The New Beginning

Wave after wave the tidal rolls over,
Then spreads level like the leaves of the clover.
The ocean smashes against the rock,
Making music like the chime of the clock.
The waters calm, they lay,
Upon the sea, the sun shines a beautiful day.
Stripes of color the rainbow makes,
Molds of sculpture are imbedded in the sandy cakes.
Thus beauty is made from the beast,
The beast that once was far from least.
After the sea is calm,
The vision of God shall appear upon every palm.
Every soul shall walk upon the waters of salvation.
Every soul shall relate with the Universal Creation.
The energy of thermo-nuclear intervention,
Shall be used for reproduction of mass vegetation
Through defusion of the molecular reconstruction
Of the cellular connection,
In each protosonic, organic and synthetic copulation.
After the massive reproduction of the enzyme and chromosomic tissue,
Penetration of physical deficiencies is the next issue.
The physical dilemma is indeed a depressive state!
So let us open up the medicated gate
And clear up the infectious fate,
Then the pain of humanity shall forever diminish,
Physical immunity, shall replenish....
By this state, the nation of mankind shall begin to flourish.
Let me reveal here that this is not the end you fear,
But the new beginning that is near.
The new phase
The new era
The new age
The new race
The new century
The new page
The new history
The new freedom
The new awareness,
The new kingdom
The new cleanliness
The new positivity
The new progress
The new purity
The new address
The new approach
The new flame
The new torch
The new name
The new identity
The new light
The new productivity
The new fight
The new sensitivity
The new sign
The new power
The new design
The new flower
The new outreach
The new handout
The new peace speech
The new peace shout
The new concept
The new rejuvenation
The new respect
The new foundation
The new advance
The new vibration
The new trance
The new oneness
The new connection
The new tenderness
The new objection
The new medicine
The new care
The new lesson
The new glare
The new beginning
The new day
The new singing
The new way
The new goal
The new mind
The new soul
The new mankind
The new unity
The new path
The new creativity
The new math
The pounding of the drum sound,
The earth tremor, moving the ground.
The deep silence of connecting notes,
The people at each other’s throats.
The argument of bewildered voices,
The puzzlement of many choices,
The contrast repetition is defeated,
The result of the probe-blast is happily greeted.
Finally, the negativity has retreated.
For the new beginning all this has been recorded.
What all this book was written for is the basis of equality,
For bringing together the physical mentality,
With all creativity,
To become as one with the universal entity,
With this final documentation,
I give to the physical mental creation,
I, as the mind with the most developed formulation,
I give as part of myself, what is to be the savior of civilization,
In my name, I hereby donate,
What will give a new mind back to the mindless state,
For all of the physical that are leading the life of the low,
And to all the spiritual, that are lost and know not where to go.
To all creation from their creation,
This is my DEDICATION.
After which follows my INTRODUCTION,
To this materialization,
That comes complete with picture interpretation,
THE SPIRIT ART WORK is their inscription,
To give a visual guide, About the mentality on the other side,
Which is followed by the INSPIRATION from the Universal Mind.
Inspired to be the example of proof to mankind,
By receiving in a form called TRANCE-SCANNING,
Which means, two separate mental thoughts combining,
To create the impossibility just by trying,
To come together for a new beginning,
By adding the power of the mind to the hand,
And by direct mental effect upon THE PITUITARY GLAND,
In the start, it is shown in an illustration,
Illustrated to show our connection,
And the ability of mental concentration,
Which can be applied by reviving what is known as THE HEIRA-CELL,
Once revived, to the Pituitary Gland it has much to tell,
About the many discoveries in the Universal Well.
As for now this cell has not been discovered, for it is well hidden,
Now that it is known, I am sure the search will not be a burden.
Since it has been hiding from physical suspension,
For it to be found there must be a fine inspection,
Going beyond the medical restriction,
Which will create the sudden realization,
That there truly exists, that other dimension.
From here, you are on your way to the mental awareness of perfection,
Which is the reality to this book of revelation.
Now, I put the power of this vibration,
Into your sensible dedication.
Let this Godly persuasion
Be passed from all and every direction,
So that, my mental extension,
Will revive all the mental rejection,
By using or forming a Godly organization,
You can create a wide and unusual demand,
That will cause this book to fall in each and every hand,
Which will bring me together with the cast and the outcast,
Creating from these, joy and song with sound of a blast,
With everyone cheering! ! ! I FOUND GOD, AT LONG LAST.
After a time, every poem will be sung by all,
The words will be quoted in every class and hall,
The echoes of starving mentalities, searching for this book, that overnight has become a hit,
With everyone claiming, a different message is what did it.
Some will say: “We are freed for God has made his way”.
Others will shout and holler:
“ Now I can speak out instead of being the silencer”.
Everyone will agree, upon these words of beauty,
They will say THE WORDS OF LOVE were written truly.
From here, physical life will begin to flourish newly,
Bringing together each and every parted family.
From the old to the young,
For now, the old has learned to understand THE CHILDREN.
And the young generation,
Has begun forming with the old a COMMUNICATION.
