It was about the fourth month of my phenomenon that I started to hear words and meanings in my mind.
When I first started hearing this voice, it spoke a language of poetry, speaking in my mind words that I have never ever heard before.
But suddenly I heard them and, more amazing than that, I even knew their meanings.
So I decided to write down everything I heard instantly. The more I write, the more I hear. It sounds like the flow of a water fall into a large pool, at the end of which the surface becomes quiet and peaceful to reflect views of its surroundings.
With me sitting at that end, I hear the poetry that I write. It was too hard to believe. It even took me quite a while to accept this fact.
I wrote what I wrote without questioning how, until at one time during my inspirational writings it came up by itself.
I felt the urge to draw something. And all I knew was that I picked up my drawing book and within 30 minutes or so, a mysterious drawing materialized, followed by explanations of some sort with strange words, names, and meanings unknown to me. I hope it will mean something to you. So make of it what you can. It began like this:
The inspirations through mental telepathy come through the back of the head, directly affecting the eardrum. One part of the eardrum is the EMELTRATE. This opens the way for you to hear my voice and to what you call psychic responsiveness. (For more added sensitivity, the sharp tone of a scream or from the music you hear helps to bring my voice to you much clearer.)
You see, for you to pick up our inspirational voice, you would be using the elements of the mind and the brain.
From the brain the elements are: ENTROSE, GLUCOSE, CETROSE, and EPTROSE.
From the elements of the mind are: SYNADRIN, ROMADRIN, NUNARAMADRIN, LEPOAPIDRIN, and MONODRIN. Most elements of the mind are unknown to many physical minds except for a few.
Now to help us penetrate we need the use of your full memory. To do this we know of a substance called NEWMOCAL. There is nothing known about it upon the earth. The METOPHORUS, a living substance, absorbs the mental waves of any mind that happens to be projecting. All minds have this substance, but in some, it is much easier to revive than in others. This is very important to the memory sensor.
Once this substance is allowed to penetrate the LINKOIDS, around the base of the mind and brain, it can automatically revive the lost memory of the person’s mentality, even the ones from past lives on other spheres and planets. With the aid of this technique we can penetrate only for a very important purpose like this. WELL, that’s what I received. I wrote it just as I heard it.


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