Positive Thinking

I shall now introduce
With no mention of an excuse,
For I believe we, you and myself, have finally come to an understandable form of truce.
Positive thinking, you ask of me,
What is it, and what can it be?
Its definition is most positively,
The cure for all forms of negativity.
Positive thinking... what you are
By realizing the truth of all knowledge far beyond any star.
Positive thinking, no one can beat your form of spar.
Positive thinking, how great you are by uncovering lies
With the speed of the blink of the eyes.
Positive thinking, how great and wide.
It instantly creates a reality to whatever your thoughts decide.
From this power of perceive no one can hide.
If this is the way you live,
Then you truly have the power to forgive.
When the need is strong
To prove of whom it is in the right or wrong.
Positive thinking once brought in, the decision will not take too long.
Positive thinking from whence you came
To bring to me such an enormous amount of fame.
You truly reflect the mention of your name.
If you are one of the wise
And with all forms of lies you do despise,
This power is for you and in front of your eyes.
In fact with true honesty It’s there inside of your memory.
To put it to use, it does not need a battery.
Just listen close and repeat after me, of what I breathe Is of positive relief.
Of what I demand, Is the power of the grand.
Of what I insist Is the way to resist
To all the ones of persist Who come in my path,
To be cleansed with the positive thinking bath.
Of what I ask is the power to defeat and uncover all the ones
of the evil wrath.
Here for your view Is the potential clue,
To project from inside of any and all of you
Who believe in what we say and do.
Positive thinking and your energy.
I am so happy you were brought out, from in me and my memory.
Because of you I now have the power to create a friend from an enemy.
For with your power you create clarity.
The words I now speak are heard most effectively,
I am able to face all forms of reality
With no fear of the difference of their mentality.
Positive thinking, separates the fake from the authentic
And creates a new life from that of the relic.
Positive thinking, I thank you so,
For the X-ray vision that now I can show.
That brings to my view of all that I do not know.
Positive thinking, even though,
Your time of birth in me was slow, The more of you I can show.
On the best success of my path, I shall forever go.
Positive thinking, your ways of persuasion are for one and all to know.
Once revived, its power can create instant water from any snow.
Once revived, it can produce a full growth of everything that your mind can throw.
Once revived, it can bake
An instant vision of an unusual make,
That no power of heat can even take.
Once revived, it can uncover the ones of truth from the ones of fake.
By only effecting its power of detect on the ones of the negative sake.
Positive thinking was my cure, now my heart can no longer ache.
Positive thinking gave to me the power to set me free
From any harm that could confront me.
The talent to take criticism.
The power of positive thinking is the language of spiritualism.
Positive thinking, I am so happy to meet you.
To both hug and greet you,
And to educate myself of the power to suppress,
To uncover, and to undress,
To produce a different view of all my words of express.
Positive thinking, you make me feel
Your power that is most definitely real.
It taught me the real meaning of how to heal.
How to overcome and save the souls of the ones who steal.
How to make even the strongest of men for peace, they shall kneel.
How to deflect and conquer all the ones with the negative argument type.
Their words against yours, are very easy to wipe.
And how the power of positive thinking put enormous quantity OF ENERGY
Into my once low state of mentality.
And creating from myself an even more powerful personality
With only goodness of heart and true meaning of responsibility.
Positive thinking and all your glory
Has made my life into an unforgettable story.
Positive thinking and your power
Gave me the identity of the flower
By just using mind control not lasting more than an hour.
Shall project from your memory this positive thinking power.
The rest is up to you folks,
My words are serious and not ones of a hoax.
Either you live And speak the language of the positive
Or live and speak
The language of the weak.
The choice I made is definitely the way I preferred to live,
And to all mankind this is what I would like to give,
Think positive and automatically you shall forgive.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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