The Children

Children these days, they know nothing of what they are missing,
You try to speak, but they do not listen.
They play a game, while they live in the street,
They call it, pushing old people off their feet.
To them, it’s really quite funny,
Especially when they are looking for money.
These children today,
You always hear the parents say,
They have a way of making our black hair turn gray.
The boys act like men,
At the age of ten,
What are we supposed to do,
Give them the car too?
Now, little girls, always act like ladies,
Only if you could see them in the street, they act like the devil
from Hades.
These children, they walk around
And nowhere to be found, dazed and confused
And left lying in the gutter after they have been used.
The little men,
They carry a knife instead of a pen.
Why should they end up doing hard labor,
When they should be taught to read and write, please can’t anyone do them this favor?
Now the little ladies, they think its all right
To learn how to fight
And with each onlooker,
They love to play a game that they call street hooker.
When they meet face to face,
The boys with their come ons, the girls wearing booties and lace,
The young ones especially, they really know how to flirt.
I wonder if their parents know that they walk the streets with a mini skirt.
These children, they are full of anger and hate,
That’s always the parents’ excuse, when someone gets used for bait.
It’s so sad when they go to jail,
Especially when no one offers to pay the bail.
The parents, they ignore the fact and act real cool,
It’s your fault that your children do not go to school.
The parents, they don’t really care.
The mother is too busy shopping or doing her hair.
The father always has a good excuse,
He’s too busy reading the paper or watching the news.
Why can’t you parents see and feel with humanity?
Communicate with your children and teach them of reality.
But I guess in today’s society, The parents are the real calamity.
They go about their business in everyday life,
The husband with the mistress and the milk man with the wife.
Is it a wonder why these children have such a life?
Once in a while, they speak to their children
And ask them of what they are learning,
The child would be amazed with this reaction,
Because somewhere along the line they had a bad connection.
They don’t realize the desperate look in their children’s eyes,
Reaching out for love and kindness instead of hellos and goodbyes.
So back to the streets they go, with their fantasies and alibis,
Without knowing a single meaning for the word “civilized.”
They are lost in a world without guidance. Someone,
please help this race to realize
That their living and loving are nothing but lies.
You the parents, start giving your children a chance,
Don’t just put them out on the floor without teaching them
how to dance.
The children and the state that they are in,
I truly feel that it’s the parents’ fault,
They do not know when to say halt.
Parents, it’s because of you, these kids are here,
Instead of teaching them love, you offer them fear
For this I offer you a tear.
There are some people who would like to have children but
they have no knowledge of what it takes to do the breeding,
Except maybe the part about feeding.
Once the baby is there and learns how to lead,
The parents start wishing to be freed.
Parents of the world, think about when you were young,
You were happy and had a lot of fun,
It’s because you had parents who were fair.
How about you parents of today, go ahead, if you dare,
Show your children how much you care.



®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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