(The Mind Audio is both A & B combined)

The Mind (A)

Oh, Spirit Sound,
It seems that there are many ideas from whence the Universe came to be found,
So far, the evidence does not even weigh an ounce, much less than a pound.
Describe to me, of how the Universal Mind came to be?

This question has never been dared by any to ask.
Neither physical nor spiritual have ever performed such a task.
For me and my great mentality, to answer your question would be a probability.
So close your eyes and go past my identity.
Into the only realm that can make this question a possibility.
Put yourself into the Universal Mind’s strength and ability,
And your question will be answered quite suddenly and without hesitation.

How will I know when I have reached that level of perfection?

You, my student, have already reached my level of degree.
Now my voice shall come to you open and free:
To call you a student I need to change quite honestly,
For the reason you have gone past this level of mentality.
You are now at the level to be a teacher,
For the Universal Mind you have become a preacher.
The question you ask is of course quite bold.
For the answer, no creation has ever managed to hold.
But then, no creation has ever achieved what in this book has been told.
When you first began your physical venture,
You were sent for the reason to save the physical culture,
And if not for the way of disguise,
All that you have written was already in front of your eyes,
The answer to all creation, including the ingredients that has formed your skies.
So because of the endurance of your mentality,
And the strength of your ability,
The time has come for you to know of the beginning of my existence, but first this chance.
I would like to take these few minutes of your patience,
To describe the meaning and potential of your mental power,
The same mental power that can change you from a Gun to a Flower.
You all know the kind,
You all have the power of the mind,
All you have to do is bring it up from behind.
The power of the mind is for creativity,
The power of the mind is for creative ingenuity,
The power of the mind has an endless capability
To absorb knowledge of the highest superiority.
Your minds are capable of sending out a certain wave,
This wave has the power to keep anyone from being anyone’s slave,
It has the power to create the weak into the brave,
It has the power to make you want to save.
This wave produces this inner talent that we crave
The talent to give GOD all that to you he gave,
Love, understanding, and most of all human care
The kind that you refuse to share,
The kind that creates an enchantment from a nightmare.
A flower has this identity,
Creating from its innerself that one thing of beauty
That is lacking in many,
The sense of purity.
True, the mind is to you a mystery,
But this is only because you use a small amount of curiosity
To learn and discover the mind’s capability.
Yes, even though your curiosity is small,
Many small curiosities have grown to stand tall,
And many successful curiosities have never faced a fall.
Many curiosities have developed greatness for their name,
And many have entered the hall of fame.
Many of you are aware of the powers you possess,
But you keep them hidden for fear of mental stress,
Because of this, many have created from themselves a physical mess.
What I am really trying to express
Is that all of you have the power to overcome each and every weakness.
The power to overcome each and every physical bad habit
Everything that comes your way, be it harmful or not, you do not see it,
You just reach out and grab it,
You people eat and drink objects of un-natural make,
Even objects that a robot cannot take.
Because of this, many of you leave your world needlessly,
All you need is a little bravery,
Can you not say “NO” once?
Really people, many of you should take this chance,
Say “NO”...No one will call you an idiot,
Specially when you are saying no to a cigarette.
Say “NO”...You have nothing to lose,
Specially when you are saying no to that deadly word called booze.
Say “NO” ...It will not be a hole that you have dug,
Saying yes to that drug
Will be a hole that you have dug.
Say “NO”...to all that confronts you with fear,
And your courage to protect you will suddenly appear.
Say “NO”...to all that is un-natural,
And your health shall forever be reliable.
Say “NO” to anyone who expects you to believe blindly,
Because you have your own mind to use with all its capability,
Free to question and produce productivity,
Your minds were created for you to learn of your creativity.
Your mentality was created to find its total potency,
Its potential cannot be known, going in a reversal.
This is why you must overcome all that is harmful,
The mind is perfect if given the chance to grow.
To prove to all what it has to show,
Just give it a chance and let go,
Let go...of all it is that imprisons your body,
Let go...of all those thoughts that you cannot be Godly,
For the mind is GOD and expects us to think of divine ways.
Let go...and pull yourself out of your maze,
Let go...and start using your mind...
Let go...and be strong, generous, and kind,
Let go...and be prepared,
For all this is leading up to something that shall be compared.
For now I would like to introduce
The final moment of truce,

As a mind I am, I exist totally for one goal. As I have eternally existed as mind, my reflection appears from all I create. As I shall eternally live as a mind, all that is created has eternal life in many forms and in many ways. But for the most effect, to develop the mind is a contribution belonging to all creation. The mind structure has been constructed for development. So with the right consumption of knowledge, the extent of the mind is nonending, purely thriving upon a system self sustained, self-organized, self-produced, and self-energized.

