Spiritual Healing

The biological system is able to react to the form of spiritual healing in a manner of a rotation.
The process begins with the reorganization of the whole physical inner system. Every single part of the organs shall start to ferment, also may I state that they shall not be able to resist.
The whole bodily inner system through the healing power shall mostly effect the molecules, atoms, trophozoite, traumazooids, cells, groupazooids, and capillaries
Now the neutrons, protons, nucleons, and the libido will also be effected a great deal.
What will happen is that the healing process shall restore all these into their original full potential before they were exposed to all these chemicals and artificial foods and drinks.
As far as now they are at the verge of not fully participating in the protection of the physical body’s health due to the numb state of
the mind.
The biological structure of the body has an endless amount of molecules. Biologists in your earth state there is only a limited amount.
Furthermore, the amount of ENDOCRINE is far too great. The blood does not need all of this substance.
Earth has many natural resources totally unfound by your people because they do not look; they are satisfied with their own unnatural ways.
In the body of the physical there is a certain amount of cells called the TRAUMACELL, designed especially to keep the body from breaking down due to a sudden painful experience. This mainly protects around the heart and around the blood vessels.
Now in the plasma itself, there is a very rare substance called ELECTROZOOID. This keeps the PLASMA from getting thin like water. It must stay at a level of thickness for certain health reasons. But the alcoholic chemicals being poured into the body are totally destroying this substance in the blood. This is why the first to go are the kidney, the liver, and the prostate gland.
Spiritual healing is a fact and has been proven by the people of the earth. But there are many who are blind to the fact that they themselves can heal. And still you have some who practice this form of cure. Even many of your so-called doctors who are in the scientific realm actually believe and practice this art of healing. But they seem to avoid one major obstacle which is the responsibility of those who indulge—to urge and to teach this to the ones who are not familiar with spiritual healing.
Doctors, you do not need to cover up your deeds for the sake of your professional practice; this will not affect the physical ways of your practice but merely help you by letting those people with ailments cure themselves, which will lessen the effect and overpopulation of your hospitals.
According to our survey of your physical culture, about 74% of your race have the ability to self-heal. And many of those are just on the verge of this discovery; help them by backing up and encouraging this wonderful form of spiritual and mental healing.
We have so far educated and taught this talent to many forms of life who were willing to accept. Now in this book, which has been written for the sake of preserving the physical form of life, the knowledge of spiritual healing is in every sentence, in every page. For who holds it, reads it, and understands its contents shall feel and recognize the stream of healing power pouring into their bodies, healing at first their own mental block.
There are presently 20% of your physical race who have accepted our reality and existence, but still for them there is only one thing lacking. And that’s the knowledge presented in this book, which is now available to all your people.
The ones who think they know will now be absolutely positive, and the ones who think, maybe, can now say: “There is no doubt.” And the ones who have no beliefs shall finally say: “This is what I have been waiting for.”
So with this form the acknowledgement shall take its course. In this book, the vibrating effect of each and every sentence and its meaning shall restore those minds of the ones with thoughts that have no cure. It shall change the minds of the ones of the illiterate to the minds of the productive. It shall give the power to the ones who know for them to go out and heal the ones who cannot. For each and every member of the family who reads and keeps this book safe in their home, they shall be restored to the state of mental awareness, to the state of understanding what they are capable of accomplishing through this wonderful reality of spiritual healing.
The UNIVERSAL MIND “GOD” has created you all in this manner to have a systematic form of self-protection. The body of the physical has in fact the capability to self-heal. And each and every cell of the physical in fact has its own ways of protection; in a sense, you can say it has its own mind. When your people have been made aware of the fact that each and every body has and was created with this wonderful form of protection, they shall have the key to their freedom.
The fact that each and all physical bodies can heal. The fact that each and all physical bodies were created with this intent. Mental awareness is the key to bring out these facts.
Identify yourselves with this knowledge. Identify yourselves with how to use your own innerself power of healing, by being aware of the mind, THE UNIVERSAL MIND, the creator and the creation of all and every existence.
A view of instructions to clear the obstruction from the confusion of how to self-heal the physical contamination.
If it can be done, how?
Here is the answer now.
Why can’t I self-heal?
Is it something that I have to feel?
What you need is the actual feeling that it is real,
Once you administer healing upon the infest,
You should no longer have an ingest.
From here we can penetrate
And from there the pain we can locate.
But for the pain to actually dissolve,
There must be a connecting part to evolve.
When self-healing, connect your inner thoughts exactly upon the pain.
In your thought envision the actuality of the diseased organ,
Concentrating solely upon that for about one and a half minutes,
Upon a clear focus of the ailment.
Clear your mind of all amazement.
Let the connection with my power
Enter and connect with the visualized tower.
Once you have a clear picture of what hurts,
By us it is absorbed even when wearing shirts.
From there we condense the GERMICIDAL effect
Into the bladder content.
From your part once revived
Your feeling for cure cannot be denied.
But you must project the needed intent,
By opening the mental connection,
And receiving our SPIRITUAL SEDATION.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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