Words of Love

My gift to you is my love, heart, mind and soul,
Your gift to me is your words to achieve my goal.
The words from your mouth should flow across your lips,
Not come through by the use of your hips.
What should you say to me?
Here is what your words should be.
I love you is so easy to say,
Do not say I love you and then go away,
Your love for me should make you stay.
With my love you should not play.
Do not say I need you and of me betray,
If you say I need you this you should obey.
Your words to me should reflect your beauty, when your beauty is reflected instead of your words,
Then by me your words are not heard.
Then you say let us stay together forever, how can this be when the word forever you know not?
Learn the meaning of forever and togetherness you have got.
If I stay, then to me you must be kind,
If you are kind, then I am not blind
For I shall be able to see your kindness
And to you, I shall not be heartless.
My love to you shall never from your eye draw a tear,
If your love to me in front of my eye should appear,
Then the meaning of our love to us shall be clear.
If you were from under my wings to fly
And not say good-bye,
For you my beloved, I shall not cry
And never will I ask why.
For our love has shown a reflection,
And together we have shared our affection.
If we are to meet once again, there would not be a rejection,
If it was not meant for us to meet again, there still would be
that recollection.
And so it was then,
That we had met again,
As I lay asleep that night,
It was there, right before my eyes, my whole life took flight,
I saw my birth take place,
Right in front of my face,
Through my teenage years, I searched for you my inspiration,
As though I had known, you would be my destination,
Then, I was preparing for you, in my imagination,
My poetry, of all your reflection,
I waited patiently for us to first meet,
For the moment, I would finally kiss your feet
And so it was, as I lay in my grace,
I saw the day, of our first embrace.
I felt too, as I lay alone, the touch of your face,
The linger of your fragrance,
Left around you a glow of radiance,
We then together as two,
We became that one that I had always knew.
You were my world and everything in it.
I always said I love you and you never said you didn’t.
I floated when with you I walked.
I wrote all my poetry, from all that we talked.
I never once left out a word that you spoke.
It was the life all wished to live, I would joke.
Then suddenly, from all my words of love,
The nest that I had formed from the sky up above,
You took my promise of love and walked away.
It was then and upon that day,
My words of love were broken.
Not another word of you, from my lips was spoken.
And yet I kept hoping, that my love, we would meet again.
Somehow, I had felt through all that pain,
That, when from under my wing you flew,
Oh yes, I knew,
That again I would have you
And then I would pray, that you would say: “I do”.
So, as you flew...Gaspingly, I jumped up from my bed,
Laughingly, I to myself said:
“ Gladly, that was only a memory”.
For now she had come back to me.
So then, I sat and began to write,
Once again, of you my poetry had sight.
Once again, I had my inspiration back.
And my poetry of you flowed back upon its track.
As I began, to live again, to stand tall,
As I flourished with love for all,
I had vowed never again to take a fall.
It was then, that next day of sunshine,
That you wore the white wedding gown.
And I, I had covered myself with the beauty of your image.
At this stage,
This time, it was the birds that flew,
And I said: “I do, because I love you”.
And you said: “I too, forever to be true”.
With that, I again smiled from that thought,
And I put our vows in the poetry that I wrote.
AHHH, it was truly the most precious gift,
That gave any soul the power to lift.
So as one, we now were and forever to be.
Wait, I felt as if something was bothering me! ! !
As though a voice spoke and said: “Can you not let that writing be”?
Relax and take time to see,
To enjoy all the undiscovered beauty.
Why do you spend all your time, endlessly long?
Writing about a love that was in your mind so strong,
The voice said: “I know what is wrong,
Be it, that you still do not know,
That you have left your physical flow?
Accept what has been the outcome.
Please, look at me my son.
Your place is here now upon this world.
Where physical love is no longer yours to hold.
Come let the pen of the feather fall and the paper fold.
Come fly with me,
Into a love that is much more to see.
Where there, is the love that is the essence of your life,
As for your wife,
Your love for her beauty as before,
Is now upon another floor.
And up here upon this heavenly hill,
Is where you now dwell.
The love here has a different form of smell”.

