Pituitary Gland

The PITUITARY GLAND here has been enlarged by way of TELEKINETIC PROJECTION. The pituitary gland is indeed of importance. Once the person is alert and aware of the spiritual knowledge and facts, the pituitary gland thus becomes the psychic or spiritual gland.
Due to the fluid that is secreted from its body after spiritual awareness, it has the effect of sending its secretion to the memory sensor to create inspirational communication between us and you.
The secret of its genuineness is the HEIRA CELL, so tiny and unknown, but yet exists. It is the power of the PITUITARY GLAND, self-sustained and mentally capable, in the sense that it has its own mind, much stronger than the other cells of the body. It has its own life and can, if alerted, send its waves of thought to the pituitary gland by the CAPILLARY CORD, creating from it the PSYCHIC GLAND. 5-1 5-83


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