The Closure

Through mental exposure,
I bring to you this closure.
Now that you have read this book all the way through,
This is what I call the closing clue.
Now your mind is open and my voice to you is loud and clear,
Of me you no longer have any fear.
Now you have cried your last tear
I know that these facts are hard to realize,
But you have just read the truth and it’s in front of your eyes.
What you have just learned shall keep your soul from hearing
those awful cries,
And for death you have just waved your last goodbyes.
You see these words are the future of your tomorrow,
And they shall take away your every sorrow.
Your friend’s sympathy you do not have to borrow.
These words shall fill every part of your mind that is hollow,
These are my words, of them you must follow.
They are music like the song of the sparrow,
There is no need to cover up your feeling,
By now you know very well of whom it is you are dealing.
You do not need to cover up your anxiousness to be pure,
For you have just discovered the only cure.
The only cure to make sure,
To make sure that of you no one can take for granted.
To make sure that your path is never again slanted.
To make sure that never again your feelings be hurt,
And your kindness shall give the poor your shirt.
To make sure that forever you shall succeed in all that you do,
And to share your gain with all that will not share with you.
Mostly to make sure that to you no one can tell a lie,
For you will be able to see it right in their eye.
Because of your upbringing,
These words in your heart may not be singing,
But you must realize that sooner or later the prophecy of this
message has to have its bringing.
I can show you your miracles by taking away your shade,
But sooner or later your memory of it will fade,
And your soul you shall want to trade,
But if you cannot believe these words are the original grade,
Then a far greater mistake you have made.
I accept you as you all are and for everything you have done.
From this reality no one can run.
If I, the creator had thought you all were unsaveable,
And not a single chance to be curable,
It would have been I who had pushed the button that would be destructible.
Of this thought I have pondered,
But since I have faith in my creation, your world shall not be plundered.
If you must have faith: Have faith in yourselves as part of me.
Have faith in what you can do and what you can be.
Have faith in yourselves as undestructible.
Have confidence in yourselves to be desirable.
Have faith in yourselves and be honorable.
You are woman and man,
To create another like you no one can.
Your belief in yourself must be strong.
Your belief in this is not at all wrong.
You are smart and creative,
And mostly positive,
For all that you strive is for you to give,
And the life that you have is for you to live.
No one is better than the other.
You all have the same mental power,
A power beyond what you have done
To create a happier life from the one that I had begun.
To feel warmth, I have given thee the sun.
To appreciate the sun,
I have given thee the cold.
To appreciate life,
I have given thee the age of the young.
To appreciate being young, I have given thee the age of the old.
For your tears, I have given thee laughter.
But the laughter I hear not, what is the matter?
For the thirst, I have given thee water.
To appreciate water, I have given thee thirst.
To see life, I have given thee sight.
To appreciate sight, I have given thee blindness.
To eat, I have given thee food,
And to appreciate food, I have given thee hunger.
To live, I have given thee your world and all upon it.
To appreciate your world, you must live it.
All this and much more I have given thee.
Now what must you give me?
Give to me the love and kindness for each other.
Give to me peace and happiness amongst your brother.
Give to me the minds that were created to achieve total serenity.
Give to me your minds with purity.
Refinement of your soul is my goal,
For now most of them are empty and cold like the hole.
Refinement of your ways of greed,
Give to me the confidence of being freed.
All this so that you as an equal, can go on uphill climb,
Way before you reach the age of your prime.
The gold is melted for purity,
And purity is what these words have melted from thee.
For something to share I have given thee love,
With the use of my love, you have created hate,
And closed the door to my gate.
Open up to me and clear your fate.
Hell does not have to be your mate.
This for you I did not create.
Share what you have with love and reopen my gate,
I am you and you are me,
Now and forever we shall be.
You have my message,
Use it as the passage.
Climb out of your hell and no longer be a savage.
Follow my heed, with you I do not have to plead.
Throw away your thoughts of greed,
And surely my people you shall be freed.
People of the physical race,
Let me reinstate a fact, without a disgrace.
Listen and be aware of what it is that I declare.
There are those of you which do not believe that the time is here.
For those let me make myself perfectly clear.
True, it’s hard to receive such a blessing,
But you see, I say nothing in a manner of cursing.
This book of revelation is here and now faces its recognition,
So you see, you must believe in the resurrection,
For this is my actual designation.
Think what you may,
But be prepared for your day.
When it shall come and convert all the sinners that do not pray.
From history it has prevailed that you my people shall be saved.
At my deliverer, you may scream, holler or rave,
But know for sure that for you there is no grave.
You may be stunned with this approach,
But for my reception, you will light the torch.
You all have forgotten the fact,
That I am able and willing to act.
You all have forgotten the reality of the word destiny,
So upon my delivery, I shall not have an enemy.
You must realize the consequences of betrayal.
In your history this was to prevail,
But because of your lack of honor
You all have ignored the coming of the FATHER.
Your part in all of this as a human soul,
Is to believe from this book and achieve its goal.
If you are willing in this and partake,
Of your soul I shall forsake.
Sooner or later, the others shall follow,
Or spend their eternity in the gallows.
My time is near and upon my reception,
This book I send to thee, is for your preparation.
Read and accept of what I say to be true,
And whence I am received, what I do, you shall do.
Be cautious in your self deception,
Do not cower at this honorable intention.
Sign your name in trust of this declaration,
And with me you shall have a reservation.
Be silent not, whence of this you receive.
This is for all who of me do not believe.
Clear out the haze from your stare,
And forever everything is yours to share.
Be not hasty and make a refusing decision
For it shall be a terrible confession
Of which there is no retribution
For the times that I have from your hearts been exiled,
Being the creator upon your side
You all shall not be denied.
Face me and my revival in this education,
Consumed and written for preservation,
To carry on ‘till the endless duration.
Face me as I had faced you all in the past.
Face me and accept me at last.
From this writing do not show fear
Listen with open mind and let this be clear.
It has not been easy not to give up hope,
This time no one shall steal away my robe.
Accept this book as my coming,
Followed by the final blessing.
Do not show sorrow but rejoice.
After all to give up hope was my choice
But in the memory of the past when I was shunned,
My failure came and I was stunned.
So again in this manner of approach it shall stick
And I shall not again be beaten with a stick.
Just read and know this is no treachery
But merely a spiritual delivery
By a different discovery.
Open your hearts to my memory
And accept these words as a reality.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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