But wait, what do you mean?
I have not left from the physical stream.
What is this, that you take to show me?
My life is here with my beauty.
How can I leave now?
We have just been joined.
So, how can I be suddenly mourned?
See, I can touch, I can feel, I can walk.
I can sit, stand and I can talk.
I have not changed as you say.
For I feel as though it is still my wedding day.

That is as it may be,
But you must open your eyes to see.
Come, have no fear,
After all, your name is still Shakespeare.
That will always remain,
What poetry you have left behind, shall never lose its gain.
And as for your love, well, as you had felt before, you shall meet again,
For she too will one day leave the physical plane.
And your wedding, it is still a joined matrimony
This shall never lose its divinity.
For you both vowed a promise to eternity.
And so shall it be.
And now you must come with me.

Please, I beg of thee, to wait but a little while longer.
I must finish my last two poems of the eternal order.
I must have these two to take with me.
So that one day, I can give them to my beauty,
So that she can eternally be my inspiration.

“ Very well,” the voice said, “You have my consolation”.
And so it was, that after I had awakened from my sleep to live.
My last two poems I was able to give.
Though, they were not given only to my beauty to hold.
I had now felt that, I should share my beauty with all the world.
And here my chance has come with this beauty’s duty.
In here I slipped my words into this inspiration of the highest glow,
To let all know that even though,
I had been asked to go, Shakespeare, does indeed still show.

And so, as I had given my words of love,
That I had sent from up above,
I was also to give my picture and my evolved rapture,
But I had to make my departure.
Though not alone, I am happy to say,
For I had been reunited with my wedding day.
Though I wrote my words of love in a written promise form of way,
I felt that one last form of oral play,
Would indeed be a good-bye to say.
And that is why I give now my never heard poetry,
Through this inspirational melody,
May I now introduce my sonnet “THE PICTURE” of my beauty’s memory,
And then my awakened recovery,
Which I called the sonnet after,

The gulls, the swallows, the flock of birds, they fly
And they form a shadow in the sky.
It appears as a cloud, a cloud of darkness,
But as a cloud, it has merely formed from the beauty of the gathering swallows.
That will fly,
And upon reaching the sky,
They will open and light will shine through,
And as the wings of the swallows, they will wave to you.
Then the shadow, it will be clear,
It will fade and it will disappear,
Then the sun light, the ray, it will float down and reflect from your face and upon the wall, there, it will etch the sculpture of your beauty.
And the sun, it will reflect from your face. and there upon the wall it will etch the sculpture of your beauty.

So rare, so far and yet so close.
As even though I lay, I have arose.
The sky, I run my hand through the cloud
And I form the vision of a shroud.
And take it from there, as the city in the sky, I set it down for you as queen and I as king.
Oh yes, we shall live and we shall sing.
Eternally to be happy in the wedding gown,
That will flicker from the crystal of its sound.
The amber rose, that is the color of your cheek.
And all that is, my love, that for you I speak.
Indeed I do not have a weakness for all of my view,
My love, you are mo dove and truly, I love you.
The weakness I have, it is but the bending of my knees.
for when I, upon my knees stare up at you,
You are the sky, into my view.
And then when I stand and your arms they wrap around me, then as two,
I’m the sky with you.
We are blue.
We are red and we are violet.
We become the autumn leaves.
We become the dew drops.
And we become the snowflakes.
And then we are the music, we are th song of the chirping of the bird
And all this my love, from my voice is heard.

