Minds in Power

I had a thought that occurred to me,
I wonder how easy it would be,
For my spirit sound to give to me another hintful key,
To bring me closer to this reality,
The one that was brought to me,
By the ingenious of creativity,
The UNIVERSAL MIND, the lecturer of this ingenuity,
Who only speaks the prophecy by THE LANGUAGE OF PURITY.

I say to you now, “fantastic you say,”
Not really, more believable even in your time and day.
In your time, many more people are now for me praying,
And I can hear every word that they are saying,
They are all asking for the same things,
Peace, love, eternal happiness and the freedom of having wings.
THIS BOOK you write is an answer to all of their desires.
It must be first received by the higher MINDS IN POWER,
For they are in control of your every hour.
And they will make the change—FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER.
As for now, their hearts are truly sour,
They will have the most effect upon the people if they do not cower.
So let me continue to say,
Even though I am the one for whom they pray,
I am still just another spirit in your form and way,
But of a vibrational energy Instead of physical entity.

How was it possible may I ask?
How it came to be that I was chosen for this task?

You see, in your physical shape you are really wearing a mask.
This was all prearranged from the past,
For it all to be revealed at last,
After learning this, you must of it praise.
You see at one time, you were a vibration in a heavenly place,
Amongst other vibrations of the same race,
At that time you were enhanced with all this information,
And then came the time for your reincarnation,
Amongst the physical form of nation,
And then you had to wait until this time of revelation,
Before we can enhance you with the final DECLARATION,
Through the way of spirit projection.

I am so happy that this has happened to me,
I wish I could see who you could be,
As I heard the voice, I said “what?”
And it spoke, “believe it or not”.

You already gazed upon my face,
When you and I were in another time, dimension and space,
There will be a time when you again shall see my face.
The night of your spirit venture amongst our race,
And that would put our effect into our intentional phase.
I can see in your mind that your thoughts are in the state of daze.
This is why your doubts must continue to erase,
But your vibration will not lose its newly found ways of grace.
There is a worry about whom of this you let sneak.
Only when published should they peek.
At that time, to look upon it, they will all seek.
It seems there is something on your mind that makes this
inspiration harder?

Yes, I was wondering why is it easy for your inspiration to draw and write in such a fantastic manner,
When I have no education for the artistic and poetic grammar?