Everyone will be so happy inside,
That all will be forgotten about the word SUICIDE.
With this sudden change taking place,
The reality of the truth everyone will be able to face
And so begins, the physical race,
Towards reuniting with God’s grace.
By reaching this point, with patience,
Will begin the awakening of the lowest, confused and the helpless.
Bringing out these, into mental awareness,
Makes the fact that MAN IS MAN AND WOMAN IS WOMAN, hard to miss.
But by trying to prove the opposite, will only create feelings of regret,
That going against nature, leaves nature never to forget,
The pain and suffering that from mankind’s confused intimacy,
Has put nature into a state of depravity.
Where is the love for God, that all of you claim?
If the love of God was truly your aim,
Then you would have never put nature’s name,
Through such a shame.
Blessed are those that awaken from this,
Into the ever awaiting arms of the mental bliss,
That is waiting to hug your mental awareness.
So that with each other mankind can form a better HUMAN RELATION called togetherness.
Following still, is another lesson about,
How to stop the mentality from being snuffed out.
This act by physical law is what gives the killer clout.
By and in my name this task should not be willed.
The law of the uncivil, is the one that has spilled,
In life, the majority of blood And then claiming this in the name of God.
These man-made laws have eternally, of the mentality burned.
So in this book is presented the WORDS OF CONFUCIUS as a teacher returned,
To bring back the true meaning of civilization
And to give the new generation The positive direction
By relating with each other, in the language of POSITIVE THINKING.
Will make mankind positively ready of mental knowledge to start drinking.
Nothing will they face, that fearfully will start their eyes blinking,
By being ready to dip into the pool of knowledge eternal,
Will make any fears they may have, even the thermal,
Disappear into the dimension of the eternal infernal.
From this effect, the Universal Mind,
Is ready and willing to reveal to mankind,
What they were never told,
Which means, on with the journey into THE SPIRIT WORLD.
The new adventure into the other planes and their dimension.
Gladly they will go, for they will have God’s PROTECTION.
By the realization of the other ordains,
Will develop their mentality to higher gains.
Then, it will be mankind’s turn to open their arms, for
And accepting it as God’s, from up above.
In having given hope, to all that were hopelessly shallow,
Will open the minds of the leaders, into the right
As it has been written, so shall it be,
This law is in the example of me.
That no mind can pass up the chance to create fruit upon the tree.
So with this, no mentality can refuse logic and FACTS.
For these two protect it from all forms of attacks.
And they place a positive guide upon all physical backs.
Which will form into the dimension of negativity very big cracks.
So, with this power to realize,
For SPIRITUAL HEALING, no one should criticize.
With this, we have reached the point of the confrontation,
With the all mighty cycle of rotation,
To clarify the clarification,
Which will be added as the new and the only form of evolution.
But what of the objection!!!?
Well, to anyone who raises this illogical argument,
Even the creation of the ape has its own form of SPIRIT DEVELOPMENT.
To ask, from whence did the physical become confused of their actuality?
Since the beginning of mankind’s’ ways towards complexity
And their nonrelation with their reality,
Which is the concept of simplicity.
Physical creation was formed for a simple reason,
To live, love and share with trust not treason.
To thrive solely for the development of their mentality,
Which in actuality, is a simple form of energy.
But by using the freedom of choice,
Mankind began listening, to the wrong voice,
Which was saying: “The harder you people try to evolve,
The more problems you can solve”.
But without realizing that then, there were no problems for them to resolve.
So, blindly being lead in this way of life, they began complicating.
The more they try to solve, the more problems they were creating,
And still till this day, they are not realizing,
That physical life was meant to be simple and free of complication,
The only task was living by the simplified mental and spiritual education.
That by now would have developed their mental association,
Past the technical mental opposition,
Past the chemically infested form of nutrition,
Past the racial and ethnical differentiation,
For all these are rated as a very low mental evaluation.
So, WHY, was the concept of creation misunderstood,
Because, mankind couldn’t believe that the healthy, simple, mental existence was good.
After reading of and in HOW, you can compare what has been presented,
To say that mankind has been, by their own, endlessly misrepresented,
For the weak, were not strong enough to lead,
And the strong leadership type kept the weak from being freed.
Because of this, many fell into the hands of greed.
So by the way of reincarnation, has been planted yet another positive seed.
And in WHERE you all must take heed,
For the sake of all mental vibration,
There must be a mental purification
Of all physical and spiritual donation.
So that one can form the proper solution,
Instead of destructive confusion as a conclusion.
All this by all must be taken as action, to undo what has been done,
And by being ready for action, then, is WHEN it will be won.
Not just for who’s sake is this resurrection
But for the sake of all creation.
The resurrection of the Universal Mind,
For the correction of the mindless physical kind,
To correct the wrong that they have done,
Is the resurrection of WHO in, to a flower from a gun,
To uncover the exploitation of mankind by mankind,
To uncover the greed that has made them blind,
Causing negativity to run and hide,
For this has opened the door, to enter the Universal Mind.