As id reach for you, you do not move.
there, it is my hand, it is a rose in my grasp.
What? What is the reflection in your eyes?
I do not see a response.
Do you prefer a bouquet to a single rose?
Does that mean that you prefer a kiss on the cheek to the kiss
on the nose?
But how far do I have to go, as far as I have cometh,
A single rose, it is there in my hand for you.
It shines and it opens its heart upon your view.
This rose does it for you,
But yet there is no expression, as if I, here don not stand.
What is this sorrow? Why do you not reach for my hand?
Can it be, that you do not recognize me?
My love, this is a rose for you not a spear,
And I am not Valentino, I am shakespeare.
What is the matter, with your reflection?
do you wish to give to me a rejection?
Let this not be, a refusal of the single red rose,
for I have brought it for you.
And a kiss too.
but yet the teardrops, they fall from your cheek,
Why do you not respond, can you not hear my speak?
I have come all the way, way so far
And I have not let a single moment be wasted by far,
so that I can gaze upon your beauty and see your image in my red rose and yet you don not respond, you do not move.
You merely stand, as if you disapprove.
You do not hear and you gaze upon me, as I am not here.
As you are looking through, where I stand,
What is the matter, grasp my hand.
It was'n,t until then I had yet noticed,
It was not her, my love, she was still the devotist,
But unrealized I* was to the fact,
As I ran with the excitement of, with the vision of my beauty,
The vision to me then, as I ran it was exact,
but the fact, ran I did,
But I had not noticed the wall behind me,
even though feel as I can touch,
As if I was real and I approach.
With my rose, I place it behind her ear,
And to my view, the rose was there, but as she turned and walked away, it disappeared.
And as I also turned and walked away,
My eyes closed and as I awoke, I was there with my arms
around my beauty.
Tightly clenched for fear that I had lost her forever, but what,
what it was, for that day,
My life slipped from my body,
It melted and slipped away,
For it was that day,
That I had lived, what I had seen, that night before.

The sun rises in the sky,
Reflecting the reflection of you and I.
the sun goes down and darkness appears.
the sparkle of light from your eyes erases all mankind’s fears.
the waterfall vibrates music with a chime,
flowing tears of joy with its rhyme.
The stillness of dawn, the crackling of the swan,
the sound of whispering from the leaves of the trees,
Whispering tears of joy through the breeze.
Your marvelous glare,
your watery stare,
Your ivory smile,
Your uninhibited denial,
your refusal to be used,
Your knack for nurturing the abused,
The feathers comer your eyes,
For tears of joy are your cries.
The moon glows only when you smile.
Your love for life cannot be measured by the mile.
You are the queen upon the river nile.
the fragrance of your scent,
Revives the vision of the eternal consent.
You are the soul being of the divine right.
You are the wings that give the bird flight.
You cry tears of joy form your sight,
Your are the flower, violet and rose.
You show no fear as the tears of joy fall upon your nose.
You are the universe and the cluster of stars.
You are th halo of Jupiter and Mars.
You place yourself amongst the nature of the world,
For this, tears of joy in your palm you hold.
Tears of joy....Tears of joy
To you I say “Ahoy”
You are the sun, the moon and the galaxy’s ship,
Into the Milky way your radiance, you dip,
And out comes the mold
Of the tears of joy to the world.
Out comes the sparkle of pure gold.
Out comes the rainbow uniting all colors.
Out comes the tears of joy from all sisters and brothers.
Tears of joy.... Tears of joy
to you I say: “Ahoy”
the words to revive a lifeless toy.
the sweetness of honey is the taste of your lips.
your words are the honey that your mouth drips.
Your touch is powder soft.
You calm the seas as you land the ship aloft.
Your image, as the whit dove,
your pilgrimage is the journey of love.
You send the waves touching every shore,
With tears of joy is how you explore,
A new place upon which you land,
the flag of unity and peace you hold in your hand.
As you land upon every shore and into the ground you sink the flag.
You are the deliverance and the continuation of eternity,
with tears of joy you have made you r delivery.
even though upon the mountain you now stand alone,
Picture the revelation once your tears of joy have been known.


®1985 Zaher P. Kury All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced, in whole or in part, in any form or by any means,
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