What have you done,
You have changed to a flower from a gun.
You flew from darkness into the sun,
Can you not slow down from your run?
It is a good deed straight from your heart,
For your devotion is what gave you this part.

Thank you for the compliment
But I can’t help feel a little resentment,
You must help me understand what this is all about,
I truly need a loud shout,
I go down with confidence with every lost bout,
Please help me to understand.

Well, there is something you should know about your hand,
It is truly one of the grand,
It can create words of gold from ones of sand,
Words of the weak, to ones of command,
Words of the mixed to the ones of the planned,
You see, your hand has a certain energy,
So powerful that it created you into me,
So powerful that it created you into we,
So powerful that it defies gravity,
This energy even creates friends from the ones of enmity
The answers to what lies behind infinity,
Are soon for your eyes to see,
And all, because of this energy in your hand,
This is one point that you must understand,
You are all in a mad rush,
You should move at the speed of a hush,
Many things to you have happened since you have begun,
From this you cannot shun,
This you must understand,
Since it was written by your hand,
Something else we would like to declare,
There is not much left to prepare,
Of all that has happened already you are all aware,
Of what it is that we dare,
So to keep anything from you would truly be unfair,
All that we have, we have revealed
All that has been revealed has been prepared to be achieved,
I would also like to add
Since you have been with us, not one of your days has been truly sad.
Together we can make a happening never before done,
To win something that has never been won,
This we can do,
You have been told from where and by who,
We will hide nothing all the way through
As I have said, this is no game,
And we are not after fame,
You see, it’s your people and the state they are in,
The most are living in tragic sin,
And many live on the liquor called gin,
Many are mixed up between women and men
Many are treating life like it has never been,
Many are fat and many are thin,
But most of them are living in the devil’s din.
Help is needed for them desperately,
And this help you have is the only reality.
It is a very high healing energy,
That will come at a high intensity,
To create enough potency,
To destroy all the weakness of negativity.
The population is at a low level of vibrations,
The planes of the lower are running out of accommodations,
This is just to say your people are making many reservations.
Your people need help,
But not by the use of the whip,
Those days have gone by, with a slip,
They need the help for their mentality,
They need the knowledge of their creativity,
They need to know of their equality,
They need to be pulled out of their poverty,
They need to know of their own identity,
They need to be educated about their real reality,
Not only about their physical but also about their spirituality,
The language they speak is in the wrong manner,
But to educate their education they do not bother,
Only to speak the language of destruction they would rather,
Good examples are what happened in Germany, Hiroshima and Vietnam,
And most recently what is happening in Lebanon and Palestine,
They still inflict upon each other harm,
And they still believe in the good luck charm,
We are sorry if all this has caused an alarm,
But it is obvious that your people do need a helping arm,
It is so easy, just to have peace and happiness,
It only takes a mere touch of a hand caress,
It could only take the time to smell the fragrance of the earth,
To learn and know about its birth,
It would only take the time to turn over the new soil,
The time it takes for their tempers to boil,
Ah, earth, the beauty of it has been sadly covered,
But its beauty will double in value once it has recovered,
What is there more to understand?
My son, you do not have to run
Just be relaxed and enjoy your newly found sun,
There are many things to say about their ways of fun,
But what is done has already been done.
Now, the important goal is to bring your physical race,
To slow down, no, to stop their nuclear weapons’ chase,
The situation has reached to such a degree,
That the people are selling their souls for free,
Hardly any are reaching the level of three,
And many are blind to the fact, that they can see,
This is not how it was meant to be,
The people should have the life of bravery,
Instead of the life of slavery,
The life of richness instead of thinness,
A life of pureness and happiness instead of greed and selfishness,
A life of love and honor,
Instead of a difference in color,
A life of laughter and honesty,
Instead of promises spoken untruthfully,
A life of total spiritual ways of serenity,
That puts the joy of happiness to the peak of perfectivity,
To each other, the people must be kind,
And there is only one way for this to be found,
And that is the truths of the spirit and the Universal Mind.

Tell me...spirit the life there like the taste of honey?

