Wake Up People

I know a story,
On how to be strong with glory,
To be smart and how to hold the world by its heart.
How to laugh and never to cry,
And how to live and how to die.
It’s all very simple you see, follow through,
A lot of it, I found out about you.
This world you live in, is full of anger and hate,
Hardly anyone, knows of their fate.
People are stealing
And many of them are dealing,
The fate of their lives depends on whom they deprive.
In a way you tend to think that it’s o.k. you have to do something to survive,
Otherwise it’s impossible to stay alive.
The poor takes from the rich,
I think the rich can spare it
So why put the poor in jail where they can’t bear it?
There are a lot of you who are willing to dare it.
Hardly anyone speaks to one another
Not sister to a brother,
Nor even children to their mother.
Take a walk in the park,
All over it’s nice and dark,
A person could do anything they wanted,
But it’s their conscience that forever will be haunted.
The people walk around with their bodies flaunted,
I am telling you people, this is not what I wanted.
So here you are in the park,
Where it’s nice and dark,
No one can see,
Who will it be,
I know one thing it surely is not me.
A desperate man, like an animal seeking a way
To earn his pay,
What it takes?
He has no care,
For not even a portion of it, will he share
While his baby walks about,
There is no blanket to wrap around as he shouts,
There’s no one there,
But his little teddy bear.
God’s sakes doesn’t anyone care?
There are those who are out for some fun,
They would not think twice about hurting a nun,
With this power they feel in their hand, called the gun of the damned,
Now this is something I will never understand.
And with this I must disagree,
For if you use one, you will be facing hell for infinity.
Then there are the ones who refuse to work,
They stand on the street corner with an empty smirk,
Their corner is their castle,
If you walk by it, they’re sure to be a hassle,
They are there empty and lost,
They don’t ever worry about the cost.
The only thing they know is, give me a dime.
Little do they realize they look like filth, and smell like slime.
Lord, isn’t there any other way
For them to waste their day?
Give me my booze,
I don’t care, what I have to lose,
How can I make them realize,
And stop coming up with all these alibis?
Trust, you say, what is that?
Now, in these days you can’t even trust your cat.
The trust there was amongst fellow men,
Has to come back once again.
And the love that we all had once cherished,
All of a sudden just perished.
The honesty you once had,
You turned opposite, now honestly, tell me are you glad?
Is it really better, than what you had?
You used to say, I do ‘till forever we part,
Now it’s I do ‘till whenever we part.
Come on people, have a heart,
With that is the best place to start.
Most people, they just don’t care
Their own brothers they do snare,
All for lust and for greed.
I am here to help, Oh, there are so many mouths to feed.
There is only one place for me to start
And that’s directly in these people’s heart,
Once again I must see,
This land with nothing but beauty.
And I am sure that with this, all of you will agree.
Everything you people have, you misuse and abuse it,
What are you going to do when you lose it?
Another chance, there will be none,
Go ahead and have your evil fun,
For one day you will all cry,
When you can no longer see the sky.
Please don’t sit around and wonder why,
Because that is one excuse I will never buy
Don’t just tell me you are sorry and you will try,
Or, is it that, you might?
The only way for you to fight,
Is to come together and reunite,
In Heaven’s name, have faith in me,
Together we can win triumphantly.
I am really getting disgusted with my constant nagging at this world.
Oh, if you could only see what it could hold
You should see,
The other worlds that listen to me.
Anything and everything they want, they do receive,
For on those worlds there is no such thing as deceive,
Happy they are and forever they will be,
This world could be like that, if only you would listen to me.
Know who I am and accept my word,
Forget and forgive all those bad things you have heard,
One more chance this world I give, to laugh and sing,
Or to lose everything.
Listen to me,
And it shall be,
All the things you will gain, are truly heavenly.
‘ Till next time we meet,
Please do not let me repeat.
Don’t forget I created you and put you where you are,
For a long time I have been watching from afar,
Each and every one of you has a part of me,
The same way you came to be,
I can bring you back quite easily.
Everything you want I have to give,
But first you must prove to me, that you know how to live.
All together as one,
Or you’ll find yourselves as none.
Is this what you really call fun?
Can it really be, the end is what you want?
Can you not open up your heart
To the reality that you are asleep?
WAKE UP PEOPLE and no longer weep.
WAKE UP PEOPLE, your fall is becoming quite steep.
Climbing back up is very hard to do
If you do not wake up to see that I exist as you.
As much as you exist as me
As much as you exist to be
So do I exist as reality.
As you, as we, as all the mentality.
WAKE UP PEOPLE and see what lays ahead for you.
See what it is that blinds your view.
WAKE UP, open your eyes.
WAKE UP, take a step into the open skies.
WAKE UP, stand upon your own two feet.
Open your eyes and absorb the beauty.
Let the sunshine envelop your purity.
Let your mind awaken to its duty.
WAKE UP and awaken your trinity.
Though you seem to be asleep
The pain you suffer is felt while you sleep.
When you lay and suffer When you see day and still not recover
When you pray and then kill your brother
When you asleep stay, unnoticed to this pain
It is I that feels this painful gain.
And when the sky drops rain
You should know that it is I
With my teardrops falling from the sky
With my desperation to awaken thee, as the howling wind
With my snowflakes so pure to purify and mend
Can you now see why you must wake up?
So that this pain you cause me can stop.
Please, you have slept long enough
It is time for me to get tough.
I called out at you to awaken many times
Now I must step into your room where your body lies
And grasp you by the hand with a quick jerk, I will of you shake.
For direct contact is the only way you will awake.
But have no fear I shall not disturb your dream
And you shall not awaken with a scream.
You will first open one eye,
Surprisingly you will say,”Hi”!
Where have I been?
You will say, “I had a dream that against you I made a sin.
Wow! I am glad it was just a nightmare”.
Once both eyes have opened, you will stare
You will become aware
Of whom it is that sits upon your bed.
You will think that maybe you are dead
But in fact you will have just come alive.
You will jump from your sleep and say,”Thank you for you have arrived”.
This is why you must WAKE UP PEOPLE, to see
The reality that one day, yours will be
The destiny of thee.
Oh! Once you have awakened upon that day
Then you will have received an answer for what you pray.
For that will have opened my way
And enter I shall, for I have awakened thee


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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