The basics of the mind are simple. Same as the physical shell from birth, it needs food to grow to become strong and healthy, thus surviving on nutrition. So for the mind the same occurs. The only difference is the food. For the mind thrives upon knowledge beyond capacity. All living creation, physical mammal, the nature of the plant family, the animal, the bird family, and even the insect family, including all forms of matter. Every substance existing operates in the example of the mind.

So, in this case, all that is known to mankind and invented by mankind is by them assumed as separate individualities. But in actuality, even though all are in an individual form and substance, the originality of their creation, which is developed by creation, is considered as one universal source which includes the whole universe. In all, even though considered as an individual entity, is in fact a mind linked to the super structure of the mind’s creation. Scientifically considered as all things are separate, yet they are as one.

This is a fact that can be proven by simply constructing a diagnostic association between all creations, by putting together a hypothesis that compares all forms of life with itself. One can develop an organizational pattern using the brain wave scanner of rays to register the pulse of the medulla in homosapien, “man,” and the same for the other forms of life.

Here are a few of the important mentions for record as the registration of the heart and pulse of the specimen. Keeping count of the pressure flow of the blood, counting thoroughly the amoeba cells, tracking down the white and red cells for record. And a close scanning of the brain waves for ensuring that the fluctuation of electric signals is registering evenly. A fine diagnosis of the central nervous system for comparisons with and to the brain impulses.
In some of the created features such as the substance of steel, rock, and wood, even from these seemingly lifeless forms, exists a mental wave at a very thick density, an extremely slow wave. But nevertheless it is there and alive.

There is a mechanical function for recording of this slow wave which yet the physical have not perfectly developed. It is in a sense like the encephalogram, but without the photographic result. This machine would pick up like the radiational apparatus known as the RADIO-TELEPHONE.
In the construction of this slow wave indicator, you would put what is called the mind of radio astronomy together with the mind of what is called radio chemistry. These two, being fully trained in their field, can form and put together from this report, a factual SLOW WAVE INDICATOR. This is the name I give it.

Now the frame or shell used to hold the inner system must be radio-lucent, and the outer a radioed container. This will give full potential to the circuit rays and their positive registration. To begin with, one OZONIUM TUBE, 2 centimeters in diameter and 6” long. By using the OZONIZER, one can create the conversion of OZONE from the oxygen surplus and by adding a mini-ozonizer into the circuitry of the slow wave indicator, we can create the effect of TRI-POLARIZATION, with which the registration of URANIUM, THORIUM, and ACTINIUM will be used in the attentive stage of the process. Along with a few other electrical circuitry parts which I need not mention, for they will be obvious to the processor.

What I mainly include here is the major contribution of energy conjunction. The basic necessary fundamentals will appear clearly to the rest of the development. By using the POLYGRAPH REGENERIZER and the OPTIMETRICAL SYSTEM for WAVE REGISTRATION. The function of this consolidated PARAGONAL RADIOACTIVE SENSITIVITY DEVICE with the GYROSTAT effect. We can call it the spiral PROTO-STAT. This may be considered as a PROTENSITY, but nevertheless, it is a basic fundamental resistor. The next additive is the most complex, the singular CROSS TRANSFERENCE. This has to be analytically fused together so that once operational, there would be no chance of structural splitting of the wave pickup.

