The Beginning Will Be Chosen

The beginning will be chosen.
The first step nuclear arms are forever frozen.
The starting button has been defused
And the choice for destruction is refused.
The issue over peace is no longer confused
And the peace makers are no longer abused.
The vision of peace is now clear
And the earth has nothing more to fear.
The pain of humanity has been relieved
And the cause for tranquility has been achieved.
The task of the messenger is now applauded
And recognition of the sender is recognized.
The thoughts of the people are no longer in the past
For the answer of their future has been delivered at last.
The concept of ye being an outcast
Is now diminishing quite fast.
The people are eager to fulfill thy need
And to start planting the positive seed.
The truth to creation has suddenly appeared
And the concept of blind faith has disappeared.
The miracles performed by thy past life, were quite rare
The existence of our entity is now accepted
And our welcomed visit is now expected.
The change for equality is now the way
Now everyone’s soul has this to say:
God forgive me for what I have done,
My faith in humanity is once again restored.
Now for my visit I shall not need an escort.
Once my power hath touched thy ground
My penetration shall come without a sound,
Reviving all who are mentally dead
And then in my kingdom they shall lay their bed.
Only then can truth, justice and equality for all
Be considered as part of my name call.
Wherever I am mentioned, I shall be.
Whenever I am asked, I shall free.
And to whom I am blind, they shall see.
To what I do, they shall do
And to whomever is lost shall follow my clue.
When I have totally emerged
Then my son, thou shall be urged
The acceptance of a position
Amongst the leadership decision.
This position shall be one with responsibility
Responsibility that gives thee the identity
Of the son of my personality.
From here the occurance of the possibility,
The possibility of another invitation.
This invitation involves beings from another dimension
Capable of regrouping earths destination
Towards revitalization of its plantation
And the education for instant medication
And mental reconstruction for development of the
physical construction.
When ye are confronted with this position,
I want thee to accept with honor,
For by then thou shall be the spiritual father
And the guidance for my arrival and departure.
Not to say I will be leaving,
For I have forever existed and am forever existing.
Upon and into the creation and its interpretation.
At this stage I know what I say
May seem so far away
But then what we have already accomplished with you,
Makes all what I say come true.
So being we together having come so far
And being I have already revealed whom ye are,
It would only seem logical to reveal the rest
And believe me, the rest is our best.
When the connection is made,
Between physical and people of other grade
Then here is what to be said:
A visit to earth from another dimension
Could only be achieved, if earth’s people create a mental expansion.
I do not mean just one or two
This will not do.
I mean every single one of you
Must be able to handle
Beyond the point of the mantle.
The rewards of the earth’s people are indeed great
As long as the visitors are not used for bait.
So you see, education of the Universal Mind
Puts all of you people amongst the other kind
For truly my children you are not the only who exist
But again you are the only who still of me resist.
All of creation is not based upon thee
For compared to creation you are all as tiny as a flea.
This realization is indeed of importance
For the simple facts are all that is left from my patience.
You are still to this day living as the primeval
For all other beings of your ancestral
Are living in the astral
And way beyond perfect
For they are into developing of their intellect
While you are still living with the insect.
What they can teach of you are beyond your wildest dream
They can form from the desert a stream.
They can without surgery dissect
And without a physical force inspect
They can control their health instead of their wealth
For without health, wealth is considered stealth.
They can produce food of enormous quantity,
All with a simple remedy,
A remedy quite used in your physical forms
But is being used for controlling storms.
They can recondition the physical shell
So as not to create the obesity well.
All this to the people of earth they can tell
But only if you people wish them well.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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