It’s so quiet, like the stillness of the night,
With the power of your might,
What is next in view of our sight.

With words to fill the air,
Composed of purity that is rare,
Words that have meanings to share,
Words that wipe the moisture from any glare,
Words that add electricity to your hair,
Words that thin out the thick layer,
Words that give the most effect of my stare,
And words that let you feel the vibration of the chair.
Words that have answered your prayer,
Now they come alive again to enlighten thee my savior.
Thou art as a composer creating sheets of art,
Creating music from two separate worlds apart,
Thou art like the surgeon taking out the disease,
And adding in the cure with the utmost of ease.
Thou art as the fire burning out the weed.
And leaving the fertilizer to grow back the seed.
There are places amongst our world,
That the normal eye cannot behold,
But since your eyes have already been foretold,
Then the scepter of visualization is yours to hold.
What are we trying to do?
We are trying to change you into the color of blue,
A color which only belongs to a few,
The ones that of this color vibrate,
Are the ones whom in happiness radiate.
They are the ones to bring the world joy,
They are the ones that bring to life a lifeless toy,
They are the difference between hunger and foy,
The difference that brings light to night,
The difference that brings heat to cold,
And gives the strength to the bold.
The difference between right and wrong,
Is the color of the bluebirds song.
You must face the music like a man,
And show your true color over your tan
The time has come to reveal your past,
Open up your heart and receive the cast,
So that you will be able to act.
For we are fulfilling our pact,
Receive your blessing with confidence,
No longer refer to your sense of arrogance
Be noble and hostility is thusly removed,
For we now dub thee and you are approved.
Timing is of essence from our view,
We cannot relate with the physical work
That is merely a cover
For when you are called out you must recover,
No matter of what place you stand,
When the time comes to write I need your hand.
Now this has to be delivered at this moment,
For your rebirth is at its approachment.
At this state we must show our full interest,
Interference in your daily routine,
Will suddenly become a natural intervene.
We are working desperately,
To process forth your identity,
Nothing must interfere in our way,
So you shall feel us in your every day,
Constant pressure shall now be induced,
Before your name to the media is introduced.
As we said this is no game,
And we are not after fame,
It is for your people as much as ours
And it is revealed by using you and our powers,
To put to end the rise of your earthly negative towers
And to finally create from the billions of guns, billions of flowers.
What I say is not merely WORDS but power.
Power of the mind over evil negativity
Power of the mind so that you can create from WORDS creativity
From WORDS a reality.
From WORDS an eternal eternity.
What is in front of you in your hand
Should not just be read as WORDS of the grand
But they should create from you the final purificational stand.
From WORDS the final attempt to repent,
So that from WORDS can become the heavenly descent.
From these WORDS that were heaven sent,
Will create from you the Godly agent,
So that my WORDS you can preach.
After my WORDS have taught you the correct speech.
Yes, these are not mere WORDS you gaze upon
But the reality for bringing back what has gone.
To bring back the right to the wrong.
To give mental strength to the physically strong.
To give life, a life eternally long.
WORDS to the physical kind,
But reality to the Universal Mind.
As I have of these WORDS spoken,
As I have of this deliverance not broken,
As I have given to this messenger of my vibration,
The same reflection, I give to you reader.
The same WORDS that shall create from you a leader.
The same destiny if you follow my messenger’s delivery
That I have sent ahead of me.
So that with my WORDS I can prepare thee
For your planet’s future history
So as you can see, not just WORDS are these
But the power to bring the heavenly PEACE.
That from these WORDS you my creation shall create
So, these WORDS are your fate.
What you do with them is your responsibility.
How you take their meaning is your destiny.
How you use them depends upon your future to exist.
If you resist,
They will stay but mere WORDS only.
If you heed them they will be your serenity.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording, or by any information storage and retrieval system,
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