For example, registration of a rock, this mass of stone, hard and stable, assumed to be totally lifeless. But you shall discover, once applying the slow wave indicator, that the rock will be emanating actual vibrational wave-length radiation.
Now, accompanying this unit, will be attached a Mini Vibroscope. And in the heart of the unit’s system will be also a Mini-Vibrator for direct connection of wave similarities. Now basically the direct convulsionary wave is the concentration here, for that wave produces the highest M.R.P. (a natural form of M.-MEGATON, R.-RESILIENCE, P.-PALINGENESIS). The level at which the indicator can record will of course be dependent on the cycle of rotation per minute of the resistor and the speed of the absorption of the electromagnetic particles. For this effect, we will be adding the RESONATOR, COMPATIBLE FOR VIBRATIONAL SENSITIVITY, by adding to its cluster of electrons, BETA RAY, and a cluster of protons, ALPHA RAY to balance the association of the substantial correlation. In a manner of speaking, we have thus far put together the pickup transference part of the slow wave indicator. The pickup of wave outflow by absorption and the electrotransference subjective is hereby formulated.

Now, for the recording of the signalification, wave saturation, and impulse correlation, we have yet another conjugated piece of importance—the signal draft adjuster that is needed for the consolidation of the substantial Mega Rays and reformulation of the once contributed and absorbed vibrational wave. From this we can use the form of centralization for pinpointing the egnostical diversion of the excursion.
As in the study of dynamism, “surrogation of the resembled cosmos,” the singular most probability has attributed that even though the many known forms of wave, whether radiational, chemical, atomical, psychic, photonic, poison from toxicity, thermionic, mental, etc. These are known energetic substances, including all the sub-space, fusional Mega Rays, as were all tested to conclude that though they all serve in a various form of probability. The link of their essence as forms and substance of energy waves has been documented in experimental consideration, as being whole, sharing all the same inner affiliation known as RATIONAL DYNAMIC XENOGLOSSIA.

Even in this term, you can decipher the concept of your mental vibrational form of receptional scanning. So, attributing to this revelation, was this: the comparison of all substance in all form, in all shapes, in all sizes, in all forms of life; as the mind continues eternal development, so does every minute dust particle existing. For if the mind were to completely become nonfunctional, through self-deterioration, then all would become non-existing.
Now the principal attention here, as I was referring, is the comparison of all that exists with the mind, as being in form of substance separate, but in fact linked together. So to say that what one does for the development of the mind is in fact felt and absorbed in all mental existence—physical, spiritual, vibrational, etc. Meaning that when the mind in any form is subjected to development, the development in that separate entity is felt by all that exists—consciously, subconsciously, substantially, etc. For as there exists variety of forms, there is yet that one link connecting from all to all the mind.
Now, the foregoing explanation was to give full reign to the substance of the mineral rock. Even so, with this we have included the study of the wood substance, as it too comes in many shapes and sizes; since it is considered as an ignorant form of vibration, its probability to be recorded is assumed and ignored. But the basic process for breaking down and studying this substance known as wood is called in physical term “XYLOTOMY.” Also here in this attentive level of consciousness the term can be used.

Now, the slow wave indicator that is mentioned and formulated can also be used for the comparison unit. Though the process of recording may be different than that of the physical subjective, the slow tempo of pulsation carried by the medulla can be registered from the point called the FORAMEN MAGNUM connecting to, as an orifice, from the Medulla Oblongata to the spinal cord. As the rock and the wood shape differ, this is why the slow wave indicator would need to be a contribution of importance. So that nothing is left out from the comparison for registering all forms of vibrations to create proof of the missing link of creation.

