A Man is a Man and a Woman is a Woman

You are probably wondering who I am, I am not a priest, a doctor, or a cop
And I do not have anything to sell from anyone’s shop.
I am just here to cheer all of you up.
It seems that somewhere along the line we have a mix-up.
In this I write and try to stop,
Why am I down here, you may ask,
I am here to assign each and every one of you a task,
Do not fear, to perform it, you do not need a mask.
It seems that many of your equals are suffering from confusion
And their suffering is putting them in seclusion.
What I am speaking of is the mix-up between women and men,
For any of them, not to know the difference is certainly a sin.
Your tasks are to bring these people back to the natural actuality,
For going against nature will bring upon a disease much more deadly.
The nature that a man is a man and a woman is a woman,
this was the start of creativity.
Many are being misguided from childhood
And because their parents think it is good,
To them it is misunderstood.
This mix-up is physically created by unnatural ways,
Even in your history, it was happening in those days,
But it seems now-a-days you have created the freedom of gays.
This situation is being too long ignored
And with your ignorance, God is becoming quite bored.
Each and every one of you must take on the responsibility,
To save these souls from their own mentality.
They all walk around believing they are right,
Well, they are not, and to prove it you must unite,
And help them all receive back their once lost sight,
Now they are all children of the night.
These are God’s words with a lot of might,
“ You people need to see the light.
The ones of confusion are already blind,
So why do you people who can see, do not take the time and be kind?
This situation is totally getting out of hand,
Do not let them all be turned into sand.
This historical act I would not like to repeat,
Unless you people stand upon your own two feet,
And you are unable to face defeat.
I shall cover thee with my wrath of my heat,
That shall melt of my creations into the street.”
These words were delivered to you along with this message,
Directly from the holy book’s passage,
These children of the night are still quite savable,
For many of them are just followers of the actual cannibal,
Their mentalities are yet receivable,
They follow just to be desirable,
They follow just because they are gullible,
Even to them their deeds are still questionable,
You need to go out and interfere,
Grab these followers and make them hear,
But avoiding the use of fear,
Doing this you can bring them much closer to the realm of near.
Many of them are just unloved and need affection
Because during their life they have suffered rejection,
So in the streets they roam looking for anyone’s reaction,
And when they are faced, they do not raise an objection.
You must undo what has been done.
This is getting serious, it is no longer a game of fun,
Instead of giving them attention for their confusion,
You need to pull them out of their seclusion.
Instead of ignoring their deed and cheering them on,
You must help with actions as they will be gone,
You can no longer sit around and watch these children of the
night be confused.
You people can no longer sit around and be amused,
Let us offer love and mend the hearts that have been bruised.
Let us bring them back into reality,
By directly curing their mentality,
And the probability of their being pulled out of this confused intimacy,
Will actually be my ability.
Recreating creativity
By using and uniting everyone’s mentality,
Towards the same destiny
A balanced, natural, healthy society.
A society that cares for a physical encounter as meaningful,
Now-a-days people use it in a manner that is destructive and deceitful.
Sexual encounter is something that is not so free.
Sexual encounter does not mean to change a he into a she,
It is meant for two and not for three,
It was given to you as a gift, a gift of pleasure,
Beyond any measure,
A gift for creating a godly treasure.
The gift of creating life,
But to make the gift complete, it is brought to you with a wife.
The bonds of two are holy and sacred.
The vows that are spoken can never be rendered.
It is hard to mend a broken heart
And you people are tearing the sexual encounter all apart.
Men with men and women with women,
Three or four at a time all the way to a dozen,
For love to be with this is not a blessing
And I am telling you people, you don’t know of whom you are messing.
You have changed the gift of creativity into nothing.
I greatly urge you to change this path,


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