The Ways to Follow!!!

LORD, Help me count the ways, to save thy people from their
sorrow and pains.
Gladly my son, For truly you are the chosen one.
Starting with number one—
Thy and thy brother’s thoughts, from the children’s heart,
Is where it shall start.
Counting now number two—
This for sure, is the great cure.
Take my hand and make it yours,
Feel my healing power as it flows.
We will not disagree on number three—
This one is truly for thee,
Soon thou shall acquire my words of prophecy,
For thee alone it shall be embedded in thy soul with
utmost accuracy.
Using the fourth, shall change the world’s course—
I shall come into thee, using my healing power preferably.
Having been accustomed to the act of purity,
The conclusion is, this book to you I send,
To make sure, there will be no end.
Number five will suddenly come alive—
It shall be used to hypnotize
For this I gifted thee such wondrous eyes.
Number six I shall definitely fix—
Thou shall use it to mend ones with the broken hearts,
Thou shall have my talent,
Spiritually it shall be implanted.
A long time thyself and we have been waiting,
It is now time for the unveiling.
Prepare thyself for the heart to be jolted,
My lightning from heaven, it shall come,
To open the lock that thou had bolted,
The key for a long time has remained a secret.
The secret will now be known,
The spirit of Christ is yours to own.
Number seven—
My help shall be granted to thee from heaven,
All the way from level seven.
The power from where recovered,
Ye alone had discovered,
Ye were not to know of thy entity,
Until ye alone has proved its reality.
Number eight shan’t be discovered too late—
No more shall ye experience the word hate.
For it is never again in thy fate.
Now thou have identified the meaning of my love,
So shall it be, of it, thou shan’t ever get enough.
Most important part of the healing power,
Thou shall even heal the sick flower.
This has all been planned,
Know now, ye are truly grand.
With time thou shall discover number nine—
For thyself and the three,
All as one ye shall be.
All shall be truly, have no denial to the extent of our profile,
For on purpose it was to keep thou a secret from the other three,
Thy people shall have no choice but to listen to what it is
the part that is missing,
As one and three of which are thee, so shall it be.
Hear now of what I mean,
After a time of preparation,
I shall have completed my declaration,
Which only the spirit of Zaher will speak
And brothers of thee shall provide the energy.
Number ten we shall repeat again—
To thy people, thou shall expose truly
Of something discovered newly.
They are to be set free
Only by the power I give gratefully.
A meeting so provided by the father who gave you heaven,
So pronounced, it shall be eleven.
Once again so shall it be, a total recourse of destiny.
And one and three, ye shall go down in history.
So my son, in you it shall grow,
Go out and teach of what you now know.
It will start with the book of truth.
May I introduce to you now this book of truth:
Easy to read and made for mental growth,
I know what you’re thinking, you’ve heard this before,
But this one shall comfort you more.
Read it and let the words in your mind soar,
And I guarantee that this knowledge you’ve never heard before.
What could it be that this book has to offer?
To understand this you do not have to be too clever.
Just read it with the understanding that you can live forever,
Read it and know that after this life there is another,
Read it and know that you cannot get away by hurting one another.
After reading this, you shall understand how you all relate as
sister and brother,
Step by step as you open each page you may think about going
into a rage,
But think of this book as a life savior and your thoughts shall
quickly change.
Sometime in the beginning
We here received a viewing,
A further view of earth’s ending.
From that moment I the creator had begun the sending,
The time we have tried to save earth has been infinite.
Each time someone was sent,
They were forced to go through a savage predicament.
He comes from here with a good intent
And is forced to leave by the ones of the ignorant.
Now at this date you people are smart,
And many of you have good in their heart,
And this is where this book has to start.
In your history most people were not interested to read,
So a man was sent and of his words not many took heed.
And again we tried to get you people freed,
By a book that was changed through interests and greed.
Well, this time this book not a single word must be changed,
Not a single sentence to be rearranged.
It must be shown published and to the earth’s existence.
Its arrangement has been put together perfectly without resistance,
He who changes any sentence shall suffer insanity.
Brought by my intimacy,
It is given as is, that is the policy.
The names and titles no one must touch,
The medium of this book is the only one that has a right to re-touch.
This is indeed of importance,
For the inspirations to come by way of trance,
The wording and art are authentic and pure,
This, it must be to insure,
That there will be a cure.
You people have suffered a great deal by ones of greed and selfishness,
All messengers that were sent by us, by them, their goodness, they have managed to suppress,
And change their real meaning by the touch of their own caress.
Thus they have for centuries created in your world a mess.
The messages that have been delivered by us,
Were not meant to come in the form of a cuss,
The words were written to bring peace and happiness.
Words that were spoken in physical form,
The man was stricken and put through a destructive storm,
The ones to blame are the people of greed.
Of these people the good ones must be freed.
And this is why this message again has been sent as the seed,
The wordings are original and the true documentation of this publication,
And for it to be known as the true book of revelation,
Without a single word through the imagination
To suffice the greedy ones’ consumption.
True words of the real law and order,
True words that say there shall not be a land border,
True words of life and the reality of its meaning.
Once again this has been attempted from the beginning,
Please, my people, do not let it be your ending....
For your broken hearts truly need mending,
And so they shall, by this book’s sending.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
without permission.