Consider yourself as a radio,
From anywhere you can receive and to anywhere your
thoughts can go,
So as I begin, I would prefer to go slow,
To make sure that I do not mention of a thing I do not know.
Here is what your channels will throw:
The time has been centuries since we planted our seed, so,
Now it is time for all to know,
That finally we have the chance to let go,
The results of how you are to grow,
Even though it will have to be in the style of a show,
Your entrance will begin very slow,
At the speed of your snow.
They will all be watching, no one will be looking out the window,
Suddenly the light will blow,
And your body will start to glow,
These words will fill the air—Hey, what’s going on?— I don’t know!
Then will begin the buzzing of a low form of humming,
And no one will know from where it is coming.
From the air and all around,
In their ears is where it will be found,
This will be put into penetration,
At the time of your venture into our dimension,
At the moment of your projection,
From this buzzing that is quietly humming, will bring
you to their attention.
They will think that you are the cause of this infliction.
At that moment as they angrily stare.
As all are wondering from where,
The vision of exceptional beauty, far greater than the realm of rare.
Many will feel that this is not true and unfair
And many will feel the standing results of their energy filled hair.
Many will feel, how could he, how does he dare?
And many will try and close their eyes and say I don’t really care.
And many of your closest friends will definitely fall off their chair,
At this mentioned state of confusion, you will recite of what it is
that you bear.
What you will have to share, is the answer to where.
From the declaration you receive from our ethereal atmosphere
First what is revealed will not effect those minds with the thick layer,
The first to feel the effect are the majority whom are with the prayer.
Secondly to follow are the ones with the hair that had suddenly
turned straighter.
The ones with the thoughts of the evader,
Will call out at you and call you a traitor,
In turn this will cause you to become even braver.
Ones will shout who is this lunatic mad raver?
It truly cannot be our lord and savior.
But there will be ones with the curious feelings of how peculiar?
Absolutely no one will feel that you are acting like a fuhrer.
This question will come from the mouth of the disputer:
Is this some joke created by the ingenuity of the computer?
This is just a sample look, upon your earthly future.

Wait, it seems I am confused
Before, in your developmental news
The mention of: “There is no one coming, wake up to your realities people.”
Makes what you’re saying now sound like the words of a feeble.

Let me clear your sight,
I said: “No one is coming, for he has never left,” Right?
What is meant by that sense of reveal, if you care,
Is going to advancingly prepare
your people to the state of the scientific approach,
Instead of the mentality of a roach,
And for this reason is why all this will be there
And why we say the accusation that we bear.

The way you answer my question is truly beyond compare
When I feel that I have got you,
The question you answer with words that are all true,
Even though the answer to me I never ever knew.
But somehow you have it, and as it comes through,
I feel the effect of a new question that I brew.
But before I know it, the answer of true,
Comes in at the voice of a whole crew.
How is it that this you can do?

I am originally, according to your culture, who,
Was once of the race and religion of a Jew.
Since the days of your childhood, I have been with you.
The question you ask of me that I answer true,
In the same manner of question I would ask of you.
If it was you, in my place of who,
For the amount of time I have been guiding you,
Through all this wonderful point of view,
There could be nothing in your mind that I didn’t know ahead of you
And of what you do.

Hey! Wait a minute. Why is it that before, you said the first night of my adventure you were let in?
And that was when I put the key in the right direction to open?
And now you say:
You have been with me since my childhood night and day,
What is this, some kind of game that you play?
For if it is, of me you must stay away,
For I will consider it an act of betray,
And all of this I will throw away In the ocean of our bay.

Well, what do you say to that display?
My answer came through right away.
Calm yourself my son, there is no betray.
What I said, from the time of your days of childhood,
My inspiration was never heard,
Then all I could do was there by your side I stood.
In your days of a teenager, into the age of a man
From then it was when,
If you could silently listen
There wouldn’t be this knowledge you are missing.
My time when I stepped in,
At the time you put the key to open,
Was to bail you out of your darkened prison.
And if this is not a good enough of a reason,
Then of me you are displeasing,
And please keep your question within the form of pleasing,
Or if you persist and on your command as you know of me,
you press the button of releasing,
And all your efforts in this will end up in the memory of treason.

I apologize for my rude manner of questioning.
It was just my uncontrolled urge of wondering.
Please continue my education.
Again I respect your straightforward confrontation.

Just may I remind you of your sense of protection
And the gift of detection
Of any and all parts of my inspiration?

Yes please, for I feel that this has somehow slipped through my dedication for your direction.

Very well, this mention you know how to use.
Just re-read anything that leaves you confused.
Of these words already transfused,
In the same manner that is being used
Each of the writings you will find
One will follow each of its kind,
For they are all inspired from the same UNIVERSAL MIND.
That in trust you have already signed
But of course not leaving your doubting form of guard.
To keep your sanity from slipping and falling hard.
So you are forgiven for your misplaced reaction,
From all and of your last question.
But this is our real intention,
WHERE all this is going to happen, this description,
WHERE you can see the beginning of recreation
WHERE this is the future exploration,
WHERE this is the insight to salvation,
WHERE is HOW and WHY you will meet the universal vibration.
With this revelation is why we mention this introduction.
The Place: Earth.
The race: Physical birth.
The trace: The heavenly space.
All this is with the UNIVERSAL GRACE.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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