The Outline

And now that all is accomplished, we must combine,
The basis of happiness as an outline
With this, this book I shall sign.
The future, the world of earth no longer has to struggle,
The people shall overcome the crumble
And the meaning of happiness shall quadruple,
Included are all the minds of the feeble,
And then the salt of the earth can be considered edible,
The name of suffering and misery shall diminish,
From the knowledge you hold, this you can replenish,
Imagine the state of your people, seeing us without preparation,
That would be like a surgeon without a licensed education,
Or earth actually following through with their destruction,
What else could be done to save the earth?
Simple, nothing, this book offers a new birth,
A simpler method could not be made available,
Any other way would be quite unstable,
And earth shall never be savable,
You as a reader,
And of this book as a holder,
Your absorbing the material has just made you much bolder,
Do not just put it away in your folder,
Go out in your world and give a helping hand,
Try and secure those who do not understand,
Produce from yourself that building power,
After all you have just changed FROM A GUN TO A FLOWER.
Nothing you accomplish shall ever again be sour,
And of no other mentality shall you cower,
Be it lower or one that is higher,
Prove to all your people your identity as a flower,
By doing this, you shall bring out your healing power,
And achieve success from your every minute and hour,
By proving your identity as a flower,
You have just received a gift of mental telepathy,
And with this you too can communicate with me,
All this offered to you for accepting the spiritual existency,
An existency that truly exists,
A form of mental instincts,
As proof I have given this book written by experts,
This book contains knowledge delivered by a very pure and high vibration,
The creator of this delegation,
And of this delegations’ creation,
In this book is a documentation,
Written to save earth’s population,
But truly it is worth much more than just dedication.
It is written to save your existing form of vibration,
Even to the lowest of spiritual interpretation,
So what precisely I bring to your attention,
Is that this is the message of salvation,
That all have been waiting for,
The messages of the past could not open the door,
For the believers were not an even score,
This is salvation,
This is re-incarnation,
This is a spiritual presentation,
The repeating of history has once again prevailed
To save all the ones whom have been innocently jailed,
To save all the ones whom have forever failed,
To explain the real message of the ones that have been so proudly hailed, Included is the message of the one that at one time had been nailed,
All this shall bring to your view a picture that has been behind,
Now with all of this, it can truly be signed,
By me the purist part of your mind,
This signature you do not have to find,
It can even be seen by the ones that are truly blind,
Creator and creation of every physical planet and nation,
And every spiritual combination,
The Universe and its variation,
This is my pronunciation
The Universal vibration,
Created for creation
By my own cellular incubation,
The power of the mind is mightier than the sword.
The power of the mind is what makes the slave, the lord.
The power of curiosity creates excitement from the bored.
The power that we all share,
Shall now introduce more words of prayer.
From my view, I have witnessed many different concepts.
And from your family’s surroundings there are no rejects,
But for the safety of all creation,
I must intervene with a pronunciation.
I must pronounce a clear definition,
Of how you must introduce our education:
At this stage this is a must—clarification,
So that we can prevent a historical continuation
By ways of contamination of the wrong evolution.
As I begin with the warning of realization,
The question:
Who must be the teacher of the spiritual interpretation?
Who is to judge and who assigns the needed medication,
From the book of salvation?
The answer is a simple and logical interpretation:
Self recognition, from student to the book of revelation.
As the book of revelation,
It is the perfect solution
And the perfect teacher for any student of intuition.
With the book as the teacher, creates a one-to-one situation,
Which leaves no room for confusion
From too many forms of conclusion.
The book as a teacher,
Shall create from the student, the perfect preacher.
This shall insure that the student is absorbing
The correct form of knowing,
Exactly what the education of spiritology is showing.
With the book as the teacher, the same idea by all will be reached
And the same idea by all will be preached.
You could never run out of teachers
Because the book shall have many of identical reachers.
In a sense, the book will be received by all,
Without the chance of being stuck in a hole
Because of a failure to reach its goal.
The book as teacher, has one major destination
And that is to be held by each and every soul of civilization.
