Spirit Art Work ‘’S.W.’’

How did all of this happen, you may ask, and how come suddenly I started drawing pictures and writing poetry?
You know, it’s really very strange the way it started, even to me; it was not expected.
I guess you can say it was after my ex-wife suddenly left me in such a manner, for no known reason and without any explanation for her act, after which I went through a pretty rough time mentally.
I began to look for things to occupy my time so I would not go insane. Soon I found myself intriguingly drifting towards this subject of spiritualism. At that time it was the only thing left that seemed to excite me.
Here I was working two jobs and always on the go, just so I wouldn’t have to be alone. Very rarely, I saw a friend or two.
I tried everything to take my mind off my ex-wife, but nothing would work except for this subject. I found out that the more I was curious, the more I needed to know. Obviously, with every discovery, I couldn’t just stop there.
So for about six months, I went off into this amazing new hobby that at that time kept me busy.
I played around with it at night most of the time by myself. I really didn’t have an idea of what I was doing. But just the little that I knew helped me to create more. Every night I would try and communicate with the spirit world and every night I would have the same results.
Until the night that my hand actually wrote by itself. Personally, it almost scared me to death. What was happening was something truly unreal. I actually got to the point of watching my hand draw some kind of pictures by itself without knowing what was to be drawn. Considering I never had the ability or the desire to draw, this was amazing and extremely exciting to me.
Many times my hand started the drawing from the bottom to the top, or sideways. Once, I found both hands drawing the same picture simultaneously.
As I continued trying to communicate, I felt the spirits were trying also just as hard. But for some reason, I felt very secure and safe. So with no shadow of any doubt I can truly say that these inspirational portraits were drawn through my hand by an unseen intelligent power. The identities of the portraits are unknown to me.
It is important to be known that I can write and read only English, but to my surprise, what looked to me as decorative lines, in some portraits, turned out to be words and sentences with meanings in Arabic.
Also, what I feel I know about them is that they represent a kind of meditational developmental link, so that each picture I drew put me in a direct communicational link with the Universal Mind by way of meditation. For I have written many strong and revealing poems after almost every picture I drew.
Also, I feel, you will notice that there are other portraits of identificational reference that were done by my brother Maher. With this I would like it to be known that they were done by him, each representing a poem that I had written. For when I would be writing, he would be painting in a portrait a distinguished representation of my writings. This occurred only in a few occasions, as you will see. For it seemed that when they (the spirits) wanted a clear picture relating to a certain poem, they could use a real artist, my brother, without either of us knowing, for we live about 40 miles apart; not until we communicated during weekends did we find that he was painting in a portrait what I was writing on paper.
With this in mind, to you reader, I say: “Go forth and travel into the now and the beyond by letting go of any apprehension of any kind. Explore the unknown, for you shall enjoy discovering about life what has never been revealed.”

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