The major progress of this doctrine is logical in its explanation, far from hypothetical in its factuality, and not coincidental in its form of deciphering.
Let me now jump back upon the circuitry needed for the attentive correspondence of the slow wave indicator; as indicated, this resembles a MINI-ENCEPHALOGRAM, but without the photographic effect. It resembles what is called the RADIO-TELEPHONE, by using both bodies of knowledge of RADIO-ASTRONOMY and RADIO-CHEMISTRY and adding a substantial amount of knowledge relating to RADIOLOGY, as a purative consolation to the circuitry’s mechanism.
The most sensitive should be used such as the SERVO MECHANISM, connected to the SERVO-MOTOR, applying these for registration of the wave (as it is slow, so it is weak). As for the OZONIUM TUBE, you can refer to the MINI OZONIZER. The mentioned function includes the POLYGRAPH REGENERIZER grafted and manufactured in a minicomputerized disc or chip, fully functional.
Another part is the GYROSTAT. This too is applicable in mini-shape as a SCANNER TYPE of recording. Yet, we still include the resemblance of the GYROSTAT. The SPIRAL PROTOSTAT ensures that the origin of the vibration wave being traced is that which is analyzed.
Let me add the importance of ensuring that accurate parts are included for applying electromagnetically the process of SINGULAR CROSS TRANSFERENCE, for the process here is used after the wave absorption has been picked up. This creates a type of fusion by what is called POLYMERIZATION; changing the picked up vibrations’ molecular arrangement creates from it a new, stronger compound having the same percentage of composition, creating a type of vibrational three-dimensional fusion, or cross linking.
Another part is called the VIBROSCOPE, along with its back support, the MINI-VIBRATION UNIT. The RESONATOR is also a needed part for the sensitivity of the slow wave indicator for its registration by addition of the proton cluster. The consideration here is that vibrational wave capacity at the speed of, for instance, the rock or wood is indeed almost perishable before identification can be made. So the proton benefits the cluster of electrons by creating the sensitivity for picking up the ALPHA particle and ALPHA RAYS. For as in the physical, one can use an ALPHA RHYTHM for deciphering different wave changes in the brain.
The SIGNAL DRAFT ADJUSTER: This piece of circuitry must be energized by a strong form of AMPERAGE (220amps) so that the consolidation of the MEGA RAYS will instantly coincide with the formation of the absorbed wave.
As additional reference to this documented information for the history of the future, with regard to the relationship of all creation to the link of the UNIVERSAL VIBRATIONAL MIND, the comparison revolving in all contributions will register in all energy forms such as the ALPHA, BETA, GAMMA, CATHODE RAYS, etc.
Alpha: Rays emitted with an initial velocity over a long range. Beta: Electrons identical with Cathode rays, with great penetrative power (opposite of the Alpha rays).
Gamma: Radiation of great power with wave lengths beyond the shortest X-Ray.
Cathode: An electrode used for passing of negative ions.
The radical differentiation concludes there is the possibility for evolving from life the ray wave of yet another mental energy, known to its processors as THE ULTRA VIOLET RAYS, resembling the OZONE FACTOR in its composition, but differing in its ability to be fused.

Analytically speaking and personally comparing the mind to a self mass—matter, energy, substance, and many, many qualities as a self. It develops self. It regroups and re-energizes self. It analyzes and reorganizes self. All this basically creates from the mental self, self-awareness.
In this regard, as mankind claims knowledge of the mind, then why does it not state the fact that the mind, which is its mental self, definitely exists in a productive kind of way, aside from the brain (part of the cranium)? The fact is that in most cases the mind is a form of self separate from the brain. How can one claim mental awareness of self and yet be totally oblivious to the potential of the mind? How, then, can they explain their lack of belief involving the mind, and yet claim to have a mental self-awareness with the developing and the constructing of all that exists? I mean, if mankind believes the mind to be a creation for developing and creating upon what they consider a large scale, then why is the powerful concept of the Universal Mind constantly ignored? Honestly, comparing and combining all the minds on planet earth...and putting them together as one for a measure, you would come up with no tangible measure as compared to the whole Universal Mind. I would not call that creating on a large scale.

Let us just say that we agree on the concept, that the brain, which is a formation of the mind, is yet and still an entity of its own, with its own features. Without the mind, which is self awareness accepted, how is it possible for the now existing physical mankind to claim proper operation of the brain, without realizing that it is the mind that feeds the brain and gives it life? The energy of the mind is the source that operates the brain for creating, such as language—yes, by the way of vibrational penetration upon the vital word processors of the brain. Without the mind, which is self-awareness, the brain is dead. How can you once say that the mind is awareness as the physical know it and then turn around and deny that the mind’s link with creation exists? This link does exist with all creation, as it is the way of the mind’s creation—a well balanced system, formulating in itself and reflecting itself as all creation by vibrational materialization and by the reproduction of a continuous flow of its own ingredients.
So in its own example of self-creation is the basis of all creation as a well balanced cycle, never ending, with no beginning, just a continuous regroupment of all its resources and all that it forms.

