The introduction of this book of inspiration,
Inspired by the UNIVERSAL MIND’S vibration,
Through the mediumship of ZAHER’S dedication.
And guided by the fatherly relation,
Introducing the book of revelation.
This book is meant to bring all the minds in attention.
Here now is the intention,
This is an invitation,
To the whole physical and spiritual nation.
This book is meant to bring about a celebration,
By the way of salvation.
When you begin reading this wonderful book,
At every page and sentence you must slowly look.
Your mind must be clear of haze,
For what is in it has never before passed your gaze.
The words are spoken purely without any lies,
To give eternal peace and happiness before your eyes.
It shall give you the ability of how to self-heal,
By teaching you how to mentally feel.
An explanation of whom you speak to when you kneel,
And the importance of being good and why you should not steal.
This book touches the secret of eternal life,
And the true vows spoken between husband and wife.
It offers an opportunity to discover reality,
To discover the real meaning of mental ingenuity.
What this book offers is a chance,
For your life to enhance.
The last and final chance,
To put the physical race in the stage of advance.
By absorbing this book’s material,
You can change any one, even the criminal,
And also civilize the law of the uncivil.
By going deeper into this book’s interior,
You shall learn how not to feel inferior,
You shall learn how to be equal to your superior.
How to no longer in your life be lost,
Because it gives you a ride out of oblivion at no cost.
Instead of being a guest you can be the host,
And instead of just silently celebrating, You can make the toast,
The fear will be forever lost from the word ghost.
But to save the world from destruction is what it shall do most
And your part after reading this is for peace to boast.
This book is a living reincarnation,
That is meant to give life a recreation
By offering a real education
To the people of the physical nation.
As you read, you shall begin to feel the excitation,
For being a part of this initiation.
This is an education beyond any imagination.
This is a clear view to the reality of reincarnation.
This is a clear definition to the spiritual identification.
Do you not want answers for your religion?
This book can give the answer without submission,
And how to achieve forgiveness without a confession.
This book is true in its nature,
A clear view of what you people call the invader,
A clear view of the undercover destructive traitor.
Once educated by this book, you can be anyone’s savior.
This book reveals a collection of artistic treasure,
Beyond any talent or measure.
This knowledge will uncover your lid and let out the pressure.
It reveals the real punishment for a killer.
For self confidence against crime it is a filler,
For any broken heart it is a sealer
And for any disease it is a healer.
A collection of golden phrases,
In every single one of its pages,
It is a key made to let all of you out of your darkened cages.
From ages to ages, this story has travelled
And in this book the answers will not keep you baffled.
All of the ingredients are topics for the opportunist,
And a close observation for the ones of the skeptist.
This book takes you on a journey to where you came from,
To where you are going, from under this dome.
Here are some questions for inquiring,
To those who think that this is not interesting,
Of all your broken promises, with what needle are you sewing?
For your achievements, with what interests are you brewing?
Is there anything that is left out of your schooling?
Or is it satisfaction you are choosing?
If so, my friend, you are losing.
Why don’t you simply wake up from your snoozing
And just investigate what you are refusing?
I am sure you shall find it very revealing
And maybe a bit amusing
Far more than amazing
But not in the least confusing.
Interested, it shall leave you feeling
When you learn of the spiritual dealing.
Fantasy, it is not.
Surprising material it carries a lot.
It shall lift you from your seat
And put air underneath your feet.
A most welcomed meeting you will greet,
Once you start, you shall not face defeat.
You have not read anything compared with this book
And you haven’t seen the real beauty of life, till upon this you look.
Go on, be the chooser and not the pawn,
If you don’t, your chance will be gone.
By now you must feel the desire
And all your burning thoughts have lost their fire
Let’s see you try to prove that this book is not your higher.
You need not feel insecure
And you need not feel obscure.
When you read this book, you shall endure,
If you don’t read it, how can you know for sure?
Feel the urge that brings you close,
For soon this shall be the daily dose.
So why do you not just stop pretending?
By now there can not be any ignoring,
Just an urge that leaves you wondering.
Now you must indulge your innermost concentrated understanding
into this book of commanding That commands an open view of outstanding
Uncriticizing, self explaining continuation
A continuation of the reality to mental creation by levitation.
Let it raise your mentality to its utmost dependability
So that you can capture an easy and logical clarity.
This shall be the most uncontrolled decision that you can make,
Uncontrolled towards what is yours to take
Out of your self-centered sake.
Uncontrolled by its explanatory endurance relating to your existence
Uncontrolled knowledge without censorship that denies the truth to our relationship
As creation of craftsmanship
To the UNIVERSAL fellowship.
An uncontrolled view of the worship,
That is being appraised with full capacity.
This leaves no room for mental creativity or for an adequate identity,
To the actual responsibility that is due to your honesty and integrity.
So, to you reader, read it carefully And open your mind truthfully,
To communicate frankly is to leave nothing unexplained.
So you are here by me ordained
To receive an answer to the pertained
Without leaving any further clue
When reading this, do not throw any doubts ‘till of it you are through.
If you are open-minded, you shall hear me reading it to you.
You shall find this book as the book of revelations
To unite all people from all nations
Into a one and equal productive physical population
Under THE UNIVERSAL MIND vibration.
This is your knowledge, so have it.
For you it has been delivered, so try it.
Now you know how to use it, apply it and identify it.
In this book you shall realize the identity of the author as it is revealed.
FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER is how he wished to have it sealed.
This book is for the reader’s education,
From a gun to a flower shall be its pronunciation
And the picture of the cover shall be its designation,
To show that you have read the book’s education.
There should appear on your face a sign of purification.
He who reads it will recognize that living by it is the salvation
Readers of this book shall recognize each other
They shall believe that they are to one another like a brother
And this book shall insure that no one hurt one another
This book is a message of peace and mental awareness,
A message of love and forgiveness,
A message of spiritual acceptance.
Once by you it is known
You shall feel as if you have just been born,
You shall have light for your night,
Equality for all is its message,
It is the key to the eternal passage,
Read it and be proud,
I have read this book, you can scream out loud.
And your voice shall carry past your thickest cloud,
The book itself even speaks without making a sound,
By reading it, the door to heaven you have found,
And where you shall go when your leave your physical ground.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
without permission.