Spirit Development

Are you there, spirit sound?
I can feel your presence around,
As I go deeper and deeper in my concentration, louder and louder I present my thoughts,
But I hear nothing clear to put in my notes.
Suddenly, I hear the words:

“I am here.”
If my voice to you is loud and clear,
You may begin without any fear.
And as you hear my voice,
All of what you have gathered was by the same choice.
This you must believe, this subject for you to fabricate.
The wisdom of it would be impossible for you to investigate.

As I listen with anxiousness,
I hear a voice of confidence:

“ What I introduce now is a reality far from a dream.
I start by saying: We here are proud to be on your team.
Your curiosity flows faster and heavier than the largest water stream.
As you hear these words through my voice,
They will seem to be like a menu, in which, of course, the final decision is your choice.”
Now I shall repeat,
I give my word, I shall not mention any of my descriptions in a form of a miraculous type of feat.
Let me also clarify that my voice comes to you with no surprise,
For in this, you would quickly recognize.
As I speak, I have nothing to hide,
I am one of greatness and wisdom and most definitely did not just ride in on the tide.
We, speaking mostly of me, would never consider speaking at all,
For every word I breathe not one has ever been considered small.
This I say with proudness and confidence as I stand tall.
My vibration is amongst the mightiest of all.
I am the ingredients that form purity, I have lived and I have died.
Thousands of the mightiest men of evil, every one only once of me they have tried.
To end up in the existence of limbo, for the implications of
me they implied.
From this and a tear,
Please have no fear,
For of what to you I cry
Is truth, and not at all in a form of a lie.
You see, I do not blame you for your suspicions in the mental part,
But believe me, I speak with the purist of love from my heart.
If still you suspect, with your command I will depart.
Never to waste your time,
With this spirit type of rhyme.

No!!! heard my thoughts holler, I will never ever let you go, for what you have done for me,
I forever want you to be, in my life a reality.

I am happy we are clear on this.
It seems we have not yet spoken of the important business.
Here now is the answer to one question, it is in the first part.
Listen well, for it is more intriguing than the spiritology art.
Nothing should be missed,
You must be totally convinced.
We are not blind to your thoughts, never think that they are unheard.
For when you have thoughts of us, we hear and understand every single word.

As I heard that, I said: “Thank you, I am pleased. But why do you insist on keeping your inspirations half a mystery to me?”

Common sense tells you, if not for our sense of mystery,
You would have no ambitions for curiosity,
Which in turn keeps your mental awareness silent,
And that defeats our purpose by putting your thoughts in confinement.
Solving our style of mystery
Does not involve a high mental intensity.
Do not cause yourself torment, Always treat this as an enjoyment.

“ Wow,” I said: “That truly was an understandable answer,
The form of it was truly an enhancer.
One thing is not clear for me to comprehend,
And that is the intent of this goal at the end?
What exactly of my mediumship are you trying to entrust,
And what will be the final result?”
My answer came with a shaking jolt.

Since some of your questions are already solved,
This will take a longer explanation of how and what is involved.
Before we commence,
One point of interest for you and our defense:
If what you write you do not feel is correct,
It will not leave a hypnotizing, wondering effect.
So if in this you do not feel,
Then the words will sound as heavy as steel.
To fix this, call upon me with the words of the great white light.
Anytime in the day or at the time of night.
Then we can select
Of the words that together we can perfect.

“ May I ask you, as my thoughts begin,
Without even having to say Amen,
Is there another benefit that you as a spirit and the others receive from this work that we discuss?
Is it the same benefit that we receive in us?”

This is indeed a good question,
Hear me as I explain of another benefit to our intention.
Both you and I are receiving a type of reward.
Every one of the seven levels with every spirit upon it as lord,
The one spirit to have the most effect upon our teachings of you,
Will ascend a plane or two.
Still, this is proved only by the path that we observe of you.
To determine how strong the effect,
That, by the way, you can anytime reject.

Ha!, I don’t think I could,
After coming this far, who actually would?

