The Obligation

Who am I?....Am I a man reliving history?
Or am I a man fulfilling a destiny?
From nothing until suddenly,
I became a man to achieve an impossibility.
What makes me the man with this unique ability?
Is it my curiosity?
Is it my integrity?
Or is it just my sincerity,
To this reality?
As a man of your dedication, What is my obligation?

An answer to your investigation,
The honor of reincarnation,
Is a great reputation
For a man without education.
But the real revelation
Is the fact that you are a man with no discrimination
Towards any form of obligation.
With no hesitation
Or any problem with communication,
A man of this stature and qualification
Needs no identification
Just a Godly reputation
And a strong situation
Into the Universal Vibration.
What you are or who you are has no affiliation,
For the real reality is with your destination.
As a man, you have been placed in a complicated historical situation
That defies the law of gratification
And delivers the correct and only implication
That speaks out for correction and rehabilitation.
A historical situation that brings forth a confrontation
Between physical, mental and spiritual vibration,
Your obligation is to bring about the final ever awaited resurrection
Of a knowledge that gives compunction,
For any and all facing this accusation
The upcoming inspection,
Of your people’s reputation,
There shall not be a repetition.
It shall be the ultimate conclusion,
Of all forms of harmful intrusion.
In earth’s case there is no exclusion.
Hard to believe or not, this has no contribution.
As a man you must swallow the realization
That you are the actual declaration.
There is no need for excitation
You shall receive your monumental deliberation
For without your vibration there is no salvation.
As my deliverer you must strive for perfection
Of your self and your education.
Be not the question
But the explanation.
Be not the unexpected
But the expectation.
Amazement is not your position,
But the memory of your inquisition,
Responsiveness is your reception.
Be the deliverer of my vibration
And your task shall emerge as a victorious completion.
Of your dedication as a savior of physical preservation,
With no hesitation should you move,
Swiftly is your stride of this to prove.
As my messenger you are to be bold,
For in your hands, the key of freedom is what you hold.
Be at ease and feel secure,
For we are sure,
That you shall deliver the cure,
To save the mentally poor,
For this you have been chosen and created for.
Be not the puppet but the string.
You shall be the song that they shall sing.
You shall be the peace that I shall bring.
After the first sting,
Your destination
Shall be your life’s duration.
You shall be asked for a continuation,
For this only documentation
But we shall not deliver another expectation,
For this will be the FINAL DECLARATION.
There is proof in our creation,
The proof is the actual physical materialization.
Of my vibration.
After the second sting,
Creating the new beginning.
You are now the creator of creation,
And the teacher of a new generation.
You are now the father of spiritual education.
You shall be placed upon the highest figuration
As a reminder of the continuation of my Universal Vibration.
As an ending resolution,
Words of my reputation:
With all that you receive, you should GIVE.
And for those who enter your domain FORGIVE.
SHARE my land as you SHARE in my belief.
You are all as equal, in this believe.
Being mind, body and soul is trinity,
Take the part of being mind and soul forgetting not humanly
The SON equals the PHYSICAL KIND,
And the SPIRIT with the ethereal it is assigned
You must reach down from your level to grasp the physical feeling,
For this you must do for them, there need not be any kneeling,
They shall come to you with physical needs to answer,
Your answer should be like the cure for cancer,
Educating the physical, comes through the mental and spiritual.
A question should be received cautiously
But the answer should come through bravery
Attempting to cure a mentality
Is a step towards curing insanity,
Accepting your position
Is accepting a sacrificial proposition.
You must sacrifice yourself to save the rest
And your next life shall be the best.
Sacrificing your physical way of life is not an easy task
But when you of yourself sacrifice we shall remove your mask
Your sacrifice is the match to light the torch of flame
From your sacrifice you shall achieve eternal fame.
A direct current from me to you since you have swallowed the realization.
You must resist the physical temptation
For you shall be tested from every direction.
This is to follow your obligation
There is need for internal formulation of body and spirit triplication,
Being the master and controller of your vibration
Adds to your sense of destination
Adding a dash of lubrication
Comes from the squeeze of resuscitation.
The reason for these few late accumulations
Is not your decision
But merely considered a part of the revision
A project of this precision
Needs total purity before the final incision.
Remember the road of your destiny
Way before your actuality
Your existence physically
Is due to this probability.
The point of no return
Comes from the grounds of and after the churn
The seed was formed henceforth in this point of view
This means from you,
Coming together in the end
Both hands touching straight up with no bend
Rubbing them quickly for a certain sensation
That shall directly effect your solidation
An interconnection with the descension
Creating a whirlpool of magnetization
The fabrication
The reverse triplication;
And the actual penetration
This was your historical definition
And so shall it be the futuristic revelation.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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