The Final

This declaration does not need a projection
Just an inside reflection
By way of mental communication
Also known as TRANCE SCANNING your mental vibration.
For the book, this is the final consumption
Just a view of the upcoming attraction
From the result of the documented publication,
That will be your ultimate destination
Once this book has reached that level of authentication,
It shall be your duty to bring about the next attraction.
You will be helped by all the people’s attention,
For this magnitude of INSPIRATION.
The people shall give you confidence and bring more out
of your dedication.
To the point of performing the final declaration.
You have little realization
Of what you have in your possession.
The book is truly a gift
All that touch it, their souls shall purifyingly lift.
If you had tried of this to create, your brain would surely tilt.
To you reader, this book that you now hold,
Is a story that had never been told.
Truly priceless and worth much more than your gold.
Now that you have read its contents you shall never again feel cold.
You have just discovered that you shall never become old.
You have just discovered that you can never truly die
And mostly if you do not take heed you shall surely cry.
This book has been written through someone who had
been where you are.
He too had suffered, but came out without a scar.
Reader, your position in life at this time,
Is worse than committing a crime.
You may be happy and content,
But there are many of your people that have sins they need to repent,
And to help these people is our intent.
For this reason the medium of this wonder has been sent.
Do not any longer blind yourselves with your surrounding.
Open your eyes, minds and hearts and your achievements for your people shall be amazing.
As for now, you cows in the field grazing,
Lazy and satisfied but for happiness you go on pretending.
After all, you people speak to me every night and day.
Now I have spoke to you back, even if it is in such a way.
In this book I answer all of that of which you pray,
And please stop believing that you were created from the
form you call clay.
I am the UNIVERSAL MIND, or “GOD”, if you shall have it,
Call me either I do not mind it.
I am the creator and creation of all and every dust particle that flee.
I am a mind and you are a part of me,
From that you were created and that’s how all came to be.
The brain that you hold, for the mind, it is a control station,
The mind is good and pure and gives not instructions to create destruction.
Destruction is merely a physical construction,
Because of your lack of understanding to my identification.
All that has been written in this book has been by my inspiration.
A man has come from total ignorance to a level of the highest education,
In just a few months duration,
Without any help from what you call your education. say, it is here with fact,
He has been inspired by me with exceptional tact,
Because of his eagerness to fulfill his pact.
Do you not feel the urge of this to explore?
Do you not feel the urge to open your spiritual door?
Of course you do and for it you shall implore.
Just imagine what you can accomplish,
By discovering the secret of making a reality from your every wish,
The chance to have a mental capacity past that of the fish,
The chance to overcome any and all fears for death.
Believe me even if you die, you shall never lose a breath.
It is amazing how the majority believe in death as the end,
Physical death yes, Spiritual never.
The one who is spiritual shall live ‘till forever.
There are many of you who thrive on the idea to live a life
that is eternal.
This can never be if you people keep going in the direction of reversal.
Listen carefully, one and all,
I have confidence you shall not fall.
I created you to be proud and to stand tall.
You have been created to achieve.
You have been created to believe,
That never shall you deceive.
You have been created so that with each other you can relate,
And not for each other to have hate.
You have been created to be happy.
You have been created to nurture.
Love each other for eternity,
And most of all, you have been created with the intent to create.
So with this you all have my talents and potential,
And I have never went in the direction of reversal.
I am all and everywhere I am,
From the heaviest weight to the lightest of the gram.
From the largest of your state,
To the tiniest species that you use for bait.
From the hardest substance like your steel,
To the softest tissue that you can feel.
From the highest building like your tower.
To the lowest sprouting little flower.
From eternity and beyond,
To the fish swimming in the pond.
From the largest forests in any world,
To the tiniest tree that you can hold.
From the ferocious animals that upon the earth dwell,
To the tamest creatures that your people love to kill.
All this I am and much more.
For creating you I received a hundred percent of the score.
To you creation I have given many a chance,
Can you not give me the chance to rejoice and dance?
It is only fair that what I have given thee,
This, you can bestow upon me.
Know and accept of who I am and what I am made of,
The ingredients that forms purity and love.
Recognize these facts of whom you are,
And why you have been set upon this star.
Earth is truly the most well preserved of my universe
But my own creations have placed upon it a curse.
Help me my people to rid the world of destruction.
Help me by accepting my recognition.
Help me by realizing the truths in these words of inspiration.
You all have been wondering why I do not speak to your prayers,
WELL NOW I HAVE, do not let me down by staying my evaders.
With this you can still communicate,
But this book can show how with me you can relate.
How you can learn of other forms that at one time had
shared your fate.
You can learn knowledge beyond compare,
Just open your mental awareness to the spiritual realms,
is this not fair?
There is nothing to fear, they all look similar to you and many even have hair.
Just like you they enjoy the rays from the sun’s glare.
Just like you, they can wear clothes or even be in the bare.
What I ask is for you all to open your minds and receive my inspiration.
This book guarantees success from its education.
It guarantees absolute freedom from mental retardation.
It guarantees that no one will live the life of starvation.
It guarantees total victory over physical destruction.
It guarantees victory over sickness and lung pollution.
It guarantees freedom and eternal salvation.
Apply this to your daily initiation,
And watch your loneliness become a famous reputation.
People, do not let this chance pass you up as a form of greedy deception,
For this is an answer to your prayers, as they are heard through mental communication.
If it is ignored, then consider yourselves ignoring me,
The UNIVERSAL MIND “GOD” shall count to three,
And from the creation that once was a physical beauty,
Shall lose the final chance for immunity,
And from this it shall be a sorrow ending,
Of the only creation that at one time had never needed mending.
You are all the creators.
Create from your talent of creation,
A better and healthier nation,
UNITED AS ONE with my authentication,
And only then can you truly be a physical population.
Wake up, progress and flourish forever.
Treat each other as one, ignore the difference in color.
Trust each other, as I trust you all to recover.
This is the final chance there shall be no other.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
without permission.