The Spirit World

The spirit world, I would always hear my father say:
If you know of it not, you must not ever play.
At the stage of my knowledge of it, at that time, my curiosity
compelled me to play without first planting the seed.
So from what he said, I took no heed.
In turn when I played, I received no answer to what I plead.
So I went with my curiosity, totally unprotected by my
actions of every deed.
There were no feelings of fear as I tried it quite often alone.
Until one day I discovered something that to me was not known.
There was no one with me that for this, it could have been shown.
Then suddenly, I was interrupted by the phone.
Lucky I was, for it was Dad, as I told him of what it was that I had,
With the answer I received, I was thankful and glad.
For he said: “Don’t be mad.
There is a philosophy of life I would like to add.
No father puts his son in the driver’s seat without first
teaching him how to drive.
With this, I would like to keep you healthy and alive.
You see, my son, the power that you try, can be had
But it can also be used for good and for bad.
So, before I let you loose with your curiosity,
I must first educate you upon the correct mentality.
For communication with the spirit comes in many a kind
But I want you to communicate only with the UNIVERSAL MIND,
For with that power, there can only be good for a result
And with anything lower, you may receive an insult.
To achieve this power, prayer by meditation is best
And only by this way can you fly out of your nest.
Power can be harmful if it falls in the wrong hand.
If you are destined to receive GOD’s power, this you will understand.
But from what I had experienced
Left me unsatisfied, and I became even more curious.
So with this, off I went to see my Dad for him to explain,
What it was that I had felt of the spirit world and its ordain.
My curiosity at this point was making me confusingly insane.
That’s when my father felt no choice,
But to identify me with the right type of voice.
Son, that body of yours, it shall not stay.
Sooner or later it will have the last of its day.
For the body does not live forever healthy and gay.
But even though the body’s life runs out, it’s not the end.
For the spirit wakes up to a brand new trend.
But Dad, is every spirit to the same place sent?
No, he said, for it all depends on how your earthly time was spent.
The things we see not so clear in life,
Just stab yourself with a knife,
For when you take the life that God gave,
You will end up in your grave.
Your spirit, though, is alive and well,
But you’ll never hear that angel’s bell.
For in darkness you shall stay for taking your life in such a way.
But for those the bell they hear,
Will be living in a better atmosphere.
There are seven on which they go,
But only by what they know.
Communication, there is a way,
For they are here both night and day.
When you are able to hear their voice,
The life you lead will be your choice.
I am one who hears their voice
And to do that was my choice.
I knew not then when I played around,
That they were here and that, I found.
They are called your guides, so they say,
Since mine I have met, I do not go astray,
He stays with me every day,
To help me through my troubled time,
Even when I need a dime.
Because of him I have found no more sorrow or lost time,
He keeps me safe from any crime.
When I give to those in need, I receive double for my good deed.
It took a long time I must say,
But I am glad I was told not to play.
I think it would have led me astray.
To those thoughts that aren’t true,
They persuaded me not to believe in you.
Thank you, my guide, for what you have done,
There are so few who made their way to the road of success,
Without having to steal from the rest.
They are a wonderful thing, the spirits are,
They are in your house and in your car. I
f you are smart, you would start
To talk with them and learn their art.
For its magic I have found,
With love and happiness all around.
They shine a light on my dark,
And even help me find a place to park.
When I am lost, I way,
When I hear my first thought say, no, go that way. . .
To have a gift like mine,
You’ve got to start with that dime,
When someone needs it, give it away,
Then you will hear what they have to say.
Don’t be greedy,
Give to the needy,
For what you feel, so full of joy,
You’ll end up with a brand new toy.
Clear your mind and take your time,
And you’ll forget to do the crime.
Don’t do the things you’ll regret,
For it’s only you who’ll have to fret.
As for myself, I have learned
What I need is a brand new turn.
I changed my ways and took their advice,
Now I feel the heat instead of the ice.
It’s a gift again I say,
So please don’t lead me astray,
For now I am strong in my belief and in what I do
With my eyes closed I can see the light,
Of my new life with my mental flight.
So when you hear that first thought, don’t ignore,
For it’s the only answer to open the door
That leads you to the right way without deceit in store.
So take my advice and in the spirits believe,
For only then will you know how to live.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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