As I regroup the central composition of this documentation, it makes it very easy to create more interpretation of the mind. For example: As in an energy form, the mind’s capability is an undestructible type of vibration, having the potential power to infest and to manipulate all that it is; the mental energy part of the mind is radiant from every nook and cranny. It can be shaped and reshaped. There is no limit to the purification that the mind can formulate. There is no place where it does not thrive. It penetrates into other substances of its origin. It travels faster than the speed of light. It is considered the most tangible form of energy wave, for it is all of them combined. It is, to a limit though, able to withstand the stillness of non-productivity.
This would be compared to survival without mentality, which of course means the end. The breaking of the cycle, breaking of the Universal Mind power to create, would of course be the destruction of all that exists, meaning the MIND. Unless the people of all creation, physical and spiritual, can come up to a higher form of mental understanding; unless all creation begins to redevelop its existence as a mind, for the mind; unless the existence of all begins to operate as the mind’s battery to give the mind a very high dose of mental energy by accepting their link with, to, and from the Universal Mind; unless all this occurs in the near future of the mind, the mind will not have a future to look forward to, and neither will all its creation. Suddenly the mind will just vanish, and it shall take everything with it.

Mental awareness of the self,
Most creation has it sitting upon their empty shelf.
There it sits collecting dust,
So much dust, that around it has formed an ugly crust.
In other creations, it is as still as the statue or the bust.
There are some, however, that move it around from place to place,
And the memory of it they seem to erase.
As an ornament it hangs for some of you,
Just to feel proud of what for them it came to do.
Mental awareness, most claim this title
And never once share it with their mental,
Well, mental awareness to all i now present.
Even to those who want it not.
And especially to those who believe mental awareness they have got.
Why is this for you i do?
Well, because you are me and i am you.
Also, because i love you
And it makes me want to.
Mental awareness of self is the key
For developing the mentality.
It is in all, developable, from an ant to a tree,
From the bird to the bee,
From death to life
From husband and from wife.
If you feel that you as a mind have developed ideology,
What you have yet to develop is beyond eternity.
But if you wish, with just a bit of curiosity,
You can achieve a very high potential of mentality.
Just by accepting, after analysis,
The missing link of your creations reconnaissance
As being, in one form, a universal vibration,
From this point, shall begin your future mental education.
By first curing your mental retardation,
Then by connecting yourself as a vibration for purification,
Into the open and awaiting central formulation,
That once, with your mental awareness it has a link,
From this, the universe of the mind is for you to drink.
And mental awareness suddenly will be
Filling your reservoir that was empty.
Then from here, your mental awareness shall see
That the more it drinks, the more it has to fill.
So, quite naturally, it will not leave you standing still.
It will take you upon the journey of mental exploration.
It will educate you about its yearning for determination.
It will reveal to you the past, present, and the future.
It will teach you how to educate the mental defuser.
So that wherever you go, you will ignite
In your fellow man, you will turn on the light.
Your mental awareness is begging to be let out of its night.
Just give yourself the benefit of the doubt,
And let your mental awareness out,
Of this, to you, i shout.
For you as a mind, must realize how much you will lose
If freedom of your mental awareness you refuse.
The outcome of this decision, of course,
Is the end of all creation’s source
And the continuing of destruction and remorse.
This is for all creation to endorse,
From the physical source, to the wild horse.
There is no exception given,
To any creation, the insane, the greedy, or the criminal, all are forgiven,
If for mental awareness they begin living.
After all, it is for my mental awareness that this i share,
whether or not they care,
To refuse the development of my mind i would not dare,
So, with all this revelation i bring to you,
Indeed, this too, is for you to do,
For as we all called creation, emerge as one,
This means that mental awareness is for all, father, mother, daughter, and son.
For all of you who think with a separate entity,
Regarding the concept of your mentality,
I urge you now to stop wherever you are,
In the street, the sky, the house, or the car.
Stop for a minute or two
And give a thought twice, to what created you.
Open minded you must be,
So that your mental awareness can see
Past what you learned in your history.
From this moment of curiosity,
What you will discover about your mentality,
That it goes past and beyond that of your gravity.
You will discover that what makes you tick is actually the mind, based upon logic.
You will then be able to understand all that surrounds you, even the tiniest dust speck.

