Trancescanning is a form of mental absorption which the common person calls TELEPATHY. It is used frequently by the spirit realms and others. This is the manner we have used to inspire the medium of this inspirational book.
As my inspiration of mental thought goes out to him, it affects and enters through what we call the CRANUBUS in the back of the head.
From there being carried by the IMPLEMENT CORD that connects to the back of the EARDRUM, the inspirational effect goes to the EMELTRATE at the base of the eardrum.
At the same time, the PITUITARY GLAND is secreting the needed fluid to the MEMORY SENSOR, thus alerting the NEWMOCAL IMPLEMENT CORD, which connects to the eardrum from the WAVE INDENTOR of the memory sensor. This makes the inspiration complete. After received, the EMELTRATE sends the signal to the THINASOL to put forth the reverse thought.


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