The Mind (B)

Continued from The Mind (A)...will be the first malfunction to be healed from mankind’s self-destruction. And indeed, note this to be a major step towards creating a heaven upon the physical earth. For with the purity mechanism restored to perfect health, 25% of the negativity that is plaguing upon the souls of the physical will be taken care of. Twenty-five percent of the negative pressure will be released; yet another malfunction of the brain caused by the lack of mental awareness to the mind as self is the part of the brain called the SWITCH FOR ANALYSIS. The mind, in its construction of the brain, created this switch fully equipped with all of its own talents.

This switch for analysis was implanted by the mind to control the beings of LOGIC, FACT, SENSIBILITY, and the power to CLARIFY with ease any problem or situation, harmful or not, that the brain receives in its storage room.
Now, this switch performs the duty of absorbing input of knowledge given to it by the purity mechanism; this switch automatically puts the information in its own type of DATA BANK and receives, separates, organizes, and analyzes all the information being received.
This switch is preprogrammed by the mind to know the difference between positive and negative, between the answer or the question, between logic as being fact (not faith in the denial of the mind), between analysis and plain guessing. It will automatically erase what is waste; it will solve a problem instantly and feed back the answer with respect to logic and fact. All this is the responsibility of one switch. It is indeed a heavy one, for it must keep the personality from losing self-control and creating senselessly a destructive path. What is needed to cure this switch for analysis is, again, the same medicine that cured the last malfunction. The reason for this switch’s failure to cooperate with its body, the brain, is again the same reason that mankind does not cooperate with its originality, the Universal Mind.

So, since this malfunction occurred due to the lack of self curiosity, which made the switch deteriorate from lack of use, it must be redeveloped into the body that holds it safe, which is the brain. But before this can occur, by the encouragement of physical self, one must order this brain to plant another switch of analysis seed; by one’s self promise to water the seed with the purest form of water, the mental formation of a positive shower or bath must be applied upon the seed everyday so that it will grow into the perfect example of analysis. And once it grows and is reprogrammed by the positive mental flow of thought, it will take over on its own and once again be a very important contribution for the safety of the brain and its body. Then, from this cure, we take out yet another 25% of negative waves thriving upon the enjoyment of destructive inspiration. With this, we have reperfected two separate and major malfunctions of the brain that were greatly interfering with the continued development of the mind.

These two cures, equaling 50% of earth’s destruction, leave us with another 50% belonging to the disease of GREED. And once this disease is cured, it will make 100% of negative cleansing, which will leave only the positive thriving towards the total absorption of the eternal knowledge, towards the highest potential for developing the mind. From this, the mental cosmic universal chain reaction goes out and invites the beyond of the immediate reach and conquers the destruction of the UNIWIDE CREATION.

OH, no, I have not skipped over the last cure. I was just releasing a burst of excitement from the description of that final moment. The disease of greed; now this is the major contributor to the lack of mental acceptance of the self. The vibrations emanating from a person who has been contaminated by this disease poke out from the physical body about two feet thick. This form of sickness to the mind is the most dangerous and destructive of all. It is compared to NITRIC ACID, for once the whiff of greed contaminates a soul’s mind, the effect is devastating, for it seeps into the origin of the mind’s purest level.

Greed is the only disease known to have a penetration of this strength upon the power of creation, the mind. As it first contaminates, it uses a form of deceiving cover that makes the soul that it approaches oblivious to its plan for destruction of life. There is a variation of its style of penetration. It could contaminate by the shake of the hand, or it could convince the boldest of all mankind that it is going to help by giving them a materialistic dream of a GOLDEN FORTUNE just waiting to be theirs.

It could take advantage of the weak by offering to give them strength so that they can revenge their treatment by their fellow men.
It could penetrate the naive by offering: whatever you want can be yours—only the door for it to enter is what will show from what it has to give.
It can penetrate the rich by making them want more. It can even penetrate the poor, by offering them money for their SOUL. OH yes, greed is very harmful once it is let in. It penetrates the brain and burns in it a hole so big that there is nothing left but a trace of its vapor. It can seep into the heart and stop it from breathing. It can form a shadow over the eyes so that even when they are open, one cannot see. Its favorite deed is to turn all beauty that it touches into the ugliness of hate.

I could go on, but this is enough. Of all the destruction that greed has claimed, the biggest penetration for another attempt to destruct life is the contamination of 50% of the entire physical population, of which the majority are in very high leadership status. Greed is there, affecting every decision. Against all mankind of the mind, their manipulating and plotting contains the destruction of creation. Its goal is known to the Universal Vibration, and it has been known since the day of its creation.

When greed, as a cell, first escaped from the uncompleted formulation of the birth of the Universal Vibration, it was then just a harmless form in the shape of the anatomy’s cell. And while the incubation stage had released its hold upon the reorganization of the molecular components so that the cellular structure can begin its fermentation stage, this little harmless cell of creation became unglued from the incubation effect and entered into an unbalanced, unformulated, incompleted structure of thermonuclear convulsion, where the process of atomic fusion was just in its height for formulating the first sign of MASS ENERGY. So as this little cell was out of place in the order of nature, it instantly became infected by what is a GLUTEUS cellulation that was still in its PHARMACOLOGY STAGE, where its potency was just being analyzed. The result of damage to the parted cell was infection, and its mental potential became distorted and unorganized. After a time of evolving, this cell, however, did not lose its process for duplication of self. After a time, this cell gave birth to an untold and unimaginable amount of mentally retarded cells. Somehow, in its evolvement it had been reformed into and similar to what is known as the PARASITE; eternally thriving upon the blood of all creation with its active will to survive, it has managed to travel in many different ways to many various directions totally out of control and looking for any soul to infest its germ.

