The question is still unknown,
Whether to take this life that I think I own.
From where did it come? Why was I born?
For now I face a hardship, like I have never known.
Should I take my life by a knife or be saved by a phone.
Suddenly I heard a loud moan;
As if a voice was breaking through the deadness that I have grown.
Hear me, the voice said, it is I,
Hear me please, before you say goodbye.
Why of me do you deny?
Because, I said, one of these I must try
Either to live or to die.
In this world, for heaven’s sake,
What good reason for us to stay awake?
Can you answer the right way?
Can you give me the light of day?
OH...Yes, an answer to you I can surely tell,
You see, the life you have is not yours to kill.
Then, why was it given to me, to do with as I please?
Hear me please, let me put your mind at ease.
The body, yes, you can call it yours
But your spirit has its own cures.
It is loaned to you so that of physical life you can taste.
With this in mind, do not make haste.
The spirit is an energy that you can never waste
Whether you deserve it or not, it is not up to you to decide.
With God’s law you must abide.
For here is the outcome for those of suicide, they have tried;
The law states: To take your life, in darkness you shall dwell.
Whether it was yours or another’s blood you did spill,
Believe me, where you will go is worse than hell.
A lifeless form of jelly your spirit shall become
And you can be sure that never, shall you see the sun.
You will never know what day it is or what time
And you can be sure, it is worse than committing a crime,
Eternally you shall cry, never to hear the sweet music of
the angel’s chime.
So, before you take your life and send your spirit upon that track
I suggest you wait until you have a heart attack.
Same in physical life, when you commit a crime,
There, the law states that you must do the time.
A heavy punishment is your reward
And not the heavenly award.
You think that taking a life is so easy to do,
Not if you see what is in store for you
Misery and pain, confusion and insanity are yours to gain.
So taking a life, mostly your own,
In God’s name, you’re still doing wrong.
You, knowing that it is not yours from the start
And you, knowing that it was loaned to you straight from God’s heart
How could you let your spirit be blown apart?
When you think of suicide this way,
You will have this to say:
Suicide, is not for me to play,
For I want to go the heavenly way.
This thought shall surely change your mind,
And happiness as a physical kind,
You shall surely find,
Again I repeat,
Before you with suicide meet,
Think about what your spirit will greet.
Where you will go is so frightening
It is better to be hit by lightning.
So dark and so cold,
Never shall you grow old
For there, there is no such thing as what you call aging
For forgiveness you shall eternally pray
But OH, how long it is your outcoming day!
The voices you hear will be the voices of fear,
OH no, there is no front door or a rear.
The things you will see
Will make you close your eyes and count to three
But even this will not set you free.
For in your head, the voices of hell shall always be.
But after an eternity,
Maybe something will turn your key
With your rules I shall forever abide.
With tears these words you shall have cried,
Sorry for taking that precious life you gave to me.
So that I can tell the people that their life they must not finish,
For their soul they can never replenish.
Only then can I be freed.
I shall make the people take heed
And in this they will believe,
That once they take their life, there will be no reprieve.
I am a messenger of God,
And if you think this message is odd,
Just ignore these words of praise,
Take your life and end up in that maze.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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