As THE MIND makes its entrance,
Not a single drop will have a chance
For this is creation that has penetrated their glance.
For this is the mind of creation,
Penetrating for the purpose of a recreation,
Of the mindless formulation,
Called the physical part of the Universal Vibration,
The physical creation, that to the mind means a contribution,
Thusly, having been formed from the universal energy
And having been gifted to look exactly,
As the God’s entity, As the phrase is known,
God, in his creation, the physical was grown.
So, in having been created by the creator to create the minds vibration,
So too, you were given the power of the mind to mentally ANALYZE.
To analyze all that you confront, or what may confront you,
This is a gift to use, but not many do.
It is indeed the power of the mentality,
To be able to analyze its creativity
And come up with the answer, to the logic of its originality.
So that they can unveil RELIGION as a reality instead of an assumption
And reshape the meaning of it, into a spiritual and mental definition,
For by now, you all have witnessed the uncovering of the religion users,
With the intent to cheat and steal by being abusers
And deceivingly giving hope to whom they call losers.
By doing this, they become the mentality defusers,
And thus they shall be forced out in the open, to face their infliction,
Which will create from their bad intention,
From this self rehabilitation,
These and all other mindless defusion,
Will come together with this book’s DECLARATION,
Which to them, it will be stating quite a revelation.
The words spoken, will sound like thunder,
WAKE UP PEOPLE, can you not see that you are going under?
This will bring out the negativity that is hiding, from disgrace.
Upon its knees, “Forgive me, Oh LORD my grace”
Thus creating the final surrender of God’s opposition for good.
And formulating it, into the pure essence of its Godlihood.
At this time, the raising of the Universal Flag for PEACE,
Which controls the fighting to forever cease.
Then, in turn, the uniting of all the physical MINDS IN POWER
To discuss THE REVELATION of “From a Gun to a Flower”.
At last, comeths that final hour,
Where, of the once mindless state, has been revived
And mankind can now stand to be applauded for having survived.
This is the moment of whence I will have arrived.
By this meaning, it is for believing,
Of my vibration, will appear by materialization,
To give a full vision to all this physical mental recreation,
From myself to mankind, I will appear to gift yet another presentation,
I will gift to mankind FORGIVENESS AND SALVATION.
Causing their mind to start to IMAGINE,
For when they are finally able to see my pageant,
The key to self awareness, they will suddenly realize,
With this they will begin to analyze,
How to create and VISUALIZE
With the same power that I use to materialize.
This will stop the flow of their cries.
And wipe the tears from their eyes,
So that they too can begin to see themselves, the way that I SEE them,
As the proud and the pure, never again bending down to negativity’s every whim.
What a plan, is it not?
It will be a day never to be forgot,
For, to have come this far, with THE PLAN
And for the plan to be formed in another world of man,
Where there, it was tested and perfected by the recreation of that world,
That once was in the same negative hold.
So, for this plan to succeed again is a very strong probability,
That comes from learning and teaching, that for one to achieve an impossibility,
Does not only need a very strong mental determination,
But it also takes the will and self dedication,
In completing one’s PREPARATION
To achieve and succeed in their OBLIGATION
So, by this form of philosophy, one can accomplish mental salvation
Of an almost mindless vibration,
By salvaging and reformulating the essence of its creation.
From this recreation, one has the mental power to create from mere WORDS,
A reality of saving not only one, but all the worlds.
But before the achievement, must first come the mental self awareness,
That makes THE FINAL correction be one in fairness,
So that it leaves room for future analyzation before the last measure,
Is taken to bring about the successful CLOSURE.
All this description,
Must be for all and by all the attention,
I repeat, only by being self awared and attentive,
Can mankind make THE RIGHT DECISION to live,
Only with the right FINAL CHOICE, will you learn how to forgive
And by forgiving your fellow mankind for the pain upon you he did inflict,
Is the only way to end the rotation of the vengeance circuit.
Punishment is not your task,
Only the nature of God, can of this ask.
When I said: “Do unto others, as you would like them for you to do,”
This meant, Do unto others, with a heart and soul that is true,
Do unto others, with the intent to create
And they in turn will reward you with love not hate.
These words have been used for every which way,
But never used in the meaning of what they say,
Even when they are used in a form of pray,
They are merely spoken as part of a religious play.
This phrase and many more are taken and used in a manner opposite of what I gave them to mean.
For the correction of these in accordance with the laws of God should not merely be a dream,
These as laws of the Univasal Mind are not hard to swallow,
They were given by the mind, through the mind, as the right direction to follow.
Do not let this too, as part of God, be a dream that remains hollow.
Create the new beginning with a pride that lights up your halo.
Allow this part donated to melt the hearts that are frozen.
So that we together can unite all mankind,
To live in the HOUSE OF GOD (The Universal Mind).
With this bringing to life the Unity Sign,
As designated in THE OUTLINE.
After knowing all this, no mentality can refuse,
There is no where to run, please do not just continue to excuse,
All the destruction by the mental misuse.
Let the bell start ringing,
THE NEW BEGINNING, Not the ending.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
without permission.