Very well, my son, as I was saying, the spirit entities of the seven levels whom of you they teach,
Their effect must be very strong upon your mediumship in whatever happens to be the speech.
For this, you my son must try very hard to perfect of what they preach.
As we observe the path that they inspire of you,
Their efforts will be noticed at the same time as yours do.
What they do reflects upon you,
In turn, what you do with their effect bounces back with the same respect.
From the start, as you went through the steps to your inspirational enlightenment,
Your reaction to our presence was a fantastic unpredictable development.
So with this, we sent you again on a step-by-step development for your spiritual vibration.
Your reaction to that was far beyond our imagination.
Truly you were a good choice,
So we have given you a permanent mental telepathy to our voice.
Now without anymore noise,
I shall continue
To describe more to you of you.
The process of the developmental stage that you have passed effectively through
Resulted for you an ascent to a higher level of mental awareness.
Thus, from that mentality, you were so impressed with your achievements
That you broke your heavy chains and flew by all the habits of enslavements.
Imagine now, consider that the life you once led was on the planes of level one,
Yes, with this it compares, for you were in total darkness,
Because the planes of level one receive no energy from the sun.
And because of your new life in this warmth, from level one you are forever gone.

Wow!!! Now I see if not for this knowledge, this would never in my mind dawn.

In this is why we appraise your achievement highly, with our help it must be known.
As your sound at this time, I feel if you knew of your great achievement and were shown how you did it,
Then in yourself you will be totally confident,
Which will lessen your resistance and receive more of our acknowledgement.
It’s not every day that a typical form of vibration can be involved in a spiritual demagnetization.
Using our developmental stage of elevation,
A simple logical explanation
With no miracles in its continuation.
Most, in fact, all living forms do not become involved in this technique.
But you, just by listening to what we speak,
Were able to hear the other side of the peak.
Listen well to what I say now,
For this you will only hear, I cannot show you how.
Your development of your mind
Puts you on the level of my kind.
This is only accomplished by ones in oneness with the Universal Mind.
And to do that a spirit must have proven its total dedication and reliability,
From day one to infinity.
This is what you have done,
By changing your vibration to a FLOWER FROM A GUN.
And by being totally victorious over the darkened path from whence you thought you had no need to run.
From the time you were blind, and now that you can see the sun.
To the time of now, where you share nothing but peace and fun.
In this manner and for your people, is why of this we have begun.
There are many of those who cannot see their own reflection,
And there are many of those who feel nothing by true rejection.
And there are many of those who from life feel the need for defection.
And there are many of those who think that all your problems are just an assumption.
They cannot see anything wrong with your people’s ways and pollution.
So they keep to themselves without offering any kind of solution.
But all this, from our view, is a disgraceful situation.
Well, I am sure that now you can feel and see by this observation,
That all of your people’s problems are not just an imagination.
For at one time it was your turn to face the darkened confrontation.
Well, I am sure now you can evaluate all of what you wrote,
There are many benefits and rewards for what you are writing in this note.
What I mainly want to say
Is that this can happen only if one develops his or her vibrational ray.
All that your people have to do is accept our existence as they accept theirs.
And automatically they will be so intrigued whether they come alone, or even if they come in pairs.
Do you have a comment?

Yes, a short one, it will not be a statement:
It seems as I weigh out the facts of this so far,
All is logic, and your feelings are wide open, not even slightly ajar.
Your compliments make me feel as high as the furthest star.
I feel as though I have traveled to another part of the world without the use of a plane or even a car.
I do believe that without the spiritology education,
I would still be on level one’s low type of elevation.
O.K. That’s all I have to say for now,
Please continue, I do not need to take a bow.

Well, now we need to mention
Another helpful hand to your inspiration:
This person is truly on a level of a higher.
From what he knows you must receive and desire.
For he is credited for your enlightenment,
By unleashing his beliefs upon you, from their confinement.
So he too must receive an enjoyment,
For all the way his part in this is credited,
By the completion of this project of us, until it is fully edited.
Its form shall be complete in all aspects with absolutely nothing to contradict,
From this will be the final verdict
For the future of the earth,
Either destruction by total ignorance, or a brand new chance for its rebirth.
What you will have in the final will be more than enough evidence
For the enlightenment of their spirit and the way for bringing out their mental awareness.
The success of this project into a reality,
Truly depends on the author’s authentication and reliability.
He alone must be able to authenticate this and all forms of information
By using his ability for interpretation through his investigation.

