If I had a wish, could you make it come true?

Only if the wish was for the good of you.

Say I was to ask for a clear picture of other involved parts,
The parts that reflect the people’s hearts,
Would it be safe for me to say,
That a focus would surely clear the way?

A place in the dark,
Would truly interfere with the song of the meadow lark,
So to shed some light I shall ignite a spark:
Unreal as it may seem,
The truth always reflects a gleam.
A gleam so bright that penetrates steel.
A gleam with the power that you all shall feel.
It is not of the wise,
To ignore what is in front of the eyes.
Acceptance of the ordeal,
An agreement we can seal.
The touch shall you feel,
The thrill shall you squeal,
The shiver shall you quiver.
When the hair upon your arms stands straight,
And the feeling of flight to heaven’s gate.
When you sense the ultimate high,
When your tears fall and you do not cry,
When you see the star,
Twinkle from afar,
When you hear the whisper,
When the leaves upon the trees become crisper,
When the sun dilates and your inner is warmed,
Then you shall see what we have spawned.
One after the other,
One brother follows another.
The wave comes without a sound,
And covers the beach as it smooths the ground.
The wax melts by the touch of fire,
And glass turns to diamond by purifying the sire.
Day turns to night when the sun goes down.
An everlasting smile can never turn into a frown.
A wound is cleansed by the alcoholic water,
And the high temperature of the fever,
Comes down by the whiff of our ether.
So you see, all has an equal,
And this story also has a sequel.
The continuation of the effect,
Is an everlasting affect.
All that precedes, is not at all strange,
Or a bit deranged.
An important reason it is for,
This prophecy exists as did the mentor.
And this prophecy shall perform its duty better by opening the door.
What I have revealed is not at all easy or a burden,
You must investigate each phrase to uncover what is hidden,
I have made it this way for a reason,
So that when you gather into an investigation orientation,
From here we can see your evaluation,
And penetrate our ethereal sedation,
For cleansing the physical association,
That interferes with the wave length vibration.
When the mist effects the entire nations,
When each nation’s effect can put up with each others patience,
When each nation’s patience becomes the leader of each denomination,
When each denomination becomes number one with creation,
When creation begins to live as the Universal Vibration,
When all the Universal Vibration gives true meaning to civilization,
When civilization finds true meaning in the spiritual being,
When the spiritual being becomes the leader of the physical meaning,
When the physical meaning means logically believing,
When logical belief is the belief of the path finder,
When the path finder, finds the path to serenity’s gate,
When from serenity’s gate flows the love that replaces hate,
When hate is forever erased from the mind of man,
When the mind of man connects into the eternal life span,
When the eternal life span glows with the vibration of physical and up,
When the physical and up let go from their stop,
When the stop becomes a green light,
When through the green light, honesty can pass without feeling tight,
When the spirit of honesty vibrates clear,
When the clarity befalls mankind and lets go of their fear,
When the fear of mankind flows out without a tear,
When mankind’s tears are forever swept away,
When swept away by the gift of that glorious day,
When the glorious day is finally enjoyed by all,
When all become joyous users of the gift to the soul,
When the soul becomes the sign of peace instead of the flag,
When the flag is blown by the wind that can be breathed
without a gag,
When the wind around the earth is cleansed with purity,
When purity is passed hand by hand in unity,
When unity signs the peace treaty,
When the signing of the peace treaty is nationwide
When peace is spread by the waters of the tide,
When the waters of the tide carry the ship of happiness,
When the ship of happiness enters each and every port bringing togetherness,
When togetherness means man with woman and woman with man,
When the confusion between sexes has come to hand,
When the children of the night are out of danger from being turned into sand,
When the thought of being turned into sand lets mankind finally realize the reality of honoring life,
When the honor of life becomes the honor of husband and wife,
When husband and wife become as one,
When as one creating the daughter and the son,
When all fathers become true fathers to their sons,
When all mothers see a reflection of themselves in their daughters,
When the children can reflect from their parents true learning,
When from learning the whole family can be UNIVERSALLY, SPIRITUALLY AND MENTALLY burning,
When families are finally united with these three,
When the families are united with the three, they create a desire that is heavenly,
When in creating a heavenly desire, it Iets the flame of education go higher,
When the flames of education go higher, the negative flame will eternally leave the flames of the fire,
When the flames of the fire are burning blue
When the color of blue vibrates from every one and two,
When from the two, the words “I LOVE YOU” mean exactly that,
When exactly is meant to be said and not just for a chat,
When the chat replaces the savagery of the spit and spat,
When spitting becomes the healer of the infectious disease,
When all infectious diseases become as curable as a breeze,
When the breeze is flown in with the inspired formulation, for curing civilization,
When civilization means the UNIVERSAL VIBRATION,



®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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