With the book as teacher, there will be freedom of choice
Freedom of voice,
Freedom of thought,
With no one but the self to take vote.
A teacher for every student
And a hundred teachers for those who are prudent.
No one would be missed,
For by the touch of GOD all would be kissed.
This book was sent and given from heaven,
To the whole earthly population to be given.
It must not be interfered with by self idealism
For this shall destroy the truth to the concept of spiritualism.
This book is a teacher, a key to open the student’s conscious state
For receiving the healing energy from the Universal Mind’s gate.
I must insist upon this direction
For anyone of this, ignores, will face my reaction
And the effect of this, shall leave the soul in contraction.
This is merely for the good of all creation,
As your duty is only to deliver the book of revelation.
The readers must reach their own realization
By their own mental rotation
To reach total serenity, happiness and gratification.

             MIND        UNIVERSAL MIND      FATHER
MAN= BODY   =   UNIVERSE             =     SON     =      GOD
             SOUL         ETHEREAL                    HOLY SPIRIT


As this is the formulation of the mediumship for my deliverance, as I the Universal Mind was created, so do I create in the same replication of my own creation.
The purpose for the following definition is for breaking down the formulation of this physical mediumship, to express and reveal a clarification to the mystery of all this direct inspiration, as it has been delivered with the utmost of perfection.
As it was, from the beginning of this medium’s birth, expressed by this term, from the resemblance of nothing was created the exact duplicate of myself, the Universal Mind, with only the difference being the physically attached formulation. Comparing this duplication with the same way that I was birthed, from this example of measure which was also the resemblance of nothing into the measure of all, as everything.
So, by being created in my example of birth, was birthed the mediumship for the reception of my perfected and complete autobiography, meaning that, as an autobiography, can best be written by the mind, which is reflected in the story. For one to express a positive definition of one’s own life and for one to be able to express this definition truly as accurate, as accurate can be, then one must of course be that definition. This one must have lived, experienced and developed all that which one has written about one’s self.
All defined revelations written by one, must have actually occurred, not imaginable but factual. One must have experienced all that which is being specified in writing. To formulate a true autobiography, one must be that autobiography, complete with a strong foundational position, achieved only by experiencing, and a strong curiosity for discovering of reality as a whole.
For one, to duplicate a documentation of self, for describing of self, must need to be the origin of the written documentation. So with this, as for myself to be able to express of myself as the Universal Mind, to be able to relate my essence with all existing forms of life, I must first have experience in all features of life, I must have a personal experience as in being all that I write about as myself. All knowledge written must come from a personal advantage of relationship to, with and as all. Every sentence of documentation written, must have been all that was felt, experienced and lived to a full capacity for bringing out not merely an opinionated comparison but actually fulfilling an accurate description of all that one has been to be all that which is written.
This is what makes an autobiography about one’s self be exactly an authentic definition of one’s existence before, during and then, in all form a real and truthful expression of a documented autobiography, True, one can write a story about another, as an autobiography, but how much of this formulation of would-be facts, can one perceive as truth, or as reality, unless one documents every second, every breath and every movement of one’s evolution in life, can there be a solid formulation written by the same hand that had experienced being all that which has been written.
Only with this definition of autobiography, can one formulate an exact or in some cases a solid point of accomplishment, depending on that one’s sense of truth in regards to all that which one has experienced in a life time.
As for me, being the essence of truth and purity and being that I have experienced first hand, the life of all existing forms of life. All that has been written and delivered, was written by myself about myself as the mind and all that was delivered has been re-recorded by my hand to specify the only reality to all that of myself I describe. Though it may appear to all eyes that this autobiography of the Universal Mind was written by a separate entity of a physical kind, let this be known, to clarify that all writing appearing upon every page, every single word was written by me the Universal Mind, God as I am known by the physical minds.
As to further say, all has been written in this manner, of which I birthed myself in a physical form, so that I may relate and deliver, precisely and exactly what I want to say to all minds about myself, as all the minds combined to insure proper documentation of my reality and my expressed revelations, to ensure that all I was, am and always will be, is written without misrepresentation or misunderstanding to the ways of myself as the Universal Mind. As I am, here, I have been described and only by myself am I able to present myself to the existing minds that are as a part of myself.
