Can I mention to all, a part on a positive side.
Of what I have found, when you try to open your mind to your guide.
From yourself they shall no longer hide.
After a time of this intunement you will find,
That no longer do you have to try,
For it will become a permanently open connection, tuned up to the frequency of high.
So, to make sure that you receive only from the direction of the sky,
You must educate yourself on who, where, how, when and why.
This science of spiritology is what I ask of you to try.
This is now available and quite possibly, give you the effect to fly.
This subject of intrigue no one should miss the chance that I, for you to supply.
Since I am approaching you all from a positive point of view, nothing is here that you can deny.
I have said what I need, now I shall let the inspiration take over and speak.
Listen carefully as he explains, of a question that to him is not unique.
Is there actually another reality in the worlds of the levels and their planes?

Truly there is, and most of them live in happiness,
through their mental gains,
Of which they have used to conquer all their diseases and
incurable pains.
But before I continue, allow me to introduce myself and to say Hi.
I am the spirit vibration of the fifth level closest to the sky,
Because of my beliefs of the spirits during life, I did not cry,
For I knew then, when it was my time to die.
There is a lot to explain before I say goodbye.
So to begin, I prefer to start with the question WHY?
This question is in all the minds of your kind, even the ones that live the life of a lie.
Your earthly physical spirits are the image of our ethereal spiritual dimensions.
We were all created equal and in the same manner of intentions.
We all have the same talents for inventions.
But the type of tools that you use, to build your cultures,
Are of a physical type of materials.
In our existence,
We have the substance,
And the mental awareness,
To the potential of creating ours
By using the form of mental powers.
It can even be used to materialize the same reflection of your earthly buildings and towers.
Or even perfect the same vision of your flowers.
I should mention here, that not all of our planes have the same mind potential.
The lower the plane, the less power of potential,
You see, it starts from level seven with a hundred percent and goes down in the direction of reversal.
On some of the planes, the spiritual inhabitants can travel in seconds,
Compared to your physical culture, it would take many of your hours.
All the planes also receive heat from the same effect, for we all share the same sun.
Except for certain planes where this heat cannot penetrate their ways and style of fun.
So from these planes, many will try and run.
For the spirits of bad intention, live on the level of one
And try their best to descend upon your physical dimension, to share of its sun.
And with them they bring their means of influence upon the good earthly vibration.
Thus having a strong effect on the physical and mental association,
Through vibrational development by demagnetization.

Stop here please, I have a question.
You mean that we on earth are surrounded by lower types of spirit connection
And it is from them that we have developed our ways of destruction?

This is true,
But it is not the fault of you,
For there were no forms of warning or instruction,
To bring the aid of protection.
Though we tried many times through descension.
Until recently we were able to put it under construction,
By the examples of your events and dedication,
And through the writings of your inspiration.

So, then you say this will put an end to all forms of deception?

Yes, this is the analyzation,
Here is how to create the way for their defection,
From your earthly dimension.
Mental awareness of the Universal Mind, is the power of ingenuity,
Which is the beginning of creativity,
It was put on the earth for reason of growth and testing of its effectiveness and reliability,
For the total potential of the mind’s intensity.
All and every mentality was first created physically
And is not yet considered a part of the realm of humanity.
Until while on earth it reaches a certain degree of the mind’s ingenuity.
For the true meaning of humanity is not something physical,
But more of a caring lighthearted vibration that resides on the planes of the substance that is ethereal.
This substance helps form any and all wants and needs of the spirit’s mentality,
Into a vision of reality.
And in this is what I mean of the power of ingenuity.
If mankind could higher their mentality,
By understanding the spiritual existency.

“ Then, the lower spirits in reality would stop affecting the physical mentality,
Please continue flourishing my curiosity,
As I hunger for the knowledge of this science of Spiritology.”

As I so stated, the degree of acceptance into the realm of you
meaning of the word humanity,
Is descending further out of reach to your earthly physical reality.
By our means of intrusion,
Will bring them back out of their mental seclusion,
Which will result in the conclusion.
What we create through yourself are the new set of commandments,
Which first will bring to us the minds of the medical advancements,
Whose beliefs are in the realm of ethical.
Secondly, we shall inflict the minds of the typical,
Whose beliefs are in the realm of the miracle.
And lastly will follow the minds of the despicable,
Whose beliefs are set on the ways of and against goodness,
Even these to us are curable and capable of accepting forgiveness .
Thus, creating a one and all equal projection,
By uniting all minds of the physical, towards the same flow of direction.
And finally revealing our science of Spiritology,
So all earth’s people will pass the final inspection of psychology.
This is the only cure for the physical spirits bodily infection.
Now as I continue with the instruction,
A little more of the spirit I would like to mention,
Relating to the spiritology form of projection,
And its reason and intention.
Once the body is asleep,
The spirit will begin to slowly creep.
In the direction of the sky’s elevation.
After the spirit has total materialization,
It has the ability to materialize in any form of civilization.
Depending on the development of its vibration,
It will be drawn by a magnet of one or another plane according to its worldly function.
As for the spirit of a high vibration,
There is no restriction of where to venture.
Totally free to explore new ways and always a new adventure.
Having this sense of security,
Backed up by the spirit’s purity.
And by comparing the deeds of the vibration,
Is what the key will be made of, this is decided upon the results of the spirit’s action.
A low type of vibration does not even relate to the meaning of a fraction.
But for the higher vibration there is no such meaning as not revealing,
This would reflect of course on the form of the breeding.
From the time that the spirit was a seedling,
To the time when of itself it started feeding.
There are other points that would be reflecting,
Like, how in life the spirit administered its ways and dealings.
The beliefs of a good spirit are brought by the fact of their intentions and meanings.
From the first day of life, until the day of its final ending,
For then the body it will be leaving.
The results of what I reveal,
Are the difference between the good and the bad vibration relating with the Universal Law.
The planes of the low, are the ones down below.
This is where the bad vibration will go, to do the time,
Of all its earthly bad intentions and crime.
Their new life in a sense
Will revolve in the constant repeatedness of its intentional offense.
The time it takes to achieve their chance for repentance,
Is dependent upon how their new ways and dealings are showing response.
By changing the minds of those who are about to commit the same costly expense,
Of the same kind that they had committed when they were in the state of dense.
To open their eyes of what they were blind,
And try they do, to change their mind,
Before achieving any bad deeds of any form or kind.
But only the planes of a higher,
Can look upon the ones of a lower,
And of them try and inspire
Good intentions with a good feeling of desire.
As far as the lower spiritual planes,
They have no awareness of the higher spiritual ordains.
As your people are totally unaware of us,
We can see and descend upon the rest,
And inflict our best.
And now is your chance to ask a question of my identity.

