hearts and minds that are pure,
And these people are looking for the cure,
To help all the mentally poor
To help all the ones with an empty core.
This is how you shall overcome,
By the good and the brave to unite all their sum.
This is needed at a more drastic rate
Than what you have done with their fate,
Let us change everyone into a flower from a gun.
Let us clear your minds and receive the newly found sun,
Let your path, for correction run,
And only then you can undo what has been done.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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