As it was before in your physical history, I had only sent representatives in my name, to speak and to educate of the mind’s reality and its connection to and with all life as mental life. But even though, the past messengers were pre-rehearsed upon and of my declarations that were sent to preach of, their approach and their form of expressing my reality, at that time was above comprehension to all who paid attention, and a very heavy price was the result of their intention, of which mankind has, since then, until now are paying for their conception that was totally unbalanced and unorganized. Their version of my teachings had been formulated by many who grasped bits and pieces of what they thought they had heard. And all those formulated the bits and pieces together. Thus the birth of an unorganized, unfinished definition of the reality to the Universal Mind as being the existence of all that exists and by this misconception are still existing. With this was brought out a very big example to be learned as a lesson, which is one of my teachings, to say that for one to achieve one’s goal of any description, if one wants the correct positive results, one must accomplish this by one’s self. Thus taking on all responsibility, for success or failure for all that is expressed and for all that is the reflection which may present itself.
So, in this manner, I have formulated my next and last attempt for reviving the physical mindless state, into its full awareness to myself as the Universal Mind, which is the combined formulation of all mental creation. I have thus delivered in form of writing my own self interpretation, about my own self, to be known as the realization to the connection with all my parts of the physical minds, by being in the autobiography of the mind, the creation of the mind and the definition of all forms of mind to be as one, whole and infinite.
With all this as a positive result, all that is transcribed in front of your view is about, myself as being you, about myself as existing for you and about myself as the continuation of you. So, for me to be able to bring you, the description of you, your ways of life and the direction of its path, I must first have had a personal first hand experience of a physical form of life, totally oblivious to my own reality as the Universal Mind, such as is the state of the physical now. From this point, I recreated a concentration of all that I was, am and will be, into a minute particle of mind vibration, formulating now all that I am as having been condensed into and as this tiny part to be rebirthed into a physical shape and to live by experiencing all the physical ups and downs, all the many forms of situations that can arise in one physical life, I had to absorb.
As I lived this part, I very honestly let myself be dragged in all phases of physical life, so that within a period of 25 physical years, I would have absorbed by experiencing first hand of a physical full life. Then after this period as I had pre-set in my vibration, so that at the right time, I instantly was awakened to the reality of my original reason of birth and quite speedily I developed up to the level that this concentrated part of my mind could handle. Thus, as I had been awakened by my pre-recorded mental thoughts, I reached with all my strength and plunged my physical part into the core of my infinite universal matter of energy. Where once there, I proceeded to re-record all this pre arranged documentation. As I first began, it was with the writing of what I had experienced from my physical mindless nonawareness state into the experiences that enter the very essence of myself, by absorbing from the central core of my whole, with each level of documentation, would be a stronger and more alert perception of mental energy, which was used for the reviving of my minute part with each dose, developing that part to a higher level of awareness. Until reaching the capability of all this personally documented autobiography of the Universal Mind, about the Universal Mind, written by the Universal Mind, for educating all mindless physical parts exist ing without a realization of who, what and where they are, how they came to be, to where they are going and by what means they will get there.
Now with this revelation, as it was for the purpose of self clarification so that with the purest positive voice, I state, that this example of my personal physical existence, is hereby expressed to mean that all physical minds, though oblivious they are now, soon they will realize that in this same description presented here, the reason that it was revealed was meant to reflect as the same form of rebirth to all the physical mankind existing on the planet earth. You have all been birthed from that part of myself which was formulated in a concentration of all I describe here, to also reflect the same example of my tiny part that had faced its reawakening, to be in fact the destiny and future of all of you as you are all tiny minute parts of me, birthed for this same experience while in physical shape, even though you all may now be parts oblivious to the reality of your origin, as I had let myself be. Following this example you are faced with the same reawakening of your reality to its purpose, as I had preregistered that part of myself to awaken at the right phase, so too is the same effect upon all physical minds following the same path. For you are all, as were created in the same duplicate formulation of mind part and as this mental part that is me, you all will elevate to this level of mental awareness following in all the same example of development that I had created for this part to follow. You will reach this same destination by the same form of education that is the only form of reawakening the mental part of you. The only mixture of cure is this combined, illustrated and rebirthed as yet another very large part of me, so that this mental knowledge as an energy will be absorbed by you as you read, then, this effect will mix with your identical form of chemistry and automatically you shall be revived and awakened to your original destiny of which was the reason of your birth, which is to be once again as one part into a whole, by having completed your intended developmental cycle, you then, as a whole being of mind, shall eternally exist for the still further development of all the Universal Mind of which you are a part of.