By the way, excuse me for interrupting.
There is a question in my mind that I am doubting.

No, what we work on with you and your father is not the declaration that I have mentioned.

Ha, ha, thank you, but next time wait till I write my question down, though this was my intention.

I may seem to be anxious from my sound,
But we must continue to explain of what you have found.
The declaration shall come to you when the project you are on is almost at its finish.
Then our anxiousness will slowly begin to diminish.
The declaration itself will have the effect of total destruction
For one and all evil forms of vibration.
The wording of it shall produce such an intensifying effect that will be so clear and without a single weakness of its interpretation.
I sense from your vibration a type of skepticism,
You yourself would still be in your level of hell and confusion.
What you learned was like having your own type of declaration,
Which indeed put your darkened situation into a state of oblivion,
Which is the same as total destruction of evil.
What makes you think there couldn’t be the same style of education dropped upon one and all,
They too shall have the chance not to fall.
Once we have penetrated through their brick-like wall,
They will all be standing ten feet tall,
Instead of the measure of five inches small.

Boy, I am left without a word!
For it seems that I am an example for all that I have heard.
I shall pay close attention to what you say,
Even if to me your words do not sound like a pray.
For you, spirit sound, have proven yourself to me
A total expert to be.

Now what this future project will inject
The contents of its power will reflect,
All of the ways and teachings according to our effect.
Once it is heard, it will be up to the ones to accept.
Or to what they do naturally, to reject.
Before, there were other attempts, in which I was responsible for their successful effects.
One major part of their weakness causing a light failure of what they were to project,
Was the lack of complete understanding through our enlightenment
To those mediums to whom by us where sent.
At that time, the words were spoken and were interpreted as a type of an amusement,
But only to the people of enjoyment,
For they felt these teachings to be a threat.
Anytime anyone is in this state of mind,
There’s no way for our high vibrational level to win the hearts of that type of mankind.
In discovering you, we discovered a different style of approachment.
In which we positively believe will accomplish this task without a need for even a compliment.
Interesting, isn’t it, it will be an experience that earth’s existence will never forget.
I remember another time in the past,
I had believed that it would work at last
But again we came on too strong and much too fast.
For then the people of the past,
Stoned him and called him an outcast.
So trying desperately to create a way for those people to relax,
We showed some examples of our mental power,
But instead they called them mirades descending from
GOD’s tower.
When the word miracle was pronounced,
They had no idea of the effect it had on what we were actually trying to show of what we had for evidence.
That word produced total imbeciles of their mental awareness.
Thus, destroying the truth and sending it towards the subject of religions.

Pardon my interference, but have we much more of this to discuss?

Please be patient, for we have only reached half way to the main ingredients,
Thus completing the developmental stage of enlightenment.
Amongst your existence, if you have a question of insistence, only speak,
Otherwise hold off for a while, my sensations state that you are getting weak.

I shall be silent, you may speak.

I repeat, amongst your physical existence, we here, have unanimously agreed,
That your race is truly of an uncivilized rare breed.
Because of this fact, you must take heed
And protect your spirit vibration and of your surroundings walk cautiously indeed.
We here are able to know of such matters as this type of advice.
We can very easily detect the ones of your environment with hearts as cold as ice.
Because of this, we at one time in the past organized a survey,
And the results were too heavy to bring to you on a tray.
Our survey consisted of your people and the life of prey.
You might not like what we have to say,
At that time for us it was truly a gloomy day.
Here now are the results of our intention.
Which was to find the cure for the type of physical malfunction.
After we had analyzed our final reports we concluded,
I must add that some of the people were not too easy to penetrate, so they were excluded.
Our conclusion was that: Thirty out of one hundred of earthly bounds, are facing a reservation in the worlds of damnation.
And only twenty six out of a hundred are happy and in their own heaven,
They are the ones who will reach the level of seven.
For level two and its planes, thirty four will be standing on that door.
So from this we show a sad discovery of a survey that is quite poor.
This so far has left us with a total of ten percent,
These will end up, in their own oblivion from their own intent.
Now honestly, with this, can you really be content?
There are so many lost souls who need to find a way to repent.
Thus creating good reason for what you write and for all the time that you have spent.
Don’t you think that what we are putting together is worth it,
If it can save some if not all the lost souls?
It doesn’t really matter from where you’re achieving your goals,
What is important is the effectiveness of it as a whole.