I have a question about your entity,
You spoke of the entity of plane one and according to you it is next in line to our dimension.
Which makes a chance for some kind of deception,
This is why I hesitate of your identity.
How can I be sure your voice has no trickery?

This is indeed a good question you ask of me.
The spirits of plane one have no idea of anything involving what to you I sayeth.
So far, you receive all the poetry in the form of a prayeth.
In fact, only the vibration of the physical vibrating a bad form of rays,
Can connect to the evil and deceiving form of waves.
If you were a bad person,
My inspiration to you would be in a form of cursing.
But since you are a person of goodness and love,
The only penetrational effect of your mental telepathy will be from up above.
Here now is the creator of love
To speak more of why of negativity we must shove.
The scale to the balance,
The weight of temptation and defiance.
WHY should one only say, “I hope”,
When one very easily can make hope the real scope?
WHY just say things are bad,
When you just sit around and watch the bad become sad?
WHY couldn’t you have reached out and given them a smile?
What amount of effort can it take to smile, a lot less than the denial?
Why should you stand around and say,
“ Can’t someone please help me”?
Don’t you realize and can’t you see
That no one can help you but thee.
WHY do you find the time to complain
About others that cause you pain?
Think about how much pain you are causing.
By letting all the abusing,
Go on existing....
Unrealized as you are,
WHY do you go on destroying your star
And yell for help from afar?
WHY do you go on pretending that you are powerless?
Pretending that you are helpless?
Pretending to be careless?
Pretending to be sightless?
WHY can you not just stop pretending and start living the real way?
WHY just sit around and say,
“ Dear God to you I pray, please help save our day”.
Well according to your religious play
God helps those who help themselves.
This is the correct way.
WHY would you rather cry than to laugh?
WHY would you rather smell than to take a bath?
Fear of the unknown, why do you refuse the answer?
This is like refusing the cure for cancer.
WHY must you my creation Continue to refuse your elevation?
Continue to refuse your existence?
WHY must you continue to refuse the truth with insistence?
WHY is logic to you a miracle
And the miracle is unmistakingly unexplainable?
WHY must you continue to disgrace
Your race, in my grace?
WHY must you think that God is only for you?
I am for all, the good, the bad, the true and the untrue.
I am for all colors: red, white, black, yellow and the mixed few.
I am for him, her, them and you.
WHY must you continue to refuse your equality
And still pretend that you accept me?
Does not your law state: One justice for all, where is your nobility?
WHY must you continue to believe that you are the only I create?
If I can create your fate,
Then why can I not for others open the gate?
The fear of the unknown is what causes you to hate.
WHY must you refuse to relate?
And continue to live in this tragic state?
WHY must you refuse to recognize the need for purity,
The need for unity,
The need for giving to others what you wish to have?
WHY must you be the only to laugh?
WHY is it when you see sadness, you do not respond?
Help create an ocean from your pond
So that all of you will have room to swim
So that others do not drown or just hang upon the rim.
WHY leave your spoils for others to clean?
WHY clean for others with feelings that are mean?
WHY ignore what you see and call it the unseen?
WHY do you refuse to awaken from your dream?
For once you are awake
The dream is yours to take.
And from the tiny pond is created a lake.
Then from the lake, the ocean, all together you can make.
WHY can’t you teach your children not to do the wrong that
you had done?
WHY can’t you claim peace and justice instead of killing one for one?
Denying that death is to live,
Is denying that forgiveness is to forgive.
For life begins,
From what death sends.
Can you deny that from your people there are doctors for
receiving of birth
And morticians for when physical life is leaving earth?
As these are for receiving and for sending
In the after worlds these are also extending.
For what the mind knows is never a waste.
So how can death be total end of the mind’s taste?
What talents you may seem to have upon your world,
Are held by many others upon worlds who are more mentally bold.
WHY can this not be seen by the mind that is you?
All your world is your responsibility too.
What is good for you, is good for another.
As long as your goodness reflects as a brother.
WHY does a mother refuse love for the newborn?
Is it because when a newborn herself, there was no one of
her to adorn?
WHY does a father neglect
Upon his child the correct reflect?
Is it because when a child himself, there was for him no respect?
So WHY you ask?
Come on, take off your mask.
Look in the mirror and recognize WHY
Recognize the importance of why you should make the effort to try.
Not just for me, or them, but mostly for you,
Yes, this is true
WHY? because underneath that tough expression
Is really a kindhearted impression
That knows HOW, WHERE, WHEN for WHO and WHY.
Because if you do not try
The light that makes a day of your sky
Will suddenly diminish and die.
Darkness is what will become of your light.
Blindness will be upon everyone’s sight.
So now, instead of just sitting and asking WHY? Move on up to HOW
And find out how you can do something right now.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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