To further emphasize your origin as part of the mind, your physical body was created to create while as a physical, by the same means of which your creation was birthed, as the continuous cycle of mental energy, it too flows in this manner to continuously create creation of mental life forms. This same cycle is duplicated to operate in the same manner as the cycle of mental energy. What I speak of, is the physical body’s blood cycle to be as the same cycle of rotation, as the cycle of creation. This mental energy flow, is an endless continuous rotation, having no beginning and no end, eternally flowing for the creation of creation by formulating its own essence of mental energy into all created forms. With this it is the giver of life, the essence of life and the continuation of life. In this same manner does flow, the blood cycle of and in the physical body. Also with no beginning or an end, continuously flowing in its own rotation. Thus it too becomes the sustenance of physical life, the maintenance of physical life and continuation of physical life.
If all this is so, what purpose does the spirit serve? you ask. Well, as the blood is life to the physical shell, it is though not the life of the spirit. For as the shape of physical is formed, thusly as it is alone, it is not life, as the comparison, to the so called automobile as it is alone, it is but a shell without move ment of direction, henceforth, when a driver is placed in the driver’s seat, it becomes alive to proceed upon its path. With this, we can say that the spirit is as the driver of the physical body’s shell, as the spirit is alive and thriving upon the essence of the cycle of mental rotation, as the spirit is taken by the physical body upon the path of mental knowledge, the spirit is then thriving with life and developing its own form of nature, from this, it keeps the physical shell in the utmost of perfection, in regards to its shape, health and everlasting durability. On the other hand, if the body is self directing its own course upon the consumption of physical malnutrition, thus the spirit is slowly being wasted, without this mental nourishment. The spirit is put through a very rough existence as long as it lives in the physical shell. From the spirit’s lack of mental nutrition, with time, will effect the physical shell by unorganizing the perfected system of the brain and creating the malfunction of the brain which causes it to act abnormally, in a deranged path which can only produce destruction. Now, if the spirit thriving in the physical shell was regularly given its dose of mental energy nutrition, it will cause the system of that body, including the major part, the brain, to climb to its highest perfectivity, reflecting upon and into the physical, spiritual and mental formulation of the mind.
So to say, one must always feed the spirit with its own form of nutrition, mental energy, to maintain an everlasting use of the physical shell, lasting until its age of physical stamina gives away. Thus as the body is the important part to the spirit, is so the importance of mental energy to the spirit. The physical body depends upon its purification of health from the spirit, with this, the spirit depends upon the body for the direction of the spirit towards mental nutrition, while in the physical shell it lives. And at the same time as the physical body and spirit both are mind, the existence of the mind’s purification also depends upon the perfection of both, body and spirit. All three in need of one another and thriving on each other to maintain a one whole balance of three separate forms of creation, with each created for the development of the other. Thus is the importance of what is physically named the trinity.
There must exist all three, alive and well, for the proper form of life as a mind. If one is missing from the other, there will be a great pressure upon the two other parts. So to say, as all three were written as body, spirit and mind. These three together become as one with God as one with the energy source of the Universal Mind’s core, while here, they, standing as one, will absorb an endless amount of nutrition capable of truly perfect ing, by totally purifying all three forms which will reflect upon that one personality that holds all three.