May I speak? You know, all of this is really quite a fine way to depress.
Isn’t there anything on this earth, of you to impress?

Well in actuality, there is some good, amongst all the forms of your earthly mess,
But the number of those is very easy to guess.
The sad part of it is that our shapes compared to your physical entities are in fact quite similar.
The only difference is that your forms and intentions to us are familiar,
But to say the same of the opposite of us, your life forms have no interest to educate.
Really many of you are not to blame for the problem that we dedicate,
It is the selfishness and ways of greed that turns a brother against a brother.
These two combinations mixed together,
Are actually the key to your lever,
And if this is not solved, the help you need for your people will be never.
These deadly combinations are made of a heavy dead weight,
That’s why many of your physical vibrations are on the door of hells gate.
This causes the race of your culture,
To live in an atmosphere not even fit for your vulture.
This is now at a dangerous degree,
That is spreading with a large form of a spree
And will very soon eventually,
Be the destruction of your culture and physical life will forever diminish,
Never again will it find a way to replenish.
The laws of the UNIVERSAL MIND are the same for one and all.
Either we live by it and survive or one and all shall forever fall.
It truly is a quite simple task to live and abide by these laws,
In which not even one of them is false.
The same laws, the same goodness of self respect,
Will automatically have this type of effect,
Only happiness, serenity and good health,
With a self rewarding type of wealth,
Which, I am sure you will agree, can be described as heaven.
It does not have to be on the level of two, four, six, or seven.
A heavenly way of life can be created by and in any form of life,
That does not believe in the law of a gun or a knife,
The most important for this is the awareness,
Only then can anyone see the benefit of its full effectiveness.
We here realize that all of what I speak has for a long time been ignored,
But for anyone who values their innerself life induced, this power in them can be restored.
And believe me, that for centuries, your people we have implored,
With all this to analyze, will leave for everyone a chance to choose.
The only way that they will not lose,
Is by being very wise
And by putting some effort to bring out the power that they disguise.
What they will realize is the truthfulness of all that surrounds them with lies.
The type of benefits from the gain of development,
Here is how it begins: From the lowest form of life, to the highest level of no amends,
The low type, their way is always to condemn
And feel no guilt or sadness from the result of their actions towards fellow men.
They actually receive an enjoyment from doing it again and again.
And so from this physical intention upon mankind, the spirit vibration,
Will make their own confrontation,
With the same form of punishment
That they themselves at one time did inflict.
They will incarnate into a world to face their own deceitfulness that they project.
Still another important phase,
Which leads the spirits to the third stage
Of development through enlightenment,
Is the only freedom from the lower vibrational enslavement.
The third stage for the spirits mental awareness has now been widened.
To make it easier on the spirit not to be frightened.
The sunlight has now penetrated the spirits vibration,
And once again the process of demagnetization,
To a higher level shall be the spirit destination.
So on and so on the developmental stages of the spirit vibration
Progress in this manner,
The spirit does not have to start from the bottom of the ladder,
It can go to any level or plane after the physical shell has been removed,
All depends on what type of vibration the spirit has when it is being reviewed,
And of course this would include,
An effect of goodness and politeness of mental awareness.
In this manner of steps, you yourself, had been so lucky to experience.
The benefits and education of the developmental demagnetization
Of the spiritual vibrations through elevation.
As for us, we receive the benefit of all this, same as for you.
What I do, reflects upon me through what you do,
So please keep up the dedication of our work for you,
Through the way of inspirational writing,