Yes, to say it quite honestly,
Some might think that this is quite funny,
The ones that would, are a few too many
Let me speak truthfully,
Your physical life can truly be just as sunny,
I would like to mention a fact about the ways of your authority,
There is truly no need for the death penalty,
There is truly no need for anyone, by anyone to be judged guilty,
You put your people in a cage and throw away the key.
There are many of those who are truly charged innocently,
And some have barely even committed a felony.
The Universal Law would like this message to so state:
Every soul shall find itself in front of its own gate
And that would depend on how high its physical goodness would rate,
What you do shall definitely reflect upon you whether you love or hate.
Bad or good, there is no debate.
There are many of your physical mates
Who no longer feel love but live just for hate.
Even the ones that live the life of love, have suffered a worsened fate.
And from this many lives are being wasted just for bait.
This is for you, the ones of the higher,
The ones with the authoritive power,
Knowing this shall change you from a gun to a flower.
And from this you shall not cower.
Ones of high power, you may think you are happy sitting up there in your ivory tower—taking a shower.
With all your authority, you are wasting every minute of your hour.
You were sent to be in a position,
One that offers to all for all a solution,
But it seems that you have forgotten our recognition.
The Universal Mind “GOD” created you, not religion,
This is causing many of your people to be in a mental prison,
You were once a part of the spirit realm,
Of this, obviously your brain is numb,
As you read, listen to our voice of a hum,
This voice can create a success out of a bum
You cannot ignore those facts and what they are,
For it reflects from inside of you like a scar.
When you were sent, your spirit had a responsibility,
To lead each and every physical mentality,
To lead them on the path safely and peacefully,
But again obviously,
This has slipped through your memory,
You the physical high authority,
You are letting many of the people die innocently,
You are responsible for each and every physical existency,
No matter of what race, color or identity,
To build and to share is your expectancy,
For you, the people should have no contentment,
Or any form of resentment,
You have the power to speak out.
To you we give this memory shout:
Just think of us when you are in doubt,
And your memory of us will once again resprout.
Many of your people perform deeds that they cannot repent.
One of the most is the murdering of the baby infant,
For this, to the levels of the lower your spirit shall be sent.
There are many ones of power who take lands that they need not,
Just because it may be one that they haven’t got,
Even if it means someone will be shot.
They are stealing and murdering by using the form of a plot,
This is one deed that is truly not forgot,
The act of this kind, shall register in their form of vibration,
And will pay a heavy toll upon their spirit ray of radiation,
Without any mental realization,
By the physical creation,
To such a degree, that their spirit will be facing a reservation,
In the planes of damnation.
The laws of every soul should be universal,
Not believing in GOD, is what has kept you all in the direction of reversal,
The belief in the Universal Mind is the way of the spiritual,
A belief that comes from the way of internal, through physical and mental,
You, the high power in every country of the earth’s might,
This is why you were sent, Have you not the idea of what,
By your job is meant . . . ?
For your sake, now is the time to repent.
You are to be the servant of the public,
Even if you were elected by some form of a trick,
You have spoken the vows and to them you must stick,
You have the power to change the world into an enchantment,
To live a life of mental contentment,
To never ever feel from anyone a resentment,
To live a life for the people’s improvement,
This was your first commitment.
There is a way for an ending resolvement,
For you, just the reading of this document,
Will let you know of your next assignment,
Which will be to teach the
Universal laws to your people in imprisonment.
Teach the ways of sharing and save your people from poverty, as an achievement,
Teach it to your people of the convent.
Teach it to the people in retirement.
Teach it to the people in self enslavement.
To educate all the physical proud nation,
To educate all those who are on the board of education,
About the Universal Mind and its ways of creation.
This is the only seed,
That can make it possible for your people to be freed,
For then, you all shall need no one to pronounce you guilty.
It will all depend upon your honest creativity.
Of this all must take heed,
Unite all people into one nation, this you all need.
A WORLD UNITED NATION is how it shall read.
A one united nation of the world without the misery of greed.
A world where there shall be enough food for all to feed,
All it would really need,
Is for you, the high power of authority to take charge and lead.
Lead your people on the path of goodness.
Lead your people on the path of mental awareness.
Lead your people on the path of mental pureness.
Lead your people on the path of physical health.
Lead your people on the path of accepting life as the real wealth.
For each and every soul,
There shall be a new goal.
Let no one man nor woman be in control,
Let each man and woman have the chance to stand tall,
And with this, shall be the allegiance for all.

Wow...! When I asked you a question,
I had no idea that to me you would listen.
You truly do pay attention, to my reception.
Here is another that deserves an answer, with just as much ambition,
Reveal to me of your name, just for your recognition.

Sorry, but this is something that needs no mention,
This is just a message from the Universal Mind to all creation,
To remind them of the fact of their destruction,
Due to their blindness and their spiritual rejection.
Through the ages and from the beginning,
Man looked to the messengers for worshipping,
Enough of this, now, only the sender is for remembering.
In your history this message was delivered before,
The message became a faith of the name that I wore,
This became so, because we mentioned our names.
At that time in those days,
They were too busy destroying and acting out silly plays,
But now, even you could understand the term vibrational rays,
It is more of the same in your days now,
Except now your mentalities have taken you past the faith for a cow.
Your mentalities have gone past the faith of the physical idols,
This is the reason why many people had rivals,
This leaves nothing to believe in but the self, and religion not far behind.

Now your God, the Universal Mind, created you and all, and by all the name is signed.
Believe in GOD “THE UNIVERSAL MIND” and to heaven your spirit will ride,
It is all left up to you to decide.

But if it stays as is now,
Each nation for its own,
One by one they shall all fall,
And what will be left is just one big giant hole,
Of what once used to be the greatest creation of all,
The physical form of life though big or small.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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