So as creation began evolving from the now completed vibration of pure productive energy, and because I kept up my constant removal of this infected energy of mental life, it had vowed a kind of revenge against creation, for its will to survive grew stronger with every stage of its mitosis. Now it has become very powerful and very selfish, for now this germ will do anything in the form of deceit to keep its kind alive. For every move I make to better the bad, it contaminates and destroys to make up the difference by replacing the good with the bad, the humble with the greedy.

So I hope this explanation clarifies the fairy tale that was made up by its own way of covering and misleading itself to the pure and for the agonizing continuous attack upon the Universal Vibration, which is the mind of all creation—the good and the pure of the construction that makes up all forms of mind energy. This fairy tale had been from the start just a deceiving form for keeping the truth of its real actuality, as to what is now called the DEVIL, eternally existing against the opposite of its kind, known to the physical as GOD, “THE UNIVERSAL MIND.”

The clarification of this story was a must so that the concept of evil is not just blamed upon one contaminated soul. For in actuality, in the same way that the goodness of the mind affects creation, the opposite of the good energy, which is also infecting, is the contribution of all existing destructive evil, which now has infinitely infected the physical number in mass.

In accordance with the law of nature, the direction of all that is created by nature must go in the direction that is natural. Since all creation originated from a positive source of energy, then the nature of creation is a positive one, which means that once an energy source has adapted into a positive form, it will eternally exist as a subconscious trait if the conscious one has slipped away.

So from this, for one who has slipped his positive state into the subconscious, all one would have to do is become mentally aware of this, and then one can use his mind to bring out the still existing positive state that was thought to be nonexistent. Logically, it is not that difficult to create from a negative state a positive one. Just clear acceptance that the positive still exists and is waiting to be revived will revive it. As an example: “A person is waiting for a car to approach and give him a lift. He waits for hours inside a restaurant and never once looks through the open window to see if his ride has come, while the whole time the car was parked outside waiting for him to show up. In this predicament, you have two potential powers, both standing still without taking any action.” Similarly, if the soul in the restaurant does not walk out to find and use his ride, then his opportunity will be lost.

Let me explain: the importance of mental growth is basically the rebuilding of an individual part of the universal mind, which has periodically assumed a position in favor of the development of itself to the level with the whole. In a manner of speaking, any self entity of the mind has the freedom of choice to directly link with its source. This entity’s sustenance must sooner or later revert to a position of facing its truth. At that time it will automatically convert to the preregistered thought that it was birthed to carry, which will be the question of either survival as a nonoperative existence or donating its eternal existence for the development of the base center as a whole. Of course, it will also reflect upon its own level of nature. Its choice will be making the decision of its nature on its own. The effect from this will reflect instantly, thus preserving its right to exist for the development of its mind. In this manner the growth of the individual takes a course of action toward initiating its stand for the everlasting and evolving mental rotation. As having made the choice for dedication to the mind, it will do all it can to serve for and by the existence of its creation, to purify and to enlarge its own capacity of development as a part of the Universal Mind. It will eternally vow to better its self-awareness to its highest form, creating a conscious reflection parallel to all creation. It will dictate, by self analysis, a path along with the hygienic bases of life it is made of. Thus, from a mere minute mental existence is rebirthed a larger, more developed association, conceived and created to create from the creation of all mind a duplicate energy, coexisting in a singular dimension and thriving upon the sensation of self-awareness, purifying all that is implanted into its structural mass of matter and picking up along its path any struggling existence of mind, no matter of what substance or form. It will either fill for strengthening of that non-realized straggler or it will simply take of itself a part of its own well developed mind and intertwine that into a thought wave pattern, creating from that struggling self a type of fusion similar to the mind’s creation, which will rebirth the molecular structure of this almost mindless self into a brand new mind, to carry on with its own form of mental awareness.

From this becomes a growth of a systematical composition in favor of the mind and becomes a connected recreation of the mind that has just given from itself for saving the almost defused state, from which are produced two individual entities. One is the savior and the other in turn gives back the donated energy of itself by surviving and developing into a form of mind awareness. From two, becomes one identical unity of mind. In this example is how the future of the physical mind will be revived from its almost mindless state into a brand new, pure mental vibration united as one, from the donated part that is being offered as the survival connection.

So, once the mind of the donator has given a part of itself to the mind of the needy, this will evolve the physical mental awareness and create from its mindless state a thriving, self producing mind; which in turn will be given back from this new survival a unity with the whole of the mind, and it will donate its total existence, from physical and up towards energizing and redeveloping the donator’s mind, at the same time charging up the level of its own now as one mental state for eternal life as it is known, the Universal Mind. In this is how the unity upon physical earth shall prevail.

Even though I donate a very large part of mental awareness for the saving of earth’s mental existence, this I do gratefully. For I know that from my sacrifice I shall in turn be given back much more than I had donated. I will be given back my physical and spiritual creation that I, the Universal Mind, formed from a form of energy; I will be given back the missing link of my creation and I will be given back my energy as a whole by the development of my almost mindless physical state. From this I, as a whole mind, shall become eternally purified to the utmost of my capacity, to eternally exist without a part missing from my whole.

Now I leave it up to you as a physical mind; if you could be given all this, would you not donate from your mental self to save another mental self? So that together you can become twice as pure and twice as strong? This is all that would be asked of you, just to donate what is for you the healthy positive life of the mind and help save your fellow mankind.

So, in conclusion, let this be known: This documented explanation of the mind
1 1-1-84


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