When we put our plan into action from the beginning,
We had an idea that we would be winning,
In this case we truly believe,
That it will work on all those who accept it, without their innerself
to deceive.
In the meantime as we advance and prepare,
All of that which soon you will share,
As you progress,
Give help to those who cannot with us express.
Continuing on, with more words of value,
You know of the poetry that first came from inside of you,
Will be used as steps to follow for those ones who are lost and mentally hollow.
This will be a great aid to the rest of our intention,
Of your first set of poetry to mention,
Was the positive words on one of your lists of names.
This poem can be very useful if you would rewrite it in our thoughtful aims.
The new one you write, we guarantee,
Will be the one to put an end to all negativity.
For inside of me my son, are words of a million,
But compared to your way of counting this is worth much more than your trillion.
If only it was as easy to materialize in your world as all of you think.
The frustration of it, would have me in a state of what you call a drink.
I am, oh, so desperate to reach deep inside of all mankind.
They must be educated of the truth of the UNIVERSAL MIND.
Before the time is too late,
And if this becomes so, no longer can we be a reality in your fate.
For there is much more involved here than they all believe of what they are doing,
By keeping their minds from operating.
It will enter a stage much like suffocating.
Thus killing life, in this, to us is considered a way of suicide.
Now that I begin with this matter that I criticized
I have much more to bring out through feelings of disgust from inside.
A major percent, at this time are no longer even trying to operate their minds,
For they believe they are satisfied,
And being in the state of satisfaction,
They are actually sending their mind to a prison type of regression.
Earthly bounds have at this time a rate of fifty six percent in the regression stage,
Thus slowly putting an end to your environmental progress.
This alone is enough to put me in a rage.
On top of that when the mind no longer is active, no more is there physical creation.
Your people will suddenly find themselves in a stand-still situation.
For if the deadness of their mind progresses, there will be no hope for education.
To add to this physical mess,
Another humanly foolishness,
They actually have the nerve to use the purity of their minds’ potential in their creation,
To build bombs and ways of total destruction,
This is unforgivable and will register upon their own vibration as an extremely heavy intention.
It’s bad enough that more than half of you are blindly killing a piece of the UNIVERSAL MIND,
Even though many of you are innocently blind,
But to back that up, the other half of you, with mind potential,
Are helping and creating, on top of the blind ones of the mental.
Thus you are all trying to destroy your culture with an actual realization of your intention.
This I say, for we know, that many of you are aware of your evil deed,
But yet you continue in your selfishness and back-stabbing ways of greed.
Many other view points we receive from humanly thoughts,
Another is the fact of how many actually have lost
All value for life, and all that surrounds them.
Yet no one does anything from your forms, many of you just sit still and wait for HIM!!!
To recreate and perform more of what you people call miracles.
Is this going to make a HEAVEN on earth?
No way people. . . Stop waiting for his birth.
Wake up and meet your realities,
For there is no one other than yourselves that can do for your families and communities.
As far as we are concerned there is nothing you people can’t solve
If you would just give yourselves a chance to evolve.
So stop sitting around and waiting. No one is coming,
For he has never left from the beginning.
Bring out your mental awareness to a useful potential people,
The need is urgent, you will never find the cure by standing in front of your steeple.
Why does your race go in a reversal,
Which is defeating the purpose of all that is UNIVERSAL?
So please my son:
Truly you are the lucky one,
For if not for your dedication, a chance for this would be none,
For you see, the earth and physical survival,
All depend on your dedication for my revival.
Now what is needed for this to be
Is the completion of your developmental tree And of this I shall let you see:


As you see on the tree,
The FIRST stage is called the EFFECTIVE STAGE,
You can say, that this was our way to rattle your cage,
For the purpose of your mind to go into the alert phase,
We gave you the first of the writing on your page.
The LOGICAL STAGE seems to be the SECOND,
This is in a form of proof for the first descent,
That night upon your family,
Yes, my son, this was all meant to be.
The STAGE of the SEDUCTIVE is the third,
This is the performance of the art of words.
Which means from your mouth the most perfected words will
only be spoken,
This one I give to you as a token,
Because of this you are not joking.
The ENTRANCING STAGE, comes to be the FOURTH,
The words you speak must be hypnotizing,
So we added a little power to carry their tune using our style of analyzing.
Then we have ENHANCING as the STAGE OF FIVE.
This will automatically come alive.
They will come to see it like bees leaving the beehive,
The power to project a clear understanding.
What could be more proof than a clear materialization of the vibration,
First of the earth’s recognition,
For I have enough power to perform the earth’s exorcization,
For a better and healthier population,
That will be the spiritual generation.
This is the only way for this knowledge in you to live.
The power to inspect every single word,
That by you is heard,
From any mouth that they are blurred.
Everything you learn compare it to the spiritual positive way,
And you will know the truths of your everyday.
To be like you, everyone would pray.
No one can compete with what you say.
You shall be untouchable when you know the ways of spiritualism
For it’s the only way to know the real meaning of the word positive criticism.
Now the SEVENTH STAGE I shall to you give,
For you upon our intrusion with our intuition.
The permanent mental absorbing of any situation
That comes towards you with a complication,
So upon learning the spiritual education,
You shall have no problem solving any form of situation or intrusion.
You can suddenly come up with an explanation
For any miraculous figmentation.
INSPIRATIONAL, the number EIGHT of the stages,
And so you are, you have written over three hundred inspirational pages.
You see, at the moment of your correct age,
You were freed from your cage.
You had already achieved most of your development.
At the time you realized your intunement
You were already through the effective, all the way through the inspirational stage.
And now you are recognized as being in the inspirational age.
You have learned well, and not once showed any sign of rage.
Now you have the art of MENTAL TELEPATHY, a stronger form of number eight
And in this form is how you, with me communicate.
You have no idea of the mediumship you hold,
Only a few, of these were ever bold.
You cannot imagine with what energy to you this was told.
Finally we come to the SPIRITUAL STAGE which is number
NINE, At this stage you will be divine.
The spiritual stage, is the foundation
To complete a successful formulation,
To build, to solve, to find the truth of why the earth must revolve.
From where it came to where you evolve,
All of this the knowledge of spiritualism can solve.
After you have gone through the above mention,
The final projection to our dimension,
To the point of the revealing to the population,
From you there will be an expectation,
The wording of the final declaration,
That will be heard by the whole physical nation,
All the way up to my level of vibration,
Of which you already have a reservation.
At the moment of the declaration,
Then they shall hear you as I speak of the correction.
The speech shall be one of gladness.
The look upon your face will be one of proudness .
The words will describe all of the earth’s sadness.
The parts reflecting the occult, part of your physical madness,
Devil worshipping, Satanism, Voodo and the acts of murder,
That is being committed as an offer.
There are many others that we need not mention,
But they are all inside of each and every bad intention.
From a physical form of malfunction,
The mention of before in your declaration about religion,
The religion fact was the reason,
That there came a great deal of confusion,
About the real ways of evolution.
It began in the past and went for a continuation,
Century after century of the wrong form of contribution,
And to the wrong form of solution,
To the ways of survival for your nation,
And because of the ones that before have preached the ways of spiritual,
Their names have had reflection of the miracle,
To those days of the biblical.
So since all received the wrong ideas of what was preached,
The right ones to you and by you will be reached.
And because we know the religious ways were misinterpreted,
we cannot let it go.
So of my vibration and authenticity, for you to know
If not fact, it must be proven so,
If not true, it cannot be hidden, it will reflect upon you vibrational glow.
Because what you do, does reflect upon you.
Although the ways of your minds are in this state of tragic,
If not common logic,
It automatically goes to the form of magic,
The amount of mental use is really horrible.
The power people, the power you can achieve with your minds is totally indescribable.
The race of the physical is beyond the realm of daze, helpless and lifeless,
And worst of all, the lack of mental awareness to this, I must object.
Using the weapons of your destruction, to destruct.
Using the mind that created you,
And not trying to find out why, how, where, when, and who?
The mind was created to be used,
The more you use it, the bigger and stronger it will be transfused.
There are some however, that you could say are the only mentality upon earth that is left.
These ones are actually in a sense committing a blind form of theft.
The high minds of your physical nation,
Are inventing ways of wars and weapons of destruction.
They are putting most lower level mentality in a no choice situation.
They are the cause of suffering of all the population.
They are the cause of your heavy amount of countryside pollution.
And they will be the cause of the earth’s suffocation,
Because of their greed and selfishness.
They are intentionally killing people of the lower mental awareness.
A theft of life on purpose.
An actual planned form of murder,
With no choice for the low mental life but to surrender.
PEOPLE!!! The urge is great for the knowledge of spiritual and mental powers and capacity.
The reason we failed through history,
Is because it all went to the religious aspects of identity,
You need now to be educated of the spirit world and its reality.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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