Imagine this if you can:
Imagine man helping man,
Imagine the world full of people with a smile,
Imagine people living the natural style,
Imagine people breathing good clean air
To imagine this would you dare?
Or do you even care?
Imagine enough food for everyone
You do not have to imagine that there is none,
Imagine people no longer living in fear
Fear in their front and fear in their rear
Nowadays fear is all it is that you hear.
Imagine what would happen if you gave up fighting,
I don’t believe you have to argue if it’s the right thing.
People are innocently being killed every day,
Imagine, all you people do is sit around and pray.
That is good, do not get me wrong,
But imagine, to receive an answer it would take so long,
Imagine if you could stand up and help,
Imagine this, would it not be a great step?
Imagine you, standing up for your right to live,
Imagine how much of yourself to the world you could give.
Imagine all your love pouring out to the world
Imagine all the parentless children that your love can hold.
Can you imagine all this that to you has been told?
Imagine the times that you were young and now that you’re old
And you can feel the warmth instead of the cold.
Now before you go, imagine the people united as one, in one world
Imagine the people believing in themselves instead of their gold.
Can you imagine the soul of a person not being sold?
If you can imagine then you are truly bold.
Is it not sad that all of this you have to imagine?
Were you not created to live in this fashion?
Were you not created by one God as one nation?
Then why is there so much hatred and aggravation?
Doing good and being good is something that comes naturally
But being bad is created by you intentionally.
You all have a choice to listen to the right voice,
Why is it that most people always choose
The voice that makes them lose.
The voice of the drugs and the booze,
And the voice of lust that causes the tears from their eyes to ooze.
People! You do not have to lose,
If it’s the right voice that you choose
The voice that creates wisdom and honesty
Along with loving sincerity
You do not have to imagine all of this, it should come naturally,
Just be nice to your people, love your kids and everyone will live happily.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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