From this can also reflect the opposite. From one’s personality, the lack of life in one of the three. The body shell, always sticks out ahead of the rest, so, one can tell the condition of that one’s spirit by the example of food consumption, unnatural non-nutrition means that the spirit is weak, thus effecting the strength of the mind part of the three, which then appears very badly upon the body’s shell, which while in this state, formulates into an unaccepted truth by that one’s self. Meaning one loses consciousness to the unshapely form of one’s body. More so, as for the mind part it is weakened from the weakness of the spirit. Thus the body shell is set LOOSE on its own and by its own. This I say as an example.
The result from this weakness had caused the body to separate from the other two, which left the body in danger, for this becomes total obliviousness of the conscious state. Thus one loses all sight of one’s disordered figure causing a continuous path of destroying a perfect physical shell, which causes the unreal acceptance of one’s reality, as just being a body shell. Further on, one will lose all consciousness of the body’s other two necessities, making the personality very weak and unrealized to the truth of what one was meant to reflect, compared to the reflection of a spiritless and mindless body.
With this, the majority of the physical creation, are but a reflection of this, a body shell, surviving purely upon an un conscious state, a very savage and prehistoric instinct, without a destiny, without a purpose, just a walking and talking physical shell, thriving upon its own form of invented chemically infested malnutrition, which is slowly deteriorating the physical shell. Thus is the urgency of the realization to the other two parts missing from the body. A continuous survival as only a zombied shell, can only lead to the destruction of the entire physical race, unless, the body is reunited with its two parts, so that a oneness can formulate by the balanced donation of all three, which will give the body of physical a good boost of moral, in turn clearing their vision to the reality of their survival in confusion.
Thus, bringing to the spirit mental nutrition by this sudden awakening that opens the door for the one’s conscious state to come through and steer the bodies direction upon the healthy, purified, mental evolution, thus total strength of spirit, vitalizes the body’s shell, which means for the mind, a higher level of development from the balanced life that one is now leading all three together as one, creating from one the power to create into reality all that one desires for the continuing of the mental development. With all this breakdown of one into three, then the clarity of the importance of each, to each other. The taking of part of physical shell, as it was an unconscious survival, being lead by only savage instincts.
I have revealed all this in such a way, as to go back to the essence of the problem. And by directing a clear explanation, by producing of all in a comparison, by showing the importance of all combined parts, to exist for the development of self as mind, by breaking down all the basic formulation to this definition of the mind and by reformulating, reorganizing, redirecting and reuniting, we have formed the reawakening of a once mindless empty physical shell and we put it right back together with itself, so that now it will recognize its self, its purpose, its duty, its direction and its destiny.
With this a total rebirth of all physical mankind and rerouting of their direction to be upon the path of bringing upon their own survival, as a now complete mind. The commencing of their new beginning towards the re-unity with God, (The Universal Mind). To give mankind a direction to follow, I have reformulated all these contents into a form of a new beginning. By the time you finish absorbing this book’s energy, you shall begin to live the way of what all this you have read. It has totally freed your conscious state of awareness into this direction of leadership. With this, mankind shall have achieved what is considered the impossible. By achieving the impossible, then it is your reward as an achiever for the mind, which is you reflecting a physical race of mind, having been recreated and re-fated. Your rewards are reflected from your now, new mental state. Meaning from the recreation of the physical birth. The reflection of having created your OWN HEAVEN ON EARTH, where life shall appear as in the new beginning, to be what the creation of life was created to be. So existing in a paradise of its own creation and to continue existing by and upon the creation of its own formulation,
Where the benefits for mental development are infinite,
Where from, but a mere thought, is formed a reality,
Where the reality of what is formed is constantly educated upon its own sense of realization,
Where the sense of realization is the source of direction,
Where the direction is lead in the path of its origin,
Where the origin of the direction is the essence of creation the Universal Mind Where the Universal Mind, is developed to the utmost of its purificational essence,
Where the most purified essence of the mind, gives birth to creation from this essence,
Where the creation of pure mental essence, reflects of its surrounding, the same form of purity, to eternally exist in this form of mental state.
Now for the new beginning, I open the gate. What is for you to do, is to but turn the page and embrace the direction of your new beginning, as the door opens and you walk out of your
darkened cage.
5-l 1-83


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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