You see, your lack of education is no bother,
Because you have one education like no other,
And that is all the knowledge to make you equal to your brother.
The knowledge that there is no difference in color,
And mostly the knowledge that no man should hurt one another.
All this created your talent for poetry and art through your mediumship,
Which is a spiritual and physical oneness relationship.
The knowledge of the Universal Mind and its ways of craftsmanship.
The knowledge of an all equal worship.
The knowledge of the mental capacity beyond the realm of a whip,
All this created your mediumship.
So even if you have no education at all,
Just learn of the spirit and how they pay upon you a call,
And your life will never again take another fall.
Spiritually, age has no position,
For a soul is not birthed but forever has a recognition.
The soul is existing since the day of creation,
And shall forever exist through physical into vibration.
Remembering history, let us go into the future.
As we accept history, let us accept the futuristic prover.
There is a way for those who care,
The way of those who care is proven by what they share.
The way for those who care is proven by being fair.
Also there is a way for those that should care but they do not,
Why should they be stricken down for something they forgot?
If they could be made to see,
They shall recognize their beauty.
When they are able to see,
Caring is what they shall be.
As for me, how far I have come to show my intention,
Traveling and existing since the day of my invention.
A special delivery for those in control:
My intention is to save your soul,
And your intention is to achieve my goal.
You have placed yourselves and your people in the danger of limbo,
Their life exists now by the leadership of life’s foe.
They are as innocent as a lamb, you may say so
But as for you, limbo is where you shall go.
Be not apprehensive in what you read,
And do not think that your way is to lead,
If I were you, which I am, I would be working on getting freed.
Putting yourself in my recognition and position,
Many times I have faced rejection.
To bring to you salvation.
If you cannot deal with this situation,
Let me take over your delegation
By my spiritual education,
For I promise that I shall accomplish what you cannot,
peace and serenity.
Each one of you who is in control, be it friend or enemy,
Have all received the same book of revelation.
The outcome is to unite you all in a dignified conversation,
To pull your race out of damnation.
The deliverer of this allegation,
Is not responsible for your misinterpretation.
But merely delivering to you your salvation.
Recognize his situation as such.
Do not face him as a crutch,
And do not place upon him a single touch.
Earth’s people must of this be aware
A joke is not what I declare
But the preservation of every single one who is here and there.
To achieve what he has, is for you.
And his writings for you are true.
Presidents, Leaders and Kings you are called,
But the reality of your position have spoiled.
Do not forget these words are not his
From me to you they come as bliss.
Knowing this, you are in control of his destiny
For once he is revealed he must be in your protective custody.
I promise, your ignorance of this, is a fate of insanity.
Do what you will, but only from the words of water that I spill
In your cup they have been poured
Now the curtain of revelation is pulled up by your cord.
Seeking another intention for this book,
You shall not find even if you look.
Wasting my efforts for your prosperity
Is like putting yourself in a dark and lonely similarity
And spending eternity as a bowl of lifeless jelly.
This comes to you as an order for peace.
If not carried out life forever shall cease.
Why would anyone produce such words of love
If not just for love they are produced.
Why would anyone produce such words of honor
If not just for honor they are introduced.
I bring this to you as a peace offering
Since for peace none of you are participating
Someone has to interfere and produce action instead of acting,
The act is over my friend
Let my mental wave put you in a different trend.
You want the role of president, so be it.
Play this role with this intent,
Use your mentality to no longer massacre
But for life to prosper.
Use your new knowledge to teach your people new ways
Then you shall be a TRUE PRESIDENT in your days.
You want the role of LEADER, so be it.
After this, the role is yours to take
And with this you shall know how to forsake.
For those of you who play the role of KINGS,
What is a king without a kingdom?
What is a kingdom without its freedom?
For a kingdom to be a kingdom there is need for respect
And not the life of the insect.
For a king to have respect from his kingdom,
The people must have stardom,
Equality for all and a foundation that shall not fall.
The foundation for all is this education
That has ever so long suffered rejection.
Be the savior of your people and their existence.
You are in power, use your persistence.
Use your power to create the sign of the flower.
I have opened the door, my creation
My fate is in your nation
Do not destroy existency
By your lack of mental and spiritual proficiency.
Today’s humanity is based upon the unnatural society.
The contribution towards ignorance is at the percent of ninety
You have managed to produce ten percent of equality,
And this figure is indeed shaky.
The self drive of an individual consists of distasteful property
The accumulation of what is being produced is greed and destructivity,
How anyone can survive in this environment
Is indeed considered a puzzlement.
Being watched from this view point, I would say: it is defoliant.
Managing and organizing a peaceful situation,
Must indeed be reorganized as a desperately needed participation.
If the people want a peaceful orientation,
They need to move up to a clear and open communication,
With the already appointed qualification.
As I deliver this presentation,
To the leaders of earth’s population,
An important realization I should mention:
The fact, in earth’s compounded physical rotation,
There was from my Universal Vibration,
As physical mankind began flourishing into the 18th century duration,
Through the destiny of evolution,
Was formed the U.S.A. as a nation.
Different from all the other physical organization
That are all one form of identification.
The U.S. formulation became so, for proving UNITY OF ALL FORMS OF CREATION.
For in the U.S.A. Iives WHITE, BLACK, YELLOW, AND TAN,
Where in all other nations of earth have only one kind of man.
So, by comparing the whole earth to the United States,
All other nations should open their locked gates.
And by greeting other forms of RACES,
Into a single form of FACES,
Telling it as is, creates this:
You as the people, are being herded as a flock of sheep.
In the daytime, you are still asleep.
Once and for all your path is becoming quite steep.
And from the top down is quite deep.
I am insisting that you can find a way
For this, the herder must realize that this is his day.
What you need is not always what is good
And what you should have is always misunderstood.
So if you cannot comprehend your position
You must from your leaders receive a confession.
They must tell you of their own desire,
And what for your future they inspire.
A wrongful inspiration is not always the case,
For many of them actually fit perfectly in their place.
But there are those who cannot admit
That they themselves are a misfit.
Why should those go on pretending,
While the people miss out from receiving this sending?
If you as an individual understood this cause,
Then by you the word demand should be a clause.
Standing in your place of ground,
Here is what is to be found:
Many truths from you are being held,
And from this many of you are being killed.
Many accusations upon you are placed
And many of these accusations should be disgraced.
I call upon you to understand where you are
And the damage that is being done to your star.
If you let this go on much further,
I cannot place the blame of murder
Upon the leadership order.
You are all involved as much as they,
And you all have a mind that should have this to say:
I want an answer to where I am being lead
And your answer must be received as I have said:
Honestly, truthfully and nothing in-between is hidden.
If this you accomplish then your burden is ridden.
I call upon all my people as one
And I treat all as daughter and son.
To blame a single for this accusation,
Would indeed be a thoughtless reputation.
True the ones that lead are in power
But you also have control of your hour.
Physically they are put into their place
But again you are the human race.
Making and taking,
Sharing and destroying,
Living and dying,
Eating or starving,
Respecting or pretending,
You all need forsaking.
For you leaders, do not feel the total blame,
Just understand that your way is shame.
There is no judgement for what is corrected
If the correction by you is reflected.
Do not feel spiteful for what you are told
Because to your people you are worth much more than gold.
You have my self respect as a donator to life
But all I say is that what you donate is not enough.
I have been watching you and all that exist,
So you are not alone, please do not resist.
If you care enough for your reputation,
Then you must follow this prearranged declaration.
Do not feel safe where you stand,
For here, it is I who has the upper hand.
Physically, you may be safe and secure
But once you leave, know this for sure
This goes to anyone who with LIFE does oppose.
I am the creator and I have AROSE.
My stillness of your deed
And your mixed up ways of creed
Have all been the cause of this seed.
So, to all of you who understand,
This power that is in your hand,
Focus upon your immediate resolution
These all are the evil potion
That is causing my DESCENSION.
I must come. This know, for sure
Just to prove to you that there is a cure.
Prepare the way for my COMING
When the time reaches its setting,
When all have absorbed this delivery
And when the road is no longer slippery.
You shall witness my descending energy,
Capable of your, and all possibility,
In other words, CREATIVITY.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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