Such as the example here, is living proof that the educational source of the mind’s capacity goes beyond any ideals of mankind, for the endless source of knowledge being produced here has originated from a physical being that knows not even the meaning of achieving. In this state of mind we began our experiment involving the receiving end of my mental inspiration by way of linking two separate mentalities into one form of thought wave.
In the start, he was but a baby set loose on his own. Before he waited ‘till he was grown, this subject was put through a physical form of low life, until of all his mental awareness he was oblivious—walking, talking, listening, eating, and drinking. This was the only purpose his mind served. Now, since before this mind was given physical birth he was synchronized by preformulation of his energetical substance, as in all creation, once in physical shape and his moment came, his mentality was self-triggered into just a little level higher. From this, this mind suddenly was awakened to a whole new world that to his previous mental awareness did not exist. So, just from that bit of elevation of the mind, this subject was automatically drawn to this great new sensation called the curiosity of mental awareness. From there, with just a small amount of guidance, his mentality flew like a rocket ship, in straight course to its origin, the base, the central station of the Universal Mind, where he experienced along in his two-year duration of mental development a new life in a new world with every level that his mind climbed. The higher he flew, the faster and the stronger was his mind development. And not only affecting the mental awareness of self but his accomplishment was by being in link with the central base of the Universal Mind; his development was so strong that it affected, reenergized, and redeveloped all creation that was receptive, which were by number, millions of entities, felt the mental take off from his physical low life to his oneness with the purist part of the mind.

Along with all this is the fact that now, the mental awareness of the mind and self that he developed has reached such a point that all knowledge is for him as a mind to hold. In fact, all of this writing that has transpired here was written by a mind that once knew not the meaning of mental awareness. What this is saying is when one develops his mental awareness and links with the mind’s central origin, that one will be able to prove to himself and to all creation that what one knows not, does not mean it is non-existing. It also applies that the already accumulated portion of knowledge, existing in the low level state of mind will not totally disappear; it would merely move over to make room for all incoming knowledge.
So in this way, the mental state always stores knowledge by capacity; and at the time needed, the information stored by the brain part of the mind is neutralized by the mental wave rays, which makes the brain automatically go into search mode and bring out the required information. So to say, if one does not fill one’s mind with knowledge eternal, when one goes searching with his mind inside the brain’s function, one will find that the brain’s storeroom for knowledge is empty, thus creating immediate confusion of one’s personality. This makes that self become self-conscious, for the brain was created by the mind for the mind to hold the answers to all questions, to give feedback in logic and fact. Thus, by knowing the answers, one stays on the positive side. But if one looks for answers from the self and finds that his brain is empty from lack of mental awareness, one will automatically follow the path of negativity due to the confusion from being empty. This is the purpose of the brain, built with and by the sensitivity of the mind, the awareness of the mind, and the sustained substance of the mind, created to steer physical bodies on the correct paths, with the mind being the direction and path made available for the brain to drive the body on.
The brain is as the mind’s control station to the body. When the mind develops, does too the brain. And chain reaction on course to the rest of the physical body. So with the brain being of mental substance, it is very receptive to the nourishment of knowledge that the mind feeds into the brain storage room.
Once there, there is a function created in the brain for controlling the being to the purity stage for the input of knowledge by the mind; this is called the PURITY MECHANISM. As the brain’s purity function, it automatically analyzes the good and healthy information that has been fed into the brain, and it absorbs this positive information on through to the storage room, where it will be saved until it is called out.

But just as with analyzing the good information, it has also another function: that is to throw out of the brain’s feeding system any bad and harmful information that is trying to sneak in (similar to the body’s function of throwing up what for it is not meant). The sad part about this is that mankind has ignorantly put the brain through so much suffering due to its lack of mental knowledge, that the purity mechanism that was implanted for the protection of one’s personality as a whole has been damaged and defused. It needs to be replaced by a new, stronger purity mechanism that can only be installed by the redevelopment of mental awareness so that then, the newly more aware, freed mind can go to work on the brain and strengthen the growth of a new purity mechanism. From there the new purity mechanism takes over the purification of the body and soul through the brain and support of the positive mental input. This is the major step for the continued positive survival and development of all creation, that is mind, which is all that exists.
This regrowth of the purity mechanism